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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jim and his new friends


Jim would like to introduce his new friends.


Here's Bud, a bundle of energy, who can squeeze through the smallest gap, and loves to have fun all day.
Jim tries to keep up with him.
Bud likes to sleep in in the mornings; a shame Jim doesn't copy him there.


And this is Poppy. She's more of Jim's age, and a little slower than Bud. A lady that constantly wags her tail.

They all wish you a great day


  1. You can never have too many dogs around........grand portraits.

  2. Aw....I'd quite like to have Jim and his friends as my friends... they are all lovely :D

  3. Lucky Jim to have such beautiful friends to share is days with.

    Wishing you all a day of magical delight as you enjoy the delicate beauty surrounding you.

  4. Lovely dogs, I love them, but, they know how to put on that very sad faces. Hav e a nice day today, Bud, Poppy and, of course, Jim.

  5. What a nice hand-full ! Bud looks like a very intelligent addition to the tribe. I'm sure you enjoy all their antics.

  6. Cute doggies, I hope you have a great day too!

  7. Cute doggies, I hope you have a great day too!

  8. Excellent set of images Keith...[;o)

  9. Thanks Adrian. Always good to have the little hairy folk about.

    Thanks Tricia. It's great that they all get on so well together.

    Thank you Gemel. They really enjoy each others company.

    Thanks Bob. It's those eyes..... irresistible :-)

    Thanks Arija. Yea, Bud is pretty smart :-)

    Eileen, thank you :-)

    Thanks Trevor. A change from birds lol

  10. These are great, Keith. I feel as if I can glimpse Jim's personality in that portrait of him.

  11. Love them!! I posted Boomer a couple of posts ago!! Boom and Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Hi Keith...I love Jim's face perhaps it is because it is a old face like mine lol..He looks like he is smiling!!
    Bud looks like a Jack Russell Terrier ..if so they are full of fun and energy and love a good chase lol.
    Poppy is a cutie my kind of dog layed back and a tail wagger..
    I wish I could have a dog again,but it is hard to go away unless you can take them!!

    Hugs for you and Jim

  13. did you add these addtl two to your household!? LOVE them! like i said in my post about losing my marigold, i will never have a one-dog household again. must have multiple furry souls at my feet.

    God bless you, keith!

  14. I love dogs, you knowit, big hugh Kathrin & Hopkins
    have a great time

  15. Bud does look like a bundle of energy. Those Jacks are like that all through out their lives, although they do slow down a tad in their senior years. My last boy, Leo, is still like that although he's losing his sight and hearing. He doesn't give up.

  16. Thanks Linda. Yea, he's a great character; but a little under the weather at the moment.

    Thanks Gary. I'll go check that out soon. :-)

    Grace, he has that smiley look all the time lol

    Thanks Theresa. No, these are his friends from Wales. I'd love to have friends for Jim here, but I only have a small place. :-(

    Thank you Kathrin. I hope Hopkins is feeling better.

    Thanks Hooking it.......
    Jacks are great little dogs; always into something, and full of character.

  17. Thanks, I always love pet pictures. Looks like Jim has some good friends.

  18. Thank you Gillian. Yea, the best friends anyone can have ;-)

  19. Three beauties for sure. Benny, also a JRT sleeps in in the mornings, too. He has to.. he's otherwise non-stop all day.

  20. I wish I had half their energy Hilary lol

  21. Jim's got some great BFF's there!!

  22. Thanks Sondra. It's great to see them enjoying each others company.

  23. Looking good fella. Jim your such a handsome brown eyed little furry devil. Must be the air and good company huh.

  24. Thanks Debbie.
    Yea, he's a handsome devil lol