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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A mix for WBW

Like the title says, a mix for WBW, hosted by Dave, at the Pine River Review.

I'll start with a bird that's caused a bit of excitement where I live.

A juvenile Great Northern Diver; or Loon, as they are known over the pond. A fabulous bird, that has been here at my local lake for a week now. Usually seen around our coast at this time of year, and very occasionally inland. A great visitor, and a lifer for me.

Another great 'fisher', and a bit more common, is the Grey Heron.

Always good to see this large bird, but not always easy to capture with the camera.

He thought I couldn't see him here.

The Cormorant is another fish eating bird, that a lot of fishermen could do without, at their fishing grounds.

Probably because they can catch fish better than them.

The Black-headed Gull, will also eat fish.

In fact, he'll eat almost anything. A real chancer. When people throw bread for the ducks, chances are, they'll be there too; trying to steal it from the Mallards.

I'll finish with a pair of birds that were so common at one time, people wouldn't give them a second glance.
Now, however, in this country they are in serious decline, despite their inroads into most countries of the world.

Passer domesticus, or the House Sparrow.

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  1. great shots. loved the mallards, and of course, the heron's always a fave of mine!

  2. Wonderful post!! I tend to agree with you on the Cormorant comment. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. The Great Northern Diver is excellent, but, the Heron is my favourite there.

  4. Wonderful images of the heron. I have never seen a loon inland in California though they winter along the coast.
    And mallards, well they certainly aren't in decline in my area. Even though common they are still too pretty to ignore.

  5. We have Great Blue Herons that arrive late winter each year to breed. Lovely to watch.

  6. Thanks Theresa. The Heron's are always good to see. :-)

    Thanks Gary. Yea, they're good at what they do :-)

    Thank you Bob :-)

    Thanks Martha. the Loons usually winter round our coast too, so really special to find one inland.

    Thanks leazwell. We have them all year here, and always interesting to watch.

  7. Wonderful images Keith they are all lovely birds to see..

  8. Fabulous shots, Milton! I really like your heron pics! I had no idea house sparrows were in decline over there. We seem to have more than enough for everyone.

  9. Another fine collection, Keith. I always love seeing Mr. Blue (Mr. Grey to you!).

  10. A very interesting mix of birds. I especially like the close-up photo of the heron's head. All great photos.

  11. Great shots!
    Love all your photos.
    Thanks for the info about the ducks.

  12. Very good mix!!!
    Thanks for sharing,

  13. Congrats on the Loon sighting. They are cool birds. Love the Heron shots. Great birds and photos. Have a great day!

  14. Great Blue Heron :-) all these birds, cormorants, ducks and other birds. Really very nice.

    Greetings from Helma

  15. Very nice series of shots! Particularly like the diver!

  16. The decline of the House sparrow in the UK is troubling to me. With your great cities and towns providing a perfect habitat this hardly seems possible. Isn't the ancestral home of the little bugger right there in England? On the other hand, we're supposed to have loads of loons in Michigan and I've never seen a single one, but House sparrows we have in droves. Go figure!

  17. What a wonderful shot of the heron, as he pretended that you couldn't see him. The colors in the mallard's wings is so beautiful. Nice set of images.

  18. Very nice shots! I have a few of those house sparrows in my yard. Their numbers swelled over the summer to 30 to 40 birds, but now they are back down to about a dozen or less on most days.

  19. Love that Mallard skidding in on his landing! Great capture!

  20. Great snapshots! I love the sound of the loons. It reminds me of On Golden Pond as Katherine Hepburn screams, "Oooaahhhhoooo ooooahhhoooo, Norman the loons, the loons Norman!!" And it all makes me smile:)

  21. Thanks Andrew :-)

    heyBJK, thank you. The decline in our sparrows is a bit of a mystery still.
    No-one seems able to say exactly why.

    Thanks Hilary. Strange how the names change for some birds.

    Thanks Mick.

    CameraCruise, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Modesto, thank you.

    Thanks Eileen. :-)

    Thank you Helma :-)

    Thanks Robin.

    Thanks Dave. It sure is a crazy world at times.

    Thank you Linda.

    Kathie, thank you. I usually have half a dozen visit my garden, but they've been missing for a few months now.

    Thanks Reena :-)

    Rohrerbot, thank you. Yea, their call is very haunting.

  22. oh excellent collection of photos for this post. Lovely clear images too.

  23. Not a bad shot amongst these. A grand post.

  24. awesome group of photo's. the heron's are alwasy a favorite for me because they are difficult to see in my area. then there's the whole "flying off" thing!!

    i love the last one, little ole' sparrow's, they really don't get the attention they deserve!!

  25. Congrats on the lifer, Keith! Also great pictures of it in your Saturday blog. Re House Sparrows, I looked for them a couple of years ago while in Germany; was astonished to find none in the city, in the outdoor cafe's where they used to be a real pest. But there are still plenty in the countryside.

  26. Wonderful series of images! Great capture of the Grey heron in flight.

  27. Wonderful group of shots! That juvenile Loon is a fantastic capture!

  28. Thank you Carole. :-)

    Cheers Adrian.

    Thank you Debbie. :-)

    Thanks Hilke. The decline of the sparrows is a bit of a mystery here.

    Nature Rambles, thank you.

    Thanks Pat.

  29. Beautiful birds, your Northern Diver, or loon is quite different than the loons we have here, but the Grey Heron and our Blue Heron look very similar. Great photos,

  30. Thanks Gillian.
    I think the Herons are the same bird. Only different by name, for some reason.

  31. The Loon was a gret way to start the set of birds. :) I havn´t seen it much. But love it when I do.

  32. Great job Keith you found some super fisherbirds to share today...
    So happy you added a new life bird it gets quite hard to do that after you've birded for several yrs.

  33. The flying heron is a wonderfull image! The others are nice too ;)

  34. NatureFootstep, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, it's great when a new one pops up :-)

    Thank you Dominic. :-)

  35. Lovely pictures!I wonder what is behind your decline of the sparrow.phyllis

  36. Super shots of all the birds Keith! Congrats on the lifer! I love it when I get to see a Loon. They do occur inland here in northern California, usually the Common Loon but occasionally the Pacific or Red-throated.

    Love the Grey Heron shots! It's funny how a large bird like that sometimes think they can't be seen. Maybe they're just ignoring us?

    I like the Confucius quote too!

  37. Love all your bird pictures -- and all the birds are beautiful except the cormorant I am not a fan of and I'm not even a fisherman (or woman ). You have such a wonderful variety of birds here though, I could look at just this one post for hours.

  38. beautiful shots! Love the flight ones! Great stuff :)

  39. Hi there - that diver is a bit out of place - but a great bird none the less.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  40. It's very ironic as I have a small flock of house sparrows in my yard at the feeders and they are in trouble where you are.. Loons here are in trouble because of non-native species being introduced into the lakes and changing the ecology of the foods..it is very sad....as we humans did it..

  41. Great shot of the Diver Keith! Sad to see House Sparrow numbers declining.

  42. Late with replies; had a few days away.

    Phyllis, thank you.
    The sparrow decline is a bit of a mystery here.

    Thanks Larry. Our Loon is still here. It must like it. :-)

    Thank you Sallie.
    The poor old Cormorant gets a rough time here sometimes.

    Thanks Jill :-)

    Thanks Stewart :-)

    ramblingwoods, thank you. Yea, some humans are making a terrible mess of this planet.

    Thanks Adam.

  43. You got a wonderful collection there again!
    Congrats on the Lifer :D!
    Sparrows seem to be less common these days in Germany as well. Strange.

  44. Thanks Nicole. It's a real mystery about the declining sparrows. They've lived alongside 'man' for years, and now they disappear.
    Perhaps they know something we don't?