Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monday Macro

From the archives

Six-spot Burnett Moth

Enjoy your day


Oooops, I've just realised it's Tuesday.
What happened to Monday?


  1. Thats a fine macro.. :) So you use a dedicated macro lens?

  2. Delightful!

    I thought it was Monday all day today too........weird!

  3. Just caught up on your blog my friend, and must say I enjoyed every post!
    best wishes !

  4. A beautiful photo and a nice laugh at your expense today, Keith.

  5. Thanks Adrian. Good title :-)

    Thank you Angad. Yea, I use a Sigma 105mm Macro. Very pleased with it.

    Thanks Gemel. I seem to have totally lost a day somehow :-(

    Thanks Chris. You could be right :-)

    Thanks Nick. Hope all's well with you. :-)

    Thanks Theresa. :-)

  6. Thanks Linda. I blame old age lol

  7. I am with Adrain and his comment :)

  8. Great shot, I seem to have lost Monday too.

  9. A beautiful moth, it is so red under the spots.

  10. That'a a beauty. Worry not. There'll be another Monday along before you know it.

  11. One of our best moths I think Keith. Nicely captured.

  12. Great Macro Keith, I shouldn't be saying it really, but roll on next spring and summer and we can shoot a lot more of these.{:)

  13. Thanks Trevor. I've spent a few days sorting out some of my older pictures.
    I've got too many lol

    Yea, a good title Dale. Next time I get confused I'll use it lol

    Thanks Gillian. I think I've got too much going on in my head at the moment.
    Just waking up is a bonus at times. lol

    Thanks Bob. They are colourful moths, and good to see flying in the summer months.

    Hilary, let's hope you're right lol

    Thanks Andrew. :-)

    Thank you Adam. I think you're right.

    I'm with you there Roy. I think the winter looks better from the other side of the window these days.

  14. Just Superb!!!
    ...sometimes i feel the same..."time goes by", my friend!!!

    have a nice DAY!

  15. BlueShell, thank you. Sometimes it goes far too quickly.
    I hope your day is good too :-)

  16. Thats moth is very interesting...and that a great image,focused from front to back. Well done!!

  17. That is an awesome capture! Never seen one of those guys!

  18. Thanks Harold. I wanted to try it from a different angle.

    Thanks Reena. They are quite common here in the summer months, and fly during the day.