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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Almost the weekend

I'd usually do some flowers on a Friday, but I don't have any to hand, so I hope these few birds will do.

A male Goosander. Quite a few of these lovely birds around here at the moment.

Great Crested Grebe. A lot of these on my local lake at the moment, and the weed dance is in full swing too. I expect  there'll be many more later in the year.

Grey Heron. This one looks like a juvenile to me.

Canada Goose. Another from my local lake. Always willing to pose, and such a rowdy bunch. I love 'em!

And finally

Siskin. Three of these, because they are one of my favourite winter visitors. Just beautiful.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and have a great weekend.


  1. No flowers but a 'blooming' great set of images Keith. Have a good weekend...[;o)

  2. these are awesome shots! the angle of the goose one is greatness!

  3. Thanks Trevor. Let's hope the sun keeps shining :-)

    Thank you Theresa. :-)

  4. Really love the Siskin pics, they are so difficult get good pics of in general, like the Goosander too, smart bird.

  5. Nice birdfotos a gain. My favourite is the forth.

  6. A beautiful selection - pretty as any flower!

  7. A beautiful series, especially the last picture of a Siskin, he's a winner.

  8. Our Siskins are not quite so beautiful.

  9. Hi Keith,
    A great selection there! Love the final Siskin shot, very nice!
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  10. I love seeing your lovely Siskins Keith.. it's a lovely little bird I have never taken an image of and don't see up close very often.

  11. Thanks Alan :-)

    Thank you Kozma :-)

    Thanks John

    Thank you Bob. I like that one too :-)

    Thanks Horst. The males here are very colourful at the moment.

    Thank you John.

    Thanks Andrew.

  12. Very nice...Love the pine siskins too..that weed dance is amazing to see for sure!!

  13. HI Keith....The Heron looks like it has been on drunk and barely hanging on lol..looking a little ill!! Sorry couldn't help myself lol!! ; }

    The Siskins are lovely ..the last one is a winner. ; }

  14. Love the heron and that last picture of the Siskin. They're all beautiful, though.

  15. All great, but whenever a heron is in the mix, they always win out for me :)

  16. Excellent images, im not exactly a birdie person, but i love the photos of the Siskin, simply stunning.

  17. Gorgeous photos Keith! Love the pose of the Heron but my favourite has to be the last one of the Siskin.

  18. Thanks Sondra. The Siskins are one of my favourite winter visitors here.

    Thank you Grace. :-)

    Thanks Linda :-)

    Tammy, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Shaun, glad you like the Siskin. One of my favourites.

    Thanks Jan. I love these little birds. They are always so wrapped up in their feeding, they are quite easy to get pictures of.

  19. I love them all and your photos of them of course too :-)
    I'm with you on the Siskins. Such a lovely colour add on :)

  20. Thanks Nicole. They're little beauties aren't they :-)

  21. Lovely Siskin shots Keith, especially the last one.

  22. Great birds, the heron is just amazing.

  23. Thanks Roy. I was pleased with that one :-)

    Thanks Gillian :-)