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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Birthday Post

Today the blog is 3 years old.

I won't bore you with a load of stats; what is important is you

Thank you for reading this.

And a big thank you to everyone else, who either follows, comments, or just passes through.

I've even met up with a few fellow bloggers while I've been doing this. That's one of the greatest things about all of this for me.

If I was better organised, maybe I would have had a selection of my favourite pictures, or some highlights from the last 3 years..............but I ain't organised in the least, so a picture from a few days ago.

Male Bullfinch

Hope everyone has a great day. 


  1. Congrats on your three year Blogaversary! May you have many more!

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    I've changed blogs too many times to even celebrate any more *sniff*
    And organized, what' that?!
    That Bullfinch is lovely!

  4. Really sweet image.
    Happy Third Birthday!

  5. dAwN, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Adrian.

    Thank you Nicole. Yea, organised isn't my strong point these days lol

    Thank you Laura.

  6. Happy birthday! The bullfinch is a wonderful present for your blog.:-)

  7. Congratulations on three years of brilliant blogging Keith. I always look forward to your new entries as I can guarantee seeing beautiful photos like the one of the Bullfinch.

  8. Congratulations and a happy 3rd. Bloggerbirthday mate.

    It's been a pleasure walking with you, via your blogs from around the lake to our days out together further afield, long may it continue...[;o)

  9. A great third birthday, and the male Bullfinch, it isn't his b'day, but, he is beautiful.

  10. Thank you Kozma :-)

    Thank you John, very kind of you.

    Cheers Trevor. It's been great having our trips out.

    Thank you Bob. :-)

  11. Great picture, HM. Thanks for giving me suck a comfortable place to bird-watch.

  12. 3 yrs wow...time flies eh? Its been a good 3 yrs all in all too! Hope there will be many more. I love that shot of the Bullfinch so bright and cheerful!! Carry on my friend!

  13. Thanks JoLynne. Glad you enjoy it. :-)

    Thank you Sondra. Yea, time certainly flies.

  14. HI Keith....I started blogging in Nov.2009 ..Your's was one of the very first few I started following and yours is still my favorite of them all!
    Three years of great photograph keep up the good work!! : }
    That's Bullfinch is a beauty..crip and clear!!
    3 Hugs

  15. Congratulations, Keith. The bullfinch photo is gorgeous.

  16. Congratulations on three years! And beautiful photo of that little birdie!

  17. congratulations, keith!!! i am so glad you are part of my world! :)

  18. congrats and a big thank you for all that you share with us!

  19. Happy Blog Birthday. I follow, sometimes comment and always pass through to see whats going on. Missed ya for a while :)

  20. Congratulations Keith. The superb image is a fine way to celebrate the occasion.

  21. Many congratulations on your Blogaversary Keith, it's good to be back and has always been a pleasure to follow your blogs, long may they continue!

    The photo of the Bullfinch is beautiful, such a stunning bird.

  22. Happy Birthday Holdingmoments..

    It's a wonderful blog my friend... and my only worry is it doesn't seem five minutes ago I was commenting on year 2..Tempus fugit.

    I raise a glass to you and all your followers..

  23. Congrats to Holding Moments Keith... :D so glad you've been around for all this time and blogging's such a friendly place isn't it!!

  24. Happy Birthday Keith!
    Lovely shot of the Bullfinch with which to celebrate! You can`t go wrong with a male Bullfinch, can you!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  25. Grace, thanks for your kind words. Three years seems to have flown by. :-)

    Thank you Linda. :-)

    Barbara, thank you. :-)

    Theresa, thanks. Blogging is like a big world family :-)

    Reena, thank you. :-)

    Thank you Dale. :-)

    Cheers Roy. Lovely birds aren't they. :-)

    Jan, so good to see you back. Perfect way to celebrate my Blogaversary.

    Andrew, thank you. I had a good glass earlier lol

    Tricia, thank you. Yea, I've made some great friends here.

    Thank you John. Cracking birds aren't they. :-)

  26. Happy blogaversary ;-) And that bullfinch for the feast, my! A wonderful capture Keith!

  27. What a cracking picture and bird to mark 3 years with :-)

  28. Wow, three years. Time sure flies when your having fun. Happy blog birthday.

  29. Love your spontaneous, extemporaneous style, Keith. Planning ahead is over-rated. ;-)


  30. Congratulations and happy birthday. The finch is beautiful.

  31. "Happy Birthday"! Looking forward to more of your interesting postings.

  32. Thanks Paul.

    Thank you Horst.

    Wilma, I think you're right lol

    Thank you Gillian.

    Choy Wai Mun, thank you.

  33. ...hehehe....I'm not organized either! Happy Blog-birthday! Hope you have a great day too...

  34. lovely shot of the bullfinch keith

  35. Well done Keith hopefully there will be many years more to come see you soon m8 :)

  36. Well done Keith. A great Bullfinch photograph.

  37. Thanks Trevor. :-)

    Nicole, thank you :-)

  38. Not only Happy Blog Day, but what a stunning photo. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.