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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


A few years ago, before I joined blogger, I used Windows blogging tool, Windows Live, I think they called it. A lot of fun, and got to know a few people through it.
Then, Windows, in its wisdom, started to bugger around with it, changing bits and pieces, until in the end, a lot of people got fed up with it all, and left; me included.
Eventually they sent the whole idea over to Wordpress, and that was the end of an era.

Yesterday, Adrian did a very good post about Blogger.

I've had a look at the new templates, and stuff, that Google seem hell bent on thrusting upon us all, and I think they're crap. At the moment I like the way I can 'customise' this blog, and my other blog.
It seems I won't be able to do that soon.
Even now, with certain browsers, I can't access some of the 'widgets' from my dashboard.
Google Mail is not escaping this forced change either. The 'new look' will be mine soon, whether I like it or not. (I've already told them why I don't like it)

I don't like these changes, and I certainly don't like being forced to change.

I'll carry on for now, but when change arrives, that will be my cue to move on.


After that rant, here's a picture I posted a couple of days ago, on my other blog.

Have a good day.


  1. Ah, I am using the new template. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it ain't too bad.
    Yup, forced change isn't great and wordpress gives you an option to update.
    But if you don't, sooner or later you will have to, or certain things don't work any more.
    I tried almost all blog platforms out there, did the free versions and self hosted.
    Nothing makes me 100% happy.
    I like the blogger / picasa / google version for letting me upload as much as I want and use the place tags and have galleries at the same time.
    Unless they seriously screw something up, I'll stay happy.

    Just use the new stuff for a while, for now you can still switch back if something doesn't work (in which cases I have sent them a feedback too).

    Just remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

  2. Thanks Nicole. I might try it, when I'm forced to, but even the dashboard puts me off at the moment.
    Changing things for the sake of changing, isn't always better, but these big organisations obviously know better than the rest of us.
    Still, I've always got flickr, at the moment; and my website.

  3. Yeah, I know...
    But flickr actually lost it's appeal for me when they sold out to yahoo.
    I didn't renew my Pro account then and never will get one again.
    So, we all have our peeves, I guess ;-)

  4. I was wondering which browser you use? I use google chrome, but just visited your blog; and some others too, and it doesn't always let me leave comments. I have to fire up Firefox to be able to comment on some blogs.
    Very frustrating.

  5. I hope to see your nice pics again and I wish you a good luck, big hugh Kathrin

  6. Thanks Kathrin.
    I'll still be around for a while. At least until I can't figure the new changes :-)

  7. Keith, I hate change too! Why fix it if it ain't broke?...[;o)

  8. Where to go is the problem. I use the old Dashboard. I suspect there will be a code write round. Mark is on the case.

  9. I hope Mark can come up with something Adrian.
    Like you say, where do you go after this?

  10. i'm still using the old interface too. didn't like that the new one didn't allow some of the comment setting changes, etc. as the old one. i'm sure eventually i'll be painted into the corner to change.

    funny, after having 2 weeks of comment and blog loading issues on some blogs, i read on the blogger help forums that the problem seemed most common to folks using Internet Explorer. so just yesterday i switched to Google Chrome and was able to access and comment on blogs i'd been unable to for quite a while.

    at least google / blogger is FREE!

  11. Hi Keith....Well I say "it is what it is ..and there is not much you can do about it"...especially when it is a doesn't cost anything to have!! Free is good!!
    That has been my concern ..if we complain to much will that be next!!
    I use the old dashboard..I hate change to, but...!
    I have Face Book ..only to keep in touch with family and old friends ..mostly I think it is gossip line!!
    They are going to something called Timeline..some have already changed over themself,but soon we won't have a choose it will changed over for everybody then it will be there way or the highway!!
    Love your little birdie ; }
    Keep your stress level down...we are to old to except change, but it is not good to get stressd about it lol ; }

  12. Thanks Theresa. It seems a lot of people prefer the old dashboard.
    And free, yea; there are other free blogs too :-)

    Thanks Grace. Yea, free is good, but for how long? Changes cost money, and someone has to pay for it eventually.
    Facebook, like you say, is a gossip line, and googles effort to rival it, with G+ has become a joke.

  13. I don't like it as well, but, I like this one, it is simple and easy going. I love your Siskin.

  14. I tried the new interface a couple of times and didn't like it at all! I agree with you about Google Mail too, I tried the new look and instantly changed back but then saw that it will be enforced on us soon :-( My motto is 'if it ain't broke why fix it'!

    I have tried most of the different browsers but much prefer Firefox as it has such a large variety of useful add ons. I have had some recent problems with it crashing though but found by a (very tedious) process of elimination that it was to do with a couple of the add ons. You would expect that add ons approved by Firefox themselves wouldn't cause such problems!!! Other than that though I have always been very happy with it.

  15. Thanks Bob. I think most people prefer this one.

    Jan, I get the feeling that these changes will happen, even if everybody hated them. Google wants, google will have.

    I used to use Firefox, then changed to Opera, but started having a few problems on some sites, then changed to Chrome.
    I might go back to Firefox myself.

  16. Keith, it was called Windows Live Space.

  17. I agree with you! Wish they would quite buggering around with it!
    Lovely shot of the Sisken!

  18. Nice shot Keith... I don't like blogger anymore, that's why I did a new website and although it is more work, I feel better about it ;-) You should try Joomla, it is free and easy to use...

  19. I also dont like the new dashboard and found out if I log off then log back in I can select the OLD Dashboard so Im sticking as long as I can..lol BUT its easier than starting over again..HAD to do that when YAHOO 360 folded and then went to Multiply which I hated...
    FLICKR is closing PICNIK and that was upsetting they are throwing in with Google..not fun.
    Well no matter where you go Keith make sure you keep me updated so I can continue to follow along!! lOVE THE bird photo!!!!!

  20. Thanks Horst. I was two thirds right lol It was a lot of fun though.

    Thank you Robin. I must say I don't know of anyone who does like these changes.

    Thanks Chris. I'll have a look at that.

    Thank you Sondra. Hopefully it will be a while yet before these forced changes are final. Wherever I move to, I'll leave a link to the new home.

  21. I too resist changes. FB is at that game now.
    Lovely picture.

  22. Thanks Indrani. It's a shame the people that run these things think that we all want the changes.
    Freedom of choice seems very underrated these days.

  23. You're right on the money. Nevermind what the customer wants.

  24. Thanks Laura. I've yet to hear of anyone who likes any of these planned changes. I can't understand why they are doing it.

  25. As soon as you get used to something and it is working well someone has to bugger around with it.
    Great looking little bird, seems well fed too.

  26. Very true Gillian. I don't know why they do it, it's very frustrating.

  27. Yes, I also do not like them, I feel they are making things more and more complicated, why they can't they leave things as they are? I love your blog, I am following you from Rome, Italy but I am Sicilian and I live in Trapani.

  28. Thank you Francesca, and thanks for following.
    I always think it's a shame when these changes are forced through, without any thought for the people it affects.