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Friday, 10 February 2012

Flying Friday

Since I don't have any flowers available for Friday Flowers, we'll have to make do with a 'Flying Friday' instead.

Big birds are easier to practice on, but I can never seem to get a different enough swan shot.

The Heron though, is usually a different matter.

He'll either shout as he goes away from you, or sometimes he's just so slow, he begs to be experimented with.

Groups of geese are always good to practice with too. Plenty of them, and they're big.

Coming down in size, one of my favourite birds around here at the moment. The Goosander.


And a good all year round favourite, the Mallard.



A size smaller, quite an elusive bird, I find, for getting close and getting pictures. The Green Woodpecker.

More practice on the smaller birds is needed this year, and I guess a good challenge would be a Wren in flight.

The sun is shining today, and I'm stuck indoors waiting for a delivery. A new hard drive, to replace this one, because it keeps crashing at awkward moments. Still, at least it is still working, kind of.

Hope your day is better.


  1. oh yes !!! I love them all, great pics, big hugh Kathrin and have a nice weekend !

  2. A great series of flight shots Keith. My favourite would be the first Mallard shot. The curved, blurred wings give a good impression of movement.

  3. WOW! I am in awe. So many great flight shots!! I really need to work on those. I have captured very few that are clear enough to post. I love the blur of the Mallards wings.
    Great post! I don't have any flowers this week either... just birds, dragonflies and farm scenes!!

  4. Hi Keith,
    Lovely shots! My favourite is the Green Woodpecker, how can he fly with no wings! ;)
    I can`t manage to get any flight shots with my digiscoping gear, I have tried, but they never come out!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  5. Thank you!
    I love them all...Some look like they do not want to be in the picture! LOL... Well done!

  6. Impressive techniques! Love seeing them in flight, especially the woodpecker! :))

  7. Flying Friday works for me!

    I posted a visit to the beach, with the ever present seagulls as models!

    Some truly remarkable captures Keith, hope all is well with you and Jim :)

  8. Amazing photos, Keith. Why on earth you have neve been 'discovered' and offered vast amounts of money to do interesting things completely mystifies me!

    Well, they are all wonderful but my favourite has to be the first Mallard, then I think the Swans.

    Hope you get to the lake at some point today. We had a fair bit of snow again last night!

  9. As usual, Keith, these are all wonderful. My special favorites are the first one of the male mallard and the one of the green woodpecker.

  10. Thank you Kathrin. Enjoy your weekend too :-)

    strandskatan, thank you. :-)

    Cheers John. One of my favourites too.

    Thank you Liz. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

    Thanks John. I'd find it hard enough taking anything digiscoping, I think.
    I love the shots you get.

    Blue Shell, thank you. Some were a bit shy lol

    siga, thank you :-)

    Thanks Gemel. I've missed not going out today, and Jim is sleeping ;-)
    Enjoyed your post.

    Jan, you're very kind. Not managed to get out today, and I'm bored lol

    Thank you Linda. The Mallard seems popular :-)

  11. They looks good at what they're doing, beautiful flying.

  12. Thank you Bob.
    It must be great to be a bird.

  13. i like 'flying friday'. :) i especially like the swoosh of the mallard!

  14. Thanks Theresa. Seems like a favourite, that one :-)

  15. Thanks Theresa. Seems like a favourite, that one :-)

  16. Fab photos, i love those mallards, they crack me up. shutter speed look spot on aswell.

  17. Great shots. The ones of the Mute Swans make me wonder if you would live if you were hit mid-air with one? I have been thumped with their wings for being too close to the nest and it was similar to being hit with a baseball bat. :)

  18. Keith, great in flights! I've been practicing them too. It's getting better, but still a long way to go!

  19. Green Woodpecker in flight! Tremendous work!

  20. Oh wow .... these are SUPER!!

  21. Excellent collection Keith. Nice work on that Green Woodpecker as well. Bet it was a tough one to catch on the go.

  22. The woodpecker impresses me. The goosander amuses me! He looks like he's testing the water.

  23. Great pictures, the heron seems to be scolding and that mallard landing is superb.

  24. HI Keith...What happened to those flowers that where in bloom a couple of weeks ago...lol...ya I know snow!! ; }
    I like the Green woodpecker and the Mallard ..but all great photos of your frequent Friday flyer!!

  25. Great idea the Flying Friday! I really love all of these shots my fav is the woodpecker!!!

  26. Flying Friday looks great to me!

  27. Dale, I'm sure it would hurt a lot, getting hit by one. lol

    Thanks Robin. I'm always practicing. I get loads end up in the bin :-)

    Thank you Christian :-)

    Kerri, thank you :-)

    Thanks Adam. It made a change to have the focus track it for a while.

    Thank you JoLynne :-)

    Gillian, that's just what the Heron was doing lol

    Grace, sadly the snow has made those poor Daffs look very miserable. :-(

    Thank you Sondra :-)

  28. Swans are fairly predictable Keith and don't seem to do much different when flying.
    I have noticed with Herons sometimes that on take off they do express themselves in a more "excremental" way.{:)
    That first Mallard with the wispy wings is just great.

  29. Stunning captures. The last one is terrific!

  30. Thanks Roy. Yea, the Herons can be quite vocal at times lol

    Thank you Indrani :-)

  31. Birds in flight are quite difficult, but you have great shots here!
    Good luck with the hard drive, I now have TWO back up drives...just in case...

  32. Wow, what a terrific series of shots! Will you pick your favorite and consider entering it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #17 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link: http://www.theviewfromrighthere.com/blog/?p=6220

  33. A wonderful series of birds in flight. I esp. liked the head on of the mallard and of course, the bullet - the green woodpecker.

  34. Thanks Dave. Computers are great; when they're working lol

    Thanks Madge. Yea, sorted a new post to share. :-)

    Thank you Karen. :-)

    Come At Me Bro , thank you. :-)

  35. Some cracking shots there. I think the two geese in flight is my favourite. Lovely stuff!

  36. Jeremy, thanks for stopping by, and your comment. :-)