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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Winters icy grip

Right now, like many places, we're feeling winters cold weather. Probably not as bad as some places, and our snow, (here anyway), has now gone.

Most of my local lake still remains frozen over though, with just a few areas untouched by winters icy grip, which must make it tough for the wildlife that lives there. 

One thing it does do though, is provide a few photo opportunities.

 Mute Swans


Herring Gull



Mallard, male

Mallard, female


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  1. these are awesome, keith! love those wing works and frozen poses. :)

  2. Ptaki stoją na lodzie, a wyglądają jakby stały na wodzie. Niektóre uczą się jazdy na lodzie :. Wspaniałe zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam. *** Birds stand on the ice and look like they have on the water. Some learn to drive on ice :-). Great pictures. Yours. ***

  3. Great photos, especially the last 2 of the mallards.

  4. Fantastic photos! The last two made me smile. Excellent stuff!

  5. Beautiful photos! The male and female Mallard look like they are ice dancing.

  6. I love the last two mallard shots. The female looks as if she's just coming in for a landing. Always fun to see.

  7. wonderful shots of birds on ice, Keith.

  8. Thanks Theresa. This weather is good for pictures, but I'll be glad when spring arrives :-)

    Giga, thank you. The birds certainly have to adapt. :-)

    Thank you Crafty Gardener. Mallards make great subjects. :-)

    Thanks Brian. Mallards are such great characters. :-)

    Wanda, thank you. they're great ice skaters lol

    Thanks Linda. Tough time of the year for these birds, but they seem to manage. I could watch them for hours.

    Thanks Wilma. I could do with some sun now. I'm sure the birds could too :-)

  9. These are so great. I love the way you caught the swans synchronize walking. All lifting their foot at the same time. I don't envy that weather though it looks beautiful there.

  10. It seems like their feet must get mighty cold.

  11. Great winter photos. I like the strange poses you have been able to capture with the birds slipping on the ice. Many years ago I wasted a huge lot of film trying to capture similar incidents when I first visited the northern hemisphere in winter!

  12. Beautiful winter landscapes and super shots of all the feathered friends!
    I enjoyed 'Swan Lake' and it's as if the male mallard is 'throwing his hands up' about the weather.
    Wonderful shots that brought smiles to my face. :)
    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  13. Great pictures, wonder what those last two were up to?

  14. Hi Keith...My favorites are the 3 Swans walking on ice : } and the next to the last Mallard great catch !! : }}

  15. Hi Keith...My favorites are the 3 Swans walking on ice : } and the next to the last Mallard great catch !! : }}

  16. Dina, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Martha, I'm sure they do.

    Thanks Mick. The beauty of digital lol

    Thank you Carletta :-)

    Thanks Gillian :-)

    Thanks Grace :-)

  17. Snow again, and a bench to wait for spring.
    Trees And frost clothes.
    A cold landscape, the magical.
    Beautiful couples have immortalized.
    And I like the shadow that rests on the first Swan.
    And the gull got to look over everything.
    And the unfolding of the wings of the male mallard.
    And the elegance of sliding in the ice of the female mallard.
    Undoubtedly you like to spend a lot of your time in this enchanting place.
    Good day to you.

  18. Sorry for the wildlife, but I sure do like the new vistas from the feathered friends :D
    Love the Gull and duck shots!

  19. I like the swans walking on ice, I take they do not need ice skates. And the last two of the ducks are my favorites. Great captures!

  20. Lovely ducks out in the ssssssssssssssssnow, great photos.

  21. Hi Keith,
    Love those last two Mallard shots!
    The snow has all melted away now and it is nice and sludgy underfoot! They are forecasting a possibility of snow at the weekend though!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  22. Hi there - nice shots of ducks!

    I only wish the line about forgetting the milk was added just for comedic effect!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  23. Great shots as always Keith. Snow gone here also but it is taking a while for my pond ice to melt.

  24. Gorgeous shots, love all of them!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day.
    Greetings Mette

  25. Super set of images Keith.

    Is that second to last Mallard a budding air traffic controller?...[;o)

  26. Great photos, Keith! My favourite is the swans.

  27. That herring gull looks like something off of the exorcist.
    Real nice shots of the mallard though.

  28. Great photos! Great shot of the male Mallard :)

  29. Thank you Niki. This lake is one of my favourite places, and the company of the birds, couldn't be better. :-)

    Thanks Paul :-)

    Thank you Nicole. I'm sure they will be glad to see summer. :-)

    Eileen, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Bob. :-)

    John, thanks. The snow has gone here; I don't want anymore lol

    Cheers Stewart. I've forgotten more than milk lol

    Thank you John. My pond is still frozen solid too.

    Mette, thank you. Enjoy your day too. :-)

    Wolfsrosebud, thank you. :-)

    Cheers Trevor. I think he's practising. ;-)

    Thanks Jan :-)

    Thanks Shaun. Yea, the Herring Gull is pretty clever lol

    Thank you Rebecca; glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  30. Beautiful shots of those lovely birds.

  31. nice shots. You have several ducks where you are. We only have the Mallards in winter. :)

  32. Your shots are lovely today...I am fond of the shovelers...I like how you write the bird name under the photo...I should do that too. We have some similar birds but it is nice and warm here now! Some birds are nesting already...it is owl nest time here and the hummers are nesting.

  33. Those last two of the mallards are something!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  34. Wow...stunning, sooo wonderfull photos..I'm excited...
    especially nice are the last two shots...
    Love Greetings , Karin

  35. Thanks Rajesh :-)

    Thank you NatureFootstep. Yea, we have a good variety of ducks in the winter months. :-)

    Island Rambles, thank you. :-)

    Thanks Gary :-)

    Karin, thank you :-)

  36. Great images. You really made the best out of the shooting conditions.

  37. Pretty cool photos! Thanks, also, for the visit to my blog!

  38. Great captures of the birds on the ice!

  39. I love them all, but the male Mallard looking as if he conducted orchestra is my favourite!

  40. Choy Wai Mun, thank you :-)

    Thank you Fergiemoto :-)

    Thanks Pat. :-)

    Joo, thank you. :-)

  41. Marvelous shots and fascinating subjects. Sooo cold! Am here living by the beach in the trpics; tired of the New York winters.


  42. Some of the ducks look like they are walking on water,great pictures!phyllis

  43. Tito Eric, thank you.
    Sounds like you've got a piece of heaven there :-)

    Thank you Phyllis. :-)

    Laura, thank you :-)

  44. These are such great shots with the ice Keith. It looks like those birds have as much trouble with the ice as we humans do! I love that last one with the female Mallard that looks like she's doing the splits.

  45. What a beautiful series! All such wonderful clear shots but the Mallards would be my favourites... the wing capture is brilliant!

  46. Thank you Liz. The Mallards are great subjects. :-)

  47. The duck pictures are great!
    Many greetings from Switzerland
    Yvonne & Raphael

  48. Yvonne & Raphael, thanks for stopping by, and your comment. :-)

  49. Duck's on ice always make nice images! Love the slidding female mallard ;)

  50. What a unique picture of the Mallard male. I doubt there are many of those around.

  51. Thanks Carol. They're great performers for the camera. :-)