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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Just back from a few days away with Jim

Here's a clue where.

more clues


Jim has some friends there too.



 and of course, Jim.

Here's just a few of the many birds seen too.


 Coal Tit



I've a ton of pictures to sort through, and a few things to sort out here, but I will get round to everyone eventually.


  1. Looks like you and Jim had some great scenery to explore.
    Great shots, especially love the one of the Kestrel.

  2. Fabulous, that is one great place you visited again Keith. Lovely shots and looking forward to the rest

  3. Welcome back Keith, it looks like you might have had some decent weather?

    Great set of images, a taster for more to come?

    Excellent images of the 'three musketeers', each one showing their different personalities off a treat!...[;o)

  4. Welcome back, Keith :-) I had a feeling it might be Wales you had escaped to. It is such a lovely place, I would love to live there.

    I can see Jim and his friends enjoyed it as much as you did.

    Lovely photos as always, the Kestrel is a beautiful bird!

  5. Your Wales visits must be inspiring. You bring back some great shots. The birds are always nice, I loved to see the dogs.

  6. Beautiful images Keith. I thought so, in Wales, superb placed. And Jim, nice to see him so happy with his friends.

  7. I bet you do have a ton of pictures these are great! Glad you had a nice few days off. :)

  8. Great to see you and Jim obviously had a great time in Wales ... a lovely part of the UK.

    We are of to the Suffolk coast for a few days, so hoping the weather stays fair. Take care ... FAB.

  9. Keith, great shots! Looks to be a rugged part of the country! I can just see the dogs romping together!

  10. YAY! can't wait to see more! the terrain is gorgeous! the sheep, the sheep dogs... YAY!!!

  11. Wow, some very nice scenery in Wales. Great photos of Jim's friends and Jim. I hope you had a wonderful time in wales.

  12. Thanks Kerri, glad you enjoyed them :-)

    Thank you John. Jim had plenty of fields to roam in; he loved it.

    Cheers Roy. Yea, it's a great place. Always seems like there's something new to see each time I visit.

    Thank you Trevor. Had some great weather. Mountain mist some days, and sunshine the rest. One of the highlights was watching a Merlin hunting in one of the fields.

    Thanks Jan. It certainly is a lovely place. Jim loves his visits there. :-)

    Hookin It...., thank you. Pleased you enjoyed them :-)

    Thank you JoLynne. I love visiting there, and it has some really great birds.
    Jim loves it too. :-)

    Thank you Bob. Jim has a great time exploring new places with his friends. :-)

    Thank you Wanda. I take far too many pictures sometimes lol
    I'll gradually get them sorted. :-)

    Frank, the birdlife is exceptional. Buzzards, Ravens and Red Kites every morning; and that's just when I get up lol
    Enjoy Suffolk. Another great bird place. You should see a few new arrivals there. :-)

    Thank you Robin. Yea, quite hilly lol

    Thanks Theresa. A pretty wild place in parts; and lots of sheep lol

    Thank you Horst. Yea, we both had a great time. The scenery is breathtaking up in the mountains.

    Thank you Dale. A really good time. Wales never disappoints :-)

  13. Bit of a sneck lifter isn't it getting away for the weekend. Just look at Jimbo he looks like a wide mouth frog grinning from ear to ear.

  14. It looks like you have found a real hot spot..
    It's a great place to visit and it definitely appears to be a magnet for you.. Lovely images..

  15. So, so beautiful, Keith. You make me want to visit Wales. The landscapes are awesome. And the birds...all of them outstanding. The kestrel shot is really wonderful.

  16. Beautiful landscapes! and birdfotos again. :-)

  17. I take it North Wales? it's lovely isn't it. you feel much more slowed down! lovely pics ta for sharing

  18. A very beautiful landscape. I really liked your photos...
    my compliment ...
    great holiday impressions ...
    Greetings Karin.

  19. Nice shots Keith, looking forward to seeing the others!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  20. Thanks Deb. Old Jim loves it as much as I do lol

    Cheers Andrew. Yea, a great place. I love it there.

    Thank you Linda. A lovely part of the UK. I can't wait to get back there. :-)

    Thank you Elizabeth. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Pete. Yea, North Wales, and pretty remote. A great place to unwind, and take in nature.

    Karin, thank you. I appreciate your comments. :-)

    Thanks John. Quite a few to sort through yet. Maybe a video next, with some pictures. :-)

  21. JIM looks so happy, and no wonder what a gorgeous spot to spend a few days...I love the sheep on the hillside--
    YOU saw some awesome birds, the mirgration has started here I saw a black n white warbler in the back yard today. Welcome back, I missed your posts!!

  22. Can't wait to see all your pics! Love these!

  23. Looking forward to more of your images from Wales

  24. Some lovely shots there. Thought it was Wales when I saw the sheep!

  25. Wonderful images, I look forward to more of your great pictures.

  26. Thank you Sondra. Yea, we always have a great time there. It's great for birdlife too.
    Starting to get some of our spring visitors turning up too.

    Thanks Reena. I'll get some more sorted soon, and a bit of video. :-)

    Thank you Choy. Glad you enjoyed these. :-)

    Cheers Jeremy. I think there's more sheep than people in Wales lol

    Thank you Gillian. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)