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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A selection

A selection for now, before I head off to Wales again soon.

With the impending petrol tanker drivers strike here, I might not be able to get fuel for the proposed return journey, so this might be the last post for a while.


Tufted Duck. 

Great Crested Grebes doing the weed dance.

This one I have posted before, on my Caldecotte blog; but I like it.  :-)



An unclassified road, in north Wales; near to where I'm going. 
Shortest route from Bala, to Lake Vyrnwy

and last one for now

Blue Tit

Enjoy your day, and days.


  1. Supper series!! Post those ducks with the weed anytime you want they're great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. YOU Lucky duck...what a better place to be OUT of GAS!! I wish I could run outta gas in a place such as that I would leave today with only an 1/8 of tank in hopes of..lol
    Awesome photos as always, and hope you have an adventerous time in Wales.

  3. Lovely bird images, I especially liek the image of the Dunnock...Thomas

  4. Absolutley beautiful pictures. Sorry about the fuel problem, blame you known who.

  5. I'm always envious of you brilliant, clear close shot. Another cracking selection.
    Enjoy your trip to foreign parts ;)

  6. Beautiful birds :)
    Greetings Halina

  7. It's impossible to pick a favorite from this selection. They're all amazing. The scene from Wales is so beautiful. I doubt that I'll ever see it in person, but your photos are the next best thing.

  8. Thank you Gary :-)

    Thank you Sondra. The way things are, I just might have to stay there a little while longer lol

    Thanks Thomas :-)

    Cheers Bob. Yea, it's a bit of a nuisance.

    Thank you John. :-)

    Halina, thank you :-)

    Thanks Linda. Hopefully have plenty more when I return. :-)

  9. these are gorgeous! good luck w/ the strike! i hope you will be mainly unaffected!

  10. The Great Crested Grebes have to be my favorite of all time, love their little weed dance! Have a wonderful time in Wales, see you when you get back.

  11. Keith, very nice series of shots!
    Hope you have a great trip to Wales!

  12. My heart bleeds for you Keith! It would be awful to get stranded in the wilds of Wales with all that lovely scenery and birds on every branch, poor you!!! ;-)

    Beautiful photos as usual! I love them all and honestly can't pick a favourite...but I'm very envious of the Nuthatch as I have never managed a decent shot of one and don't even see them very often.

    Have fun Keith and a safe journey.

  13. Nice photos again. I hope so the problems will be resolved soon.

  14. Have a good trip Keith, hope to here from you soon. Great photos of these wonderful birds. Take care and have a wonderful time in Wales.

  15. Each and every one of these is excellent!

  16. wonderful selection of photos, specially the weed dance, I love seeing grebes courting

  17. Northern Wales looks beautiful! All the bird pics are terrific, but I love the looks of those grebes. Safe journey!

  18. HI Keith...Some beautiful country, and that road looks way scary...and I sure would want to have a full tank to get back through there...so if you can't get fuel stay there..lol
    Your photo are special as always!!
    Lot's of Big Hugs

  19. A fine selection indeed, Keith.

  20. Beautiful pictures, I especially like the weed dance, that is a beauty.

  21. Thanks Theresa.
    The strike doesn't start for a couple of days yet, but human nature being what it is, people are panic buying already. lol

    Thank you Wanda. :-)

    Thanks Robin.

    Thank you Jan. Yea, it would be a shame to get stranded lol

    Thank you Elizabeth :-)

    Thanks Horst.

    Mama Zen, thank you :-)

    Thank you Juliet :-)

    Thanks Barbara :-)

    Thanks Grace. It's a scary road when you meet something coming the other way.
    A sheer drop one side, in places lol

    Choy Wai, thank you.

    Thanks Gillian :-)

  22. I wouldn't mind running out of gas in Wales.:)
    Super captures of your pretty birds. the Yellowhammer is my fave.

  23. Thanks Jean. Yea, it's a nice place to stop :-)

  24. Beautiful photos, wonderful...
    a fascinating bird parade ..
    you have captured very well ....
    Best regards, Karin

  25. Another quality selection, well done Keith

  26. Enjoy your return trip to Wales .... a great location to get stranded. Take care ... FAB.

  27. Those 2 grebe are so nice! Lovelly serie of images ;)

  28. What a wonderful post Keith! Excellent, I love the grebe and the blue tit but mate these yellowhammer and nuthatch pictures are wonderful!

  29. Hey Keith,

    How ahve you been?Beautiful images as usual...specially the Great Crested Grebes.Enjoy your trip!!!


  30. I always enjoy your images Keith. gas is getting way out of hand here in Michigan also. crazy!

  31. ...the yellowhammer is so striking. Have a wonderful trip. The beauty of Wales...if you have to run out of gas, it looks like a wonderful place to be stuck in (especially during migration).

  32. Being stuck in Wales? I can't think of anything better!

  33. Excellent series of shots, but the Great Crested Grebes really blow me away. Incredible capture. Have a Happy EAster!! ~karen

  34. just love that valley ..... one of those where you drive it and stop at the other side to llok back and admire.... well done Keith

  35. Impending petrol tanker drivers strike? Well, there are professions that can influence other people by their demands enormously. I could be on strike day by day and no one would notice - except for my boss who would fire me at once :-)

    Blue Tits are common birds and yet they are always so special in photographs, aren't they?

  36. Beautiful selection Keith. The yellowhammer and the nuthatch are my favs there but I would have like to do them all ;-)

  37. Bob, thank you.

    Cheers Frank.

    Thank you Dominic.

    Thanks Chris.

    Shantana, thank you.

    Thanks Doreen :-)

    Thank you Kelly. :-)

    Adam, I think I agree with you :-)

    Thanks Karen :-)

    Thanks Dave. Yea, amazing scenery here.

    Thank you Petra. :-)

    Chris, thank you.