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Friday, 16 March 2012

Some more from Wales

Here's some more pictures from my recent visit to Wales, and some video at the end. No commentary on the video, like I usually do over on the other blog; I just let the natural sounds speak.

A misty morning at Lake Vyrnwy


Greylag Goose

The next three were of some ponies roaming freely at RSPB Conwy nature reserve. 
I think Theresa might like these.

And a couple more birds to finish with for now. Still a few more to go yet.


Redshank and Curlew

A pair of Red-breasted Merganser.  I love the punk hair style.

and last one for now, a very friendly Robin.


Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing.


  1. Thanks for your glimpse of Wales. So beautiful! Love your photos, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Excellent set of images Keith. And that video, what can I say, its just superb, it makes me want to go to Wales this very minute!!

    I didn't know that they still had Wolves and Pheasants that sound like Geese in Wales...lol...[;o)

  3. The first photo on Lake Vyrnwy is so peaceful looking! ♥ Loved the video, was that a male pheasant walking in front of the fence? The countryside in Wales is beautiful!

  4. oh, i definitely loved this whole set! and, yes, those wooly ponies are ADORABLE! gorgeous! loved the punk 'dos on the mergansers and the greylag is wonderful - open mouth and tongue!

    seeing your wooly pup enjoying himself with his farmyard buddies was great, too. the pheasant and the lemming or pica was just too cute!

    i did miss hearing your voice, though. i always love to hear your accent! :) thanks, keith!

  5. oooh !!! Iwish to be there it s so wonderful ! big hugh Kathrin

  6. Oh, it's nice to be back in Wales, and all of the photographs as well. They are brilliant.

  7. Thank you Barbara. Glad you enjoyed the pictures :-)

    Cheers Trevor. It is a lovely place. I just point the camera, and nature does the rest :-)

    Thanks Wanda. Yea, a male Pheasant. A little less nervous now that the shooting season has stopped for a few months. My favourite birds.

    Thank you Theresa, I thought you'd enjoy the ponies. :-)
    There's plenty of my rambling nonsense over on the other blog; almost daily lol

    Thank you Kathrin. It's beautiful country.
    Enjoy your weekend. :-)

    Thanks Robin. It's a lovely place.

    Thank you Bob. Yea, I'm back there again soon :-)

  8. Gorgeous set of photos. Love the ponies and it does look cold

  9. Well I'm blowed! I was going to ask you yesterday if you had heard of Lake Vyrnwy as we were going to look at a place called The Old Rectory there a few years ago with a view to buying it, it was when prices were cheap in Wales and I think it was pretty dilapidated but things intervened and we never got there...I have regretted it ever since :-(

    Anyway, I enjoyed all your lovely photos (especially the Stonechat, I've never seen one) and the video and so nice to see Jim enjoying himself, I hope he has recovered from all the exertion, he looked pretty fit. You even had your favourite bird to greet you.

  10. Love your still images, they are awesome, you have a good eye. Your video is awesome as well. Great nature footage.

  11. What a beautiful spot. And the birds are wonderful. I always marvel at just how different your robins are than ours.

  12. What an idyllic place Keith. The video was brilliant. Not that we don't want to hear your voice normally Keith, but there were so many natural sounds in the film that a narrative was unnecessary. Really brilliant thanks.

  13. HI Keith...Spectactular place..I would have sat by the roaring stream for hours if I was there..that is nice...
    To see Jim running and have the time of his life with his Buddy's is wonderful!!
    Very nice visit!!

  14. such a nice place to enjoy nature,,,,I love the ponies too...SO Fun to see Jim have a ramble with his buddy.

  15. Your pictures are wonderful, and the video is a real treat. Thanks for sharing.

  16. A really beautiful set of images for this post. That first one of the misty water view is terrific. Loved the three ponies lined up for a drink, and that robin is spectacular.

  17. Thanks Lisa. The weather was quite mixed while I was there, but managed a few warm, sunny days. It was lovely to see the ponies just wandering feely.

    Jan, Lake Vyrnwy is a lovely place, and the surrounding areas beautiful. Try to win the lottery! lol
    The birds are great in Wales. Plenty of Stonechat on the moors, along with Grouse.
    Llyn Brenig is a favourite place. Pheasants everywhere, now they've stopped shooting them.

    Horst, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Such excellent subjects here. :-)

    Thank you Hilary. It is a lovely place. I could spend ages exploring here.
    The Robins certainly are very different.

    Cheers Roy. The natural sounds are great here. Always something calling, crowing.........or just the wind blowing lol
    It is a lovely place. Back there again at the end of the month.

    Thanks Grace. there's lots of those little streams, everywhere. And waterfalls too; big and small.
    Jim loves it here, once he's got over the travelling. That bit he doesn't like :-(

    Thank you Sondra. Jim has so much freedom to just roam here; a lot more than he has here. All the fields, and new smells. Doggy heaven! lol

    Gillian, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. It was hard trying to decide what to leave out of the video; I took so much lol

  18. Sorry Linda, your comment came through while I was replying.
    The misty water looked good on the morning, but difficult for the cameras auto focus lol
    I was pleased how it turned out though.
    The Robin was very friendly. Sat just a few feet away while I took his pictures. :-)

  19. Beautiful Pictures - Great compositions.
    Nature and Animals - I watched with interest.
    Greetings from the Eco
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

  20. Eko, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  21. Hi Keith,
    Lovely photos. Love the Stonechat shot, very nice and the RBM shot is lovely, haven`t seen a Merganser for ages, wonder when the next one will be?!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  22. Wow .... soooo beautiful shots, fantastic photo work ...thank you..
    Greetings Karin.

  23. Thanks John. There were 8 RBM swimming around at RSPB Conwy when I went. Lovely birds.

    Thank you Karin, glad you enjoyed them.

  24. Especially love that shot of the ponies and the geese... Happy St Patrick's Day!

  25. Fantastic images Keith....

  26. Thank you Madge.
    Happy St. Patricks to you too. :-)

    Thanks Andrew. :-)

  27. What a beautiful nature retreat this post was! Really love your Robin! So much prettier than our American one. Your video was very nice too - and so relaxing to hear that sounds of the birds and nature.

  28. Thanks Shelley, glad you enjoyed the post. :-)

  29. Lovely images, Keith. The one with the geese and ponies is quite comical. Glad you had a good time in Wales.

  30. Thanks Jeremy. It's always good to visit here :-)