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Saturday, 14 April 2012

In search of a Ring Ouzel

We've had a few reports of a number of Ring Ouzels around Bucks recently, so I decided I'd go and see if I could find one.

Bright and early, I headed off to Ivinghoe Beacon; a place where some have been sighted.
It was still dark when I left the car in the car park, and made my way down the path, to the steep climb up to the Beacon. And fog was here too.
It slowly got light as I began the walk upwards, and suddenly, up in the distance, three Ring Ouzels were seen in the murk of the fog. A quick bit of video, before they disappeared from sight.

I was almost at the summit, and the sun was climbing in the sky, and looking promising.

The fog seemed to be receding, and the sound of Skylarks was filling the air, as they steadily climbed upwards.

I reached the top, but no view was to be had. The fog seemed to suddenly have got thicker, and dropped like a blanket over the landscape.
Down in the sheep field, it wasn't too bad, and a group of lambs were eyeing me with some amusement.

But higher up, in the trees, a couple of Ring Ouzels were sat, also cautiously eyeing up this intruder.

 At least I managed some pictures, even though they weren't that clever.

A Meadow Pipit appeared, and sat in one of the trees,

and another Ouzel landed in the sheep field,

 which by now seemed to be attracting more fog.

I waited. Surely this fog can't last. I was getting desperate to get some half decent pictures.

It slowly began to clear, until I finally managed a fog free picture.

And one even sat in a tree, sunning himself for a while.

 That's more like it, I thought.

Down with the sheep, a couple of Wheatears were bobbing along in the distance.

And the Skylarks were still singing.

The number of Ring Ouzels suddenly increased from 3 to about a dozen. They seemed to be everywhere.

And the Meadow Pipits seemed to be out in force too.

Finally I began to get some pictures of my target bird I was pleased with.

Eventually I left, feeling very happy. I made my way back down the hill, and headed for some scrub on the way to the car park.

Willow Warblers were calling merrily in the sunshine now, and I managed a few pictures of these lovely little birds.

Almost back at the car park, and I found a sign that made me smile.

 Do we really have to warn people about this sort of thing?
I mean, come on, if it ain't yours, leave it!!

And then I spotted a group of people with binoculars and scopes.
"Are you looking for the Ouzels?" I enquired.
I pointed them in the direction where I'd seen a dozen, but the 'leader' of the group was adamant he was going 'his' way.

The wrong way.

Aaaaaa, 'grown ups'.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Great post!
    You gotta love those group leaders...they're always right(even when they're not!)

  2. i like their dapper little bibs. but the lambs were too cute!

  3. Lovely lot of images Keith.
    Trust that idiot not to take any notice of what you said. Serve him right. Downright rude I would say.
    12 Ring Ouzels, now you are showing off. {:)
    I did manage 2 once a couple of years ago.

  4. Cheers Dave. Yea, I guess they're the same the world over lol

    Thanks Theresa :-)

    Thanks Roy. I couldn't believe how many there were this morning. Had a great time.

  5. Hee hee, some of these grown up birders think they know it all, I avoid them like the plague ;-)

    Well, didn't you do well, great stuff! Maybe twelve is just a touch greedy though ;-) I've never seen one but there were five quite near me last week, I couldn't get there though.

    The photos are lovely, you did well to get so close, I believe they are very wary. Lovely photo of the Willow Warbler too.

  6. You are a lucky man, man. The Ring Ouzels are another bird I haven't seen. I wish I could, hmmmm, should I go and investigate. Great photos for you though.

  7. Jan, it was a great morning. They certainly are wary; I just stood still, and let them come to me. Great to see so many.
    As for the grown ups; yea, know what you mean. lol

    Cheers Bob. Yea, lovely birds to see. Worth it if they are near you. :-)

  8. Beautiful as always Keith, you certainly have an eye for beauty.
    Hope you are well.

  9. I'm definitely not grown up, well I'm always being told to act my age!! so can you please take me out tomorrow and show me some Ring ouzels?
    But can you cancel the fog and the cold wind please?

    Seriously tho', well done with getting all those great images...[;o)

  10. Well done Keith to see your early start and patience paid off.

  11. You've got some really great shots here, of a variety of birds. Really beautiful. From a composition standpoint, I like the one of the meadow pipit. You sure make it hard to pick a favorite, though.

  12. Dontcha love it when a Plan works??? You found what you went looking for and you got what you wanted to get...THE Law of Attraction in motion. ITS very beautiful there!! Great PHOTOS of the Ring Ouzel!! AND the Skylark, awesome.

  13. Thanks for your comment Gemel.
    I feel great on a day like this :-)

    Trevor, if you promise to be good, I'll see you at the car park, around six o'clock. lol

    Thanks Bob. It's definitely a place to visit early. It gets very busy; especially weekends, with walkers, joggers and others.

    Thank you Linda. Very kind :-)

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, didn't expect to see so many. It's a great place, but can get very busy; especially with the grown ups. lol

  14. Hey Keith,

    Lucky you..must have been such a joy with the disappearing fog and great shots and spotting so many Ring Ouzels.Lovely sunrise...the video was a treat:)Have a great sunday!


  15. A wonderful post Keith.. your pics a superb. I have never seen a Ring Ouzel so many thanks for sharing yours..

  16. Looks like you a great time with the Ouzels. Congrats.

  17. Love the one in the tree mate.

  18. You did well! I think birders are the most patient people! I enjoyed the series of images you posted. Someday I would love to travel to your little corner of the world. What great and different birds you have! That birding group leader wasn't setting a very good example, was he? Sometimes I have to join a group to expand my skills, but I don't think I'd join him!! Have a great day.

  19. Shantana, thank you. Had a great day today again. :-)

    Thanks Andrew. Had a return visit today with Trevor. Plenty of Ring Ouzels still about.

    Choy Wai, thank you. It was a great morning in their company.

    Thanks Christian. :-)

    Thanks Karen. If you ever manage a visit, let me know. :-)