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Thursday, 19 April 2012

New born, and some mystery birds

Well, the birds are a mystery to me; I'm no good with wader ID.

First though, the new born.

These were taken in Wales, and the lambs had just been born.

A busy mum, because she had three little ones.

The mystery birds were taken on the beach at Porthmadog.
A row of Oystercatchers, and in front, what I thought at first, were Sanderling. But after much deliberation, and thought............and looking through a few books, I'm thinking now, maybe Dunlin?

Next one is when they took to the air.

Any ideas?

A lovely beach, and just the place to drive onto, and enjoy some chips.

And where there's a beach, and chips, there's Herring Gulls.

A good variety of weather while I was there, including some snow.

I hope the sun shines where you are today


  1. Lovely scenery Keith. I would say Dunlin.

  2. New born lambs!...snow!... picnics on the beach!...sounds like you had a whole years worth of seasons rolled into a couple of weeks...lol

    Like the second Herring Gull image, you can just hear the noise!...[;o)

    I think your mystery waders look like they might be Sanderling, going solely on the fact that they appear to have black 'shoulder pads'!!

  3. Those are all beautiful. I especially like the sheep and the calling gull. Sorry I can't help you with the ID, but those little things are sure pretty in flight.

  4. Thanks Roy. I thought Dunlin after a while, but I'm still not 100% lol

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, had a good mix of weather.
    Now you've thrown a spanner in the works with that ID lol

    Thanks JoLynne. I've been after a shot of a gull like that for ages.

  5. Out of curiosity, is the red spot on 'Mum' dye or blood? Those babies are adorable!

  6. I think its a Dunlin, anyway it looks good. Mum loves her lambs, ohhhhhhh.

  7. Thanks Wanda.
    The red on the sheep is a dye. :-)

    Thanks Bob. That's what I'm thinking.

  8. I'm laughing at the snow. That's our weather!! Great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Lovely photos and wonderful scenery! I'm fairly positive that Trevor is correct with Sanderling. As he says, it's the black at the shoulder, and they just don't look quite right for the Dunlins I've seen.

  10. the snow scene was a surprise! and i bet mama ewe was saying that about lamb #3, too!

  11. Thanks Gary. That snow was a complete shock lol
    Glad it soon went. :-)

    Thanks Jan. This bird is a problem lol

    Thanks Theresa. Nature is full of surprises lol

  12. OK..........
    I've an excellent DVD by Paul Doherty called 'Guide to Waders'
    After watching the clips for Dunlin, and Sanderling, and putting my pictures up with the video, I've come to the conclusion they are


    Unless anyone knows different lol



  13. Keith, great shots! Triplets! That will be a handful for her!
    I'm like you with the shorebirds. I have to bring them home and study them against the books to have any home of identifying all but a few!

  14. Lovely pictures Keith, Mum is going to be busy keeping those three well fed.

  15. Definitely Sanderling Keith, note the wide wing bar on the flight shots, Dunlin is a lot thinner. Plus the overall `paleness` of the birds, accompanied with the short stubby bills says to me Sanderling, or as my Mum calls them, windy up birds!
    Great shots of the Herring Gull!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  16. Love the lambs and very good bird shots but sorry no help in identification from this quarter. Herring gulls eat anything, don't they. :)

  17. Sanderlings it is then! They look bigger than the ones I see in the surf here in SC...AWW the lambs are so sweet!!!!

  18. Thanks Robin. Gulls and shorebirds are the two species I have most trouble with ID's lol

    Thanks Linda. It was good to see 3 healthy looking lambs from the proud mum. :-)

    Cheers for the ID John. I find this group of birds a nightmare to ID, even with some good books. lol

    Thanks Gillian. Part of the Herring Gulls success I imagine, is to be a good scavenger. I think they have a lot of character. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, finally nailed the ID :-)

  19. Fantastic images there Keith !!! That Lamb with the 'Goo' still on was a very recent addition to that family . You were in the right place at the right time for that shot :-)
    Love the B&W of the snow !!! Awesome .
    Now you know i am no good at feathered creatures . But , i know i have seen them on one of the beaches that i visit in the Lakes . Very pretty in flight :-)
    Cheers Mark & Jo

  20. Cheers Mark. Yea, the lambs were just being born while I was in the field. Great to see.
    The snow was a bit of a surprise while I was there, but very photogenic.

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  22. HI Keith,
    Wonderful post sir and I think you got Sanderlings ;-) I love the snow scenery

  23. Thanks Chris. Sanderlings it is :-)

  24. What a beautiful place Keith..The landscape image is beautiful!!!Thanks for sharing...Have a great day!


  25. Definitely Sanderlings, i get these and Dunlin regularly on the coast at Kenfig. Thought i recognised the beach, i was there last autumn watching Sandwich terns feeding their young.

  26. Thanks for stopping by Paul.
    Yea, Sanderlings it is :-)
    A lovely beach too.

  27. The little lambs are precious, of course. But I love the sassy gull. The snow was a surprise. It looked like a pretty significant snowfall.

  28. Thanks Linda. Gulls are amongst my favourite birds; such characters.
    And the snow was quite a bit; and a shock lol