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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Red-breasted Merganser

First of all, thank you to everyone who left comments while I was away.
I'll do my best to catch up with everyone as soon as I can.

One of my favorite places in Wales is RSPB Conwy, and this where the following were taken.

Red-breasted Mergansers are usually found around our coasts, but occasionally venture inland. Similar in appearance to their cousins, Goosanders; but they have a scruffier look to them, and an amazing 'punk' hairstyle.

Whilst I was at Conwy, a group of males were doing some serious showing off to the females. 

The courtship involved lots of scooting across the water, and throwing their heads back.
Here's a selection of pictures, and a short video at the end.


Enjoy the rest of your day


  1. Welcome back, Keith.

    They are a hoot to watch and you've got some fine action shots. Thanks for these.

  2. It's always interesting to witness bird display that us 'landlubbers' don't often get the chance to see!

    A cracking set of shots and video Keith...[;o)

  3. Nice to see you Keith. And, you did have fun with the Mergansers. Beautiful photos.

  4. Thank you Hilary. Yea, they certainly are great to watch when they 'show off' lol

    Thanks Trevor. Something I've never seen before, and glad I captured it.

    Thank you Bob. Good to be back again.
    Got some catching up to do now :-)

  5. they look like punk-style motor boats. :)

  6. LOL.
    Great observation Theresa :-)

  7. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    I love the pattern on their wings, it looks like each one was handpainted...OR are those tattoos to go along with that "Punk" hairstyle they rock so well!

    The video was fun to watch,they certainly were putting on a good show for the ladies. Thanks for the laugh, just what I needed!

  8. What great looking birds! Love that "punk" hairdo. Thanks so much for the video. Very interesting.

  9. Keith, great captures! Looks like a lot of work just to impress a female who doesn't seem to be at all interested!

  10. Goodness me, thats a neck aching job Keith, that courting lark. Great video.

  11. The video was a perfect complement to the photos, Keith. You've given us an opportunity to witness a display that most of us will never get to see in person. Thanks!

  12. Thanks Wanda.
    Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Thank you Barbara :-)

    It's tough being a male Robin lol

    Perfect description Debs. :-)

    Cheers Roy. A lot of effort :-)

    Thank you Linda. It was fascinating to watch. :-)

  13. Lovely pictures and interesting to watch the behaviour of these Mergansers.

  14. These are awesome birds, great photos and video. Hope you had a great time in Wales

  15. Thanks Horst.
    Yea, had an excellent time.

  16. Thats is a quality post Keith, I haven't see that before so thanks very much for these images/video

  17. Oh, those show-offs! How does a female choose?

  18. Great action shots. I've only seen females here in Florida. For some reason the males must hide.

  19. Whoa! Neat post. Thanks!!!

  20. WELCOME HOME..I hope you had a great trip!! The photos and footage is such fun, boy that makes my neck hurt what they are doing with theirs!!

  21. Wonderful pictures and the video is priceless!

  22. Wow! That is amazing. And a good teashop too, as I recall.

  23. Great photos and video Keith. My goodness, they are show-offs! The females don't look very impressed though :-)

  24. Thanks Bob. It was the first time I'd seen this behavior before too. Fascinating to watch.

    JoLynne, it must be tough lol

    Thanks Dina. Maybe they're shy :-)

    Thank you Jean, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. A great time :-)
    Yea, it looks a bit tiring lol

    Thanks Gillian :-)

    Thanks Graeme. Yea, it's a bit pricey though.

    Jan, I think they've seen it all before lol

  25. Superb sequence of a very ncie behaviour... You're becoming a scientist ;-) Love the video!

  26. Superb sequence Keith. I've not been up to the Conwy reserve for an absolute age. Problem is the roads from south Wales to north Wales make the journey far too long for even a weekend visit. I must get up there soon though.

  27. Thanks Adam. Yea, a pretty hilly journey, I would imagine. lol

  28. Hey Keith, welcome back!!!
    I love their punky hairstyle and great shots as usual...the video is a real good one.


  29. Thank you Shantana.
    Glad you enjoyed the video. :-)