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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back.........but really still here in my heart.

Five weeks in Wales, and 5 thousand pictures.

Here's a few.

Skylark, coming at ya!


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Willow Warbler

Pied Flycatcher, male


Wood Warbler

and finally, for now,

Tawny Owl

I'll catch up with everyone soon.


  1. Keith, welcome back! Hope you had a great time.
    These images are brilliant! Well done! What a great variety

  2. Welcome back.. and you bring beautiful images. I love that owl.. what a stunner.

  3. cannot wait to see the other 4,990+ :)

  4. Welcome back Keith! Wonderful photos, I love the Wood Warbler and the Tawny Owl.

  5. Good to read you again dear Keith !! :)
    Thanks for this great pics and glad you enjoyed your time there !

  6. A good day, not here it aint. Only, that was Wales, what a winner. I hope you had a great time.

  7. Welcome back Keith! Looking forward to the photos. Love the male Pied Fly, a corking bird!
    Follow me at hEDGELAND TALES

  8. Welcome back Keith, great selection and superb Tawny Owl to finish with; hope you had a good time look forward to more images.

  9. Great photos, all of them. I especially like the swallow. You should know that your work has inspired me to figure out how to better use depth of field in my photography--something I've neglected so far.

  10. These are all stunning, Keith. The owl was a real treat. But ya gotta love that big-mouthed swallow. :)

  11. Thanks Robin. It was fantastic, and so many birds to see.

    Thank you Hilary. The owl was very patient while I took loads of pictures; a beautiful bird.

    Thanks Theresa. Yea, the camera button was working overtime lol

    Thank you Jan. I was very pleased with both of those birds. A great variety there.

    Pescalune, thank you. A lot more pictures to come :-)

    Thanks Bob. Heavy rain here now. Never mind. Wales was wet, but still very enjoyable.

    Thanks John. I managed to see quite a few of those, and they really are little crackers. :-)

    Thank you Modesto; he was a great subject.

    Thank you Bob. Got a few more to post lol

    JoLynne, thank you. Good to know I've inspired you in some way :-)
    Good luck with the d.o.f.
    Look forward to seeing the results.

    Thanks Linda. Yea, that Swallow has quite a mouth lol

  12. Welcome back Keith. That's one cracking set of images, can't wait to see the rest!! Love that Tawny...[;o)

  13. Cracking shot of the owl loo0king very bored with the whole photographic experience.

  14. Thanks John.
    Yea, he was very tolerant while I was there :-)

  15. Hi m8 welcome back might see you over the weekend great pictures as alwasy m8 :)

  16. What a trip - love that Tawny.

  17. You've got some great images there Keith. Some great finds as well, Pied Flycatcher and the Tawny especially.

  18. Looks like you had a great time in Wales. Beautiful shots and thanks for sharing.

  19. Love them all but my most favorite is the owl.

  20. Thanks Scott.
    Yea, I'll probably be over the lake in the morning :-)

    Thank you Christian. He was a real star. :-)

    Thanks Roy. There were so many great birds there. I was spoilt lol

    Choi Wai, thank you. Yea, it was excellent.

    Thanks Kat. He was very co-operative. Managed loads of pictures of him.

  21. That's one mad swallow! Great captures, Keith,super!

  22. Welcome back - missed reading your posts or should I say looking at the images.
    Where has Adrain gone?

  23. A thousand pictures a week, that's not bad! You must have been very busy... :)

    I like the swallow that looks like it wants to swallow us :)

  24. Hi Keith, you've expanded into new premises since I last saw you! I'll just grab a coffee and explore all your new blogs, but first, as always, 'wonderful photos!'

  25. Thanks Amila :-)

    Thanks Dale.
    Not sure where Adrian is; not heard from him for some time.

    Thanks Petra. I was taking pictures nearly every day :-)

    Omi, thanks. Glad you enjoyed them.

  26. Thanks Olga, glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  27. I have come from KaHolly was curious by the name of your blog. Lovely photos of these indigenous birds which I see often but am not quick enough to photograph but just love watching. I will sign up as a follower as I like what I see. Do come over and visit me some time.

  28. Thank you for stopping by, and following. Glad you enjoyed your visit.
    I'll certainly pop over to your place :-)

  29. Wow, wonderful series of shots... you must have a long lens...

  30. Thanks Madge, glad you enjoyed them.
    400mm lens, but with patience, some birds will allow you to get quite close.