Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A few birds


juvenile Dunnock

 Common Sandpiper





Willow Warbler

 and last one for now

Pied Flycatcher

I'll finish with a short video clip. A male Chaffinch, that was trusting enough to eat from my hand. 
A magic moment.


  1. Keith,
    Great shots as usual.That Goldfinch and Nuthatch looks great and what an eperience it must have been feeding the Chaffinch from your hand..beautiful place indeed.Have a great day!


  2. Those are strong photos, all of them. Your camera also does pretty video! I think your friend was a little camera-shy, though.

  3. Wonderful bird photos! I didn't know your goldfinches have such a nice red face. Ours are plainer. Loved the video! How special!

  4. the chaffinch is so cool!!! and your goldfinch photo is absolutely stellar!

  5. Goldfinches are such a beautiful little bird lovely set of photos

  6. I put up some Niger seeds in a feeder and the goldfinches were there in a moment, lovely to watch.
    Delightful video.

  7. Thanks Shantana. Feeding that Chaffinch was an amazing feeling.

    Thanks JoLynne. He was a bit shy, but determined to eat all the seed lol

    Thanks Barbara. I think our Goldfinches are our most colourful birds.

    Thanks Theresa. It was a great moment with the Chaffinch.

    Thanks Julie; they certainly are.

    Thanks cuby. Now they've found you, they'll keep coming, as long as you keep feeding them.

  8. Keith, what a wonderful set of birds!

  9. Great set of images Keith, and that video...superb!...[;o)

  10. I love how that Nuthatch is sitting on the post! Fantastic pics like always. Getting these birds memorized as I don't have many of them around here. That vid is awesome. You are a wizard:)

  11. Beautiful photos Keith, all of them! I'm assuming they're from your time in Wales, what a great variety you saw. The Goldfinch is lovely and colourful but the Pied Flycatcher and the Stonechat particularly caught my eye.

    The Chaffinch video was wonderful, how trusting it was!

  12. I don't see the goldfinch as often as i should like but your bright as a button photo makes up for that... Well almost;-). Read somewhere that the goldfinch are associated with Jesus, picking the thorns from his brow on the cross or something along those lines. Hence the ole red napper. Hmmmm. Where did the chaff experience happen?. And how did you know they were so friendly or should I say greedy enough to risk scranning off a hairy human;-)

  13. I love our own Goldfinches here in America, but yours are so beautiful with their red faces. Great shot of that one. Loved the position of the Nuthatch, as if he was clinging to that post for dear life. And the Chaffinch on the hand...you said it...magical.

  14. Great captures. The goldfinch is gorgeous. Loved the video!

  15. My favourite is the Goldfinch, superb.

  16. A beautiful set of images Keith.

  17. Thanks Robin. Wales is a great place for birds. :-)

    Cheers Trevor. That was a great moment. :-)

    Thank you Chris, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, all from Wales. I should start posting some new stuff lol

    Thank you Debs. I think you're right about the Goldfinch story; seems familiar.
    The Chaffinch was at a picnic place along Lake Vyrnwy. I'd been the previous week, and there were lots of them about, someone had left some seed on the ground. I guess they are very used to humans during the tourist season.

    Thanks Linda. The Goldfinch is quite colourful; and very noisy when they get going around the bird feeders. lol

    Thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed them. :-)

    Cheers Bob. My favourite too.

    Thanks Roy. I must start taking some new stuff soon though lol

  18. How the bird trusts you! :)
    Lovely pictures.

  19. Brilliant video Keith. That makes Robins and Chaffinches you have had feeding from your hand. They obviously sense they can trust you.

  20. Your bird images are excellent!

  21. Oh it is indeed a magical moment. Beautiful.. as are all these captures.

  22. Wonderful bird pictures and the video is really special.

  23. Thank you Indrani. Sometimes I think I get on better with birds, than people lol

    Thanks John. I'll try Robins next lol
    It's such a great feeling having that trust from a tiny bird.

    Thanks Mike. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you Hilary. The best moment imaginable :-)

    Thanks Gillian :-)

  24. Outstanding and love that goldfinch!

  25. Spelndid series, and I LOVE the little bird in hand, how sweet is that? I know it was a magic moment...

  26. Great serie and very nice video ;)

  27. Thanks Sondra. You've had an even bigger 'magic moment' recently. :-)

    Thank you Dominic.

  28. Hi Keith,
    you've been looking at times and I am thrilled by your bird photos .. this is for you to keep quiet amazing ...
    I just logged in and you might schauste me at times pure ..
    I'll be back
    regards Frank

  29. Thank you for your comments Frank; and thanks for following too.