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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Grey Wagtail

Here's one of the many birds seen on my recent visit to Wales.

A very short video first, of one I found at the delightfully named 'Loggerheads Country Park'.

He was sat in a tree, singing for all he was worth, even drowning out the sound of the rushing stream below. A shame he didn't stay longer.


I also encountered a pair at a place called 'Nant Mill', feeding three young, that they had, spread out along a stream. Fascinating to watch the busy parents, as they dashed around getting grubs and flies for the patiently waiting young. I visited a week later, and there was no sign of any young. I guess they were off fending for themselves by then.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.


  1. Such wonderful videos! I thoroughly enjoyed both and was intrigued to see your wagtails flipping their tails up and down where ours was them from side to side.

  2. Great videos Keith especially the feeding one.
    I have not seen this species around for a while.

  3. I love the Grey Waggies!
    Never heard one sing before though.
    What a beautiful area there!

  4. wow! they really do bob that tail! almost like an uncontrollable nervous tic!

  5. Keith, great shots! Now I know why they call it a Wagtail!

  6. Thanks Arija. They certainly live up to their name :-)

    Thanks Roy. It seemed every stream and river had these lovely birds. Great to see.

    Thank you Nicole. That was the first time I had heard one sing too.

    Thanks Theresa. Their tails are constantly bobbing. I wonder how much energy they use to do it.

    Thanks Robin. Easy to recognise lol

  7. Great videos Keith! The one in the first video certainly did compete very well with the sound of the water :-)

  8. Jan, he certainly had a powerful voice. :-)

  9. Brilliant, they must have been born wagging their tails.

  10. Great photos and videos, loved every minute of them. You have yourself a great Sunday as well.

  11. What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks Keith..
    have a nice week end..
    a warm greeting


  12. I think you could be right Bob :-)

    Thank you Horst. Enjoy your Sunday too.

    Thanks Niki. Hope your weekend is good too.

  13. ...loved this post. Now I totally understand where they name came from! Loved watching that little tail wag...and the parent feeding the babies.

  14. Thanks Kelly. It was great to witness the feeding action.

  15. Super videos Keith, nice to see the family activity as opposed to a single bird!...[;o)

  16. I'm a bit tired after watching those little fellows wag and bob up and down. Delightful clip thanks for sharing!

  17. Great video of the young wagtails being fed. They definitely live up to their name.

  18. Thanks Trevor. Both parents seemed to be working equally hard, and it was fascinating to see how they had placed the young along the edge of the stream.

    Thanks Andrea. They certainly bob-a-lot lol

    John, they certainly do. Felt lucky to be in the right place.