Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 11 June 2012

Random flowers

A few random flowers to brighten a dull, wet day.


Lesser Celandine

Spring Sandwort


Wood Anemone

Herb Robert

Yellow Archangel



and I'll end with a couple that I can't get an ID on. If anyone knows, I'd be very grateful. 

We'll call this #1. My best guess is some sort of stonecrop? Growing on the Great Orme, north Wales.

and this one, #2. Masses of this, growing by the sand dunes at Talacre, Point of Ayr. I'm guessing some sort of 'spurge', but no idea which one.

Hope you enjoy your day.


  1. I wish could recognize all the plants around us, but you can; lovely plants.

  2. A great set of images Keith, just the ticket to brighten up this wet, cold, grey, depressing, miserable (summer?) day <[:-{

    Mystery ID :-

    Me and my book reckon...

    #1 - Hoary (not Hairy!) Rock-rose (helianthemum oelandicum)

    #2 - Portland Spurge (euphorbia portlandica)...not 100% on this tho'

    Interesting to see if others agree?...[;o)

  3. It's a brilliant, sunny and hot here, today and your flowers still brightened my day.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth :-)

    Cheers Bob. :-)

    Thanks Trevor. You got a better book than me lol
    I think I agree with the hoary rock rose, but not so sure on the spurge.

    Thank you Hilary.

  5. Wonderful joys of lawn. Hello Keith. Nice to know through photography. Thanks for the names you entered. "The flower of the nettle" is called by us on your "Yellow Archangel". Good light ..

  6. really pretty - and most we don't see here.

  7. Hi Keith...I love flowers, and the best ones grow wild, and these are all stunning to see !!
    The Archangel is a beauty...and the Foxglove, one of my favorites grows only in the gardens here, and I have many of then!!

  8. These are all well done, but I especially liked the one of the Wood Anemone.

  9. Keith, wonderful shots! I do love to take images of the flowers around me! They say so much to me!

  10. Keith, Y'all sure have some beautiful flowers. You are a pro at photographing them in their best light!

  11. Thanks Niki. Glad you enjoyed them.
    I love how some plants are known by so many different names around the world.

    Thanks Theresa. I've noticed that some of your 'wild' flowers there, are sold here as a 'cultivated' variety. Beauty the same, the world over.

    Thanks Grace. I thought of you when I posted these, knowing how much you enjoy flowers. Glad you liked them.

    Thanks Linda. They brighten up the woodland floor, with their star shaped flowers.

    Thanks Andrew. I spent a few days just photographing flowers. So many I've never seen before.

    Robin, thanks. A bit easier than birds, I think. They don't get up and go lol

    Jean, thank you. A lovely compliment.
    Glad you enjoyed them.

  12. Keith,
    Beautiful flowers and so beautifully captured!!!Enjoy your stay and have a great day!


  13. These are lovely photos of common wild flowers and it is nice to be reminded of their beauty. I wonder if the little yellow flower is a rock rose of some kind, the other I don't know although it looks familiar! A lovely post thank you.

  14. They are all beautiful Keith and some I have never seen or even heard of before.

  15. Beautiful collection of flowers, Keith. Hope you are keeping well. Emma

  16. I love the images! The colors of the flowers are so beautiful. You did a great job on capturing them. This can be really good for post cards too.

  17. Thank you Shantana :-)

    cuby poet, thanks for your comment :-)

    Thanks Jan. A few new ones there for me too.

    Thanks Emma. Yea, doing pretty good :-)

    Thanks Del :-)