Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's in hand

There's an old saying, 'it never rains, but it pours.'

It's older than me, so that puts it somewhere pre Neolithic.
At the moment it is pouring, so one reason why no trip round the local lake today.

After the last week of the best sunshine we've had the weather suddenly drops back to normal. The good weather, and other things, also explain my absence.

The trouble with good weather, is I go out and take pictures. Lots.
Yea, it's great being redundant, and semi retired....................and the savings dwindling.
But you can't take it with you can ya, so I enjoy it while I can.
But then, after all the picture taking, I have to sort them out; a job I don't like.
I like taking pictures.

There's a great quote from Imogen Cunningham that sums it up perfectly: 
'Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.'

So, last week, out every day, taking pictures and trying to catch up with the editing
And trying to catch up with updating the website. (Still doing that one; it's in hand)
And trying to catch up with other stuff in my life.
And, in the middle of the week, my boiler almost explodes.
It just kept boiling the water through the night. 
Good job I woke up when I did, or this could have been my last picture.

Common Blue damselfly

So, a job that needs some attention, and doing.
In hand.

More trips out, taking pictures, one with my good friend Trevor, where we found some beautiful butterflies; amongst them this stunning Purple Emperor,

feeding on some bird crap.

A good week, apart from the boiler, (in hand) ......................... and then another disaster.

Yesterday, while beginning my trek round the local, my zoom lens, that has withstood sand storms on the beach, numerous knocks and bumps, being dropped, (more than once), boiled in sunlight, and cooled in rain showers, finally decided to give up the ghost.

Replacement is in hand.

So, for now, the last picture I took with it.

Chalkhill Blue

Until I can get taking some more pictures 'tomorrow', here's a few from a few recent 'yesterday's' when the sun shone.

Corn Bunting.

Dark Green Fritillary, male

Dark Green Fritillary, female

Common Evening Primrose


 Roe Deer .............. I think

Still lots more to sort through. Some sort of normality will return soon.

It's in hand.

(and see you at Birdfair)


  1. A great post....nothing like adversity to stimulate creative writing. What lens are you thinking of? Purple Emporer.......I never knew they existed. A wonderful find.

  2. That purple emperor is stunning Keith. It's on my wish list to see one of those.

  3. Oh dear! A few things to sort out, but at least you sorted these fantastic images first! ;)
    Love the Dark Green Fritillaries and envious of the Purple Emperors! I think they are Roe Deer, but hey, I am probably wrong with that too!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  4. Lovely pictures in your bag. Sorry about your lens, I hope you get another.

  5. Beautiful set of images Keith.Yes Roe Deer.
    I think that quote is great, must remember that.
    Purple Emperor, as I said to someone else who has just seen it, "You very fortunate person you. " (polite version of course.)
    Zoom lens, that wasn't your 100-400mm was it. Ouch!

  6. Thank you Adrian. New lens is ordered; a replacement for the dead zoom. I did look at a 300mm prime lens; similar cost, but decided against it at the last minute. The extra 100mm of the zoom was worth it for birds, I think. I can always get a 500mm when I win the lottery. :-)

    Thanks Phil. Yea, they certainly are a stunning butterfly. It was my first when Trevor spotted it.

    Thanks John. Yea, Roe Deer most likely. The recent sun has been good for the butterflies; at last.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, new lens ordered. I can't be without it lol

    Thanks Roy. I thought they were most likely Roe Deer. Thanks.
    Yea, Jan saw the stunning butterfly too. (saw your comment lol)
    Yea, the zoom zoomed its last. :-(

  7. You've beaten me to it Keith, I'm still sorting through the images (over 1500!!) that I took over the last (sunny) week. And I'm still looking for that one 'stunning, blows your socks off shot' that I know is in there somewhere...lol

    A great set of images here Keith, meeting the Emperor was special, and unexpected!

    An expensive week for you, first the boiler and now the lens, but hey ho it's only money, and as you say you can't take it with you...lol

    Hope you get it all sorted soon...[;o)

  8. Kauniita kuvia yltä-kylläsesti.
    Objektiivin voi aina uusia - nämä kuvat ovat ainutkertaisia.
    Hyvää jatkoa Eko

  9. So many beautiful shots and such variety today. The butterflies are fantastic, although I could have done without seeing what that one was eating. Such pretty things to have such gross habits. :) So sorry about the lens, but looking forward to seeing what the new one can do.

  10. great shots - yes the weather does seem to be taking a turn for the worse again as I sit here typing this it's pouring down outside - again! Sorry about the lens - those sandstorms, knocks and bumps finally caught up with it eh? Good you've got another on it's way!

  11. i got to see a purple emperor butterfly just yesterday on shy songbird's blog, and now again today here! :) your photos are beautiful.

    so sorry about the boiler (is that like a water heater?) and the zoom lens! yikes! hope better days ahead for you!

  12. Hi Keith :-) Sorry to read of your woes. The boiler sounded scary and a pain! The lens also sounded painful! Glad you are able to replace it, I would definitely spend it on a lens rather than boring bills...I know where my priorities are ;-)

    Well! I think I've seen one of those butterflies before somewhere ;-) Well done Keith, they are special aren't they?

    Very envious of your DGFs, I've been looking for those for a couple of weeks without success, gorgeous flutters as your lovely photos show.

    Well done on the Chalkhill Blue too. I was hoping to get to Watlington for those this week but the weather says not :-(

    Lovely photos throughout!

  13. Nice quote about photogeaphs. That's the challenge for photographers - to go and keep taking better pictures each day. And you seem to be doing a good job of that!

  14. Nice clean and up close images, very nice. Richard from Amish Stories

  15. Cheers Trevor. I'm sure you've got plenty of the sock blowers! lol
    Was a great week for flutters wasn't it. The Emperor was certainly a great encounter; well spotted on that track.

    Eko, thank you very much.
    You're right, the moments are all worth it.

    Thanks Linda. Yea, sadly the Emperor has strange eating habits lol

    Thank you Sharon. Yea, the lens has had some hard usage. I think I pushed it just a little too far in the end. lol

    Thanks Theresa. Our week of sun certainly got the butterflies out here.
    I saw Jan's pictures; a beautiful butterfly to see.
    Yea the boiler heats my hot water. It'll be fixed soon, hopefully; and a new lens comes tomorrow. Can't get any worse, hopefully. :-)

    Thanks Jan. Yea, good job I was here while the boiler was being a pain. lol
    Those Emperors certainly are magnificent aren't they. Had a great week for the butterflies.

    Thanks Duncan. One of my favourite photography quotes I think; and very true.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  16. Hi Keith..So glad these didn't turn out to be your legacy, or shown at you wake lol!!!!
    Bummer to have things all come at once... especially the lens that bites.
    I am having a couple of weeks like that ! From the plummer to carpentry work, replacing windows and door's!!
    Beauties all these butterflies especially the Emperor..sounds like a lucky find!! The lens survived you well!
    here's to some less expensive
    times ; }!
    Hugs my friend

  17. Richard, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Grace, seems we have similar troubles at the moment. lol
    It can only get better :-)

  18. Hi Keith,
    Me thinks they are in fact a dark version of Fallow Deer. The spots are a sign plus the face isn't cute enough. The antlers are only part grown. Too big for Roe. Lots of them on the Ashridge Estate around Ivinghoe. ATB,Rob.

  19. Happy August to you Keith! YOU Got your hands full by the sounds of it, too bad about the boiler and the lense.
    Lots of nice photos up there to show for the old one, and I know there will be LOTS more with the new one.
    Im ready for the weather to change its muggy, rainy, and glum right now.
    HOPE everything works out for you!!

  20. Thanks Rob. Yea, I think you're right. I googled 'deer at Ashridge' and it's all Fallow Deer.
    I need a better book for ID's lol

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, August already.
    New lens is coming today; can't wait :-)

  21. Keith, you were lucky to stop the boiler before something bad could happen, there are sometimes situations one can't predict, aren't they? I mean something can be expected to happen but you never know when.
    Great shots of the butterflies and I especially like the Corn Bunting. BTW, I have the same opinion on editing photographs. My PC is full of photos waiting for their time to be edited and the luckiest ones to be displayed but I put it off all the time... The quote is great, the most favourite photo is definitely the one taken tomorrow! :)
    Wishing you many great photos taken by your new lens! I'm looking forward to seeing them. :)

  22. Thanks Petra. Yea, very lucky indeed.
    New lens arrived this morning, and boiler being fixed at the moment. Hopefully get back to normal tomorrow. :-)

  23. Love all these pictures, especially the butterflies. Your "late" lens took a wonderful last picture. Hope weather improves for you, love those "sunshine" pics.

  24. Thank you Gillian.
    I've been stuck indoors the last couple of days; hope to be out soon with the replacement lens. :-)

  25. Keith, wonderful pics! All of them are great.
    I look forward to you new lens shots.
    You are certainly right about it never raining but it pours! It seems everything has to happen at once!

  26. Thanks Robin.
    Yea, when it's downhill, it's right to the bottom lol

  27. everyone seeing Purples!!

    go for a prime you know you want to Keith :)

  28. The rush of sun has brought them down from the trees :-)

    If only I could Pete lol

  29. the nature ist so wonderful, full of beauty, and your pics are fantastic, thanks for sharing, big hugh Kathrin have a safety time !

  30. Kathrin, thank you.
    Have a lovely day.

  31. Beautiful photos. The first and the last one is my favourite.