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Friday, 31 August 2012

A bit of this, and a bit of that

A selection from the last few days, before they're consigned to a distant memory in my head.

An invasive introduction here, and one that causes concern where it grows rampantly.

Orange Balsam.  I think it's rather nice myself.

Some sunshine does make a difference to pictures, especially when you combine water.

Part of the Grand Union Canal, that runs through Milton Keynes

Nearby is a future 'nature reserve'. Still in the process of construction, and gravel digging, it is attracting some good birds already. Here's a shot of a hole.

Going to be one of the future lakes that make up Manor Farm, in Milton Keynes. I wish they'd get a bloody move on with it.

A young one next:

A juvenile Grey Heron, looking very young.

A couple of butterflies next.



Another bird,


A couple of dragons:

Ruddy Darter

Migrant Hawker

Brown Hawker

Another butterfly, before it flies off

Large Skipper

and if you're still with me, a couple more birds to finish with:


Great Crested Grebe

and I'll finish with a grown up Grey Heron

Well, if you stuck with it to here, you deserve a medal.  Have a great upcoming weekend, and I hope the sun shines where you are. If it does, don't forget to put some water out for the birds.

Put some out anyway, they always need it.


  1. A lovely collection as always, Keith. Your insect images are wonderful and of course your birds are always amazing. That young heron has that goofy face of young birds that I find so endearing.

    I didn't know that the orange balsam was considered invasive. I've a bit of it around here and it never seems to spread much over the years.

  2. What a lovely set of images Keith.
    The grown up Grey Heron shot is brilliant.

  3. Mnaor farm, is that the place I see when I'm on the train from Northampton? Right hand side of the train just before Milton Keynes..if that's any help lol

  4. Thanks Hilary. Yea they say the Orange Balsam, along with the other variety, is a bit of a nuisance. Personally I think they're both lovely. Always seem to attract bees, which can't be a bad thing. :-)

    Thanks Roy. Had some good light for that Heron shot.

    Douglas, I think you're right. Cosgrove Park is close to it as well.
    You can see the birds from a distance, but they are still working there, so no access for the public yet.

  5. i just love your photos! HANDSOME heron at the end! wow! and gorgeous butterflies and dragons! that opening photo with the water droplets clinging is just wonderful. loved this post, keith. :)

  6. These are all wonderful, as usual, Keith. The Brimstone butterfly is amazingly camouflaged. Looks just like a leaf. Great shot of the butterfly that was in take-off mode, too. But the adult gray heron steals the show.

  7. Theresa, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them. I'm always on a high when I'm taking pictures. :-)

    Thanks Linda. Herons are such great subjects; when they keep still lol

  8. WOW! It's you who deserves the medal Keith!! I could have carried on looking at photos as fabulous as that for a long time.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a juvenile heron before, so sweet. As Roy said the photo of the adult is brilliant, just gorgeous!

    The butterflies and dragons are beautiful too and the balsam looks so pretty with the raindrops.

  9. Keith, a great series of shots! I like them all!
    Hope you have a good weekend too!

  10. A fine selection. The two Hawkers and the Skipper are perfect.

  11. Lovely set Keith! Love the close up of the balsam! It is such a 'pretty' flower, shame it is so invasive!
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  12. that peacock butterfly has the most beautiful racing stripes on his side..COOL!
    And the young Heron, so sweet!!

  13. Thanks Jan. I thought you'd enjoy the Heron pictures. The young one looked very young to me.

    Thanks Robin. Think I'll have a quiet weekend and catch up on a few jobs. :-)

    Thanks Adrian. I quite like the skipper too.

    Thank you John. It certainly is a lovely flower. Looks almost exotic. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. I've had some good days out recently. :-)

  14. What a mixed bag of critters, fantastic!

  15. Lovely selection, Keith. Envious of the butterflies as I've seen very few round here this year!

  16. Thanks Amila :-)

    Thanks Jeremy. Haven't seen that many here really; just on sunny days. A poor year for them.

  17. Great images, the butterflies are tremendous, I love the new nature reserve.

  18. The medal goes to you for such a super set of photos - enjoyed them all!

  19. Cheers Pete.

    Thank you Bob. I'll be glad when it's open properly.

    Thank you Sharon :-)

  20. The Orange Balsam looks a bit like an orchid... lovely.

  21. Lovely series, just excellent captures. That little chiffcaff is my favorite though, thanks for these.

  22. Thanks Madge. :-)

    Thank you Gillian. :-)

  23. Wow, I love the series, especially the first. All are great.