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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Another mix

I've wanted to move house for some time. A couple of places I'd like to go, at the moment, are not possible. Somewhere else, that is very possible, is not exactly where I want to be.

Why is life so bloody complicated?

Grey Heron

Musk Thistle

Dark Green Fritillary


Chalkhill Blue

and finally

Corn Bunting

Enjoy your day/week 

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  1. Beautiful, Keith. I especially enjoyed the two butterfly images. Well done.

  2. Life is all about these crazy choices - some end up taking you to places you never expected! How on Earth did I end up in Australia!

    Good luck with the problem solving!

    Stewart M

  3. A great mix Keith...[;o)

    What's all this moving malarky then?

  4. Thanks Linda. :-)

    Thanks Stewart. I've had enough of travelling........I think. ;-)

    Cheers Trevor. An opportunity, but not sure.

  5. Superb set.......You've not picked up yet another ASBO surely.
    Get a camper and go where you like.

  6. Adrian, a camper is tempting.
    I've too much junk to get rid of at the moment though.

  7. Well well, a time to get you moving on, maybe it's Wales, I am guessing.
    Love the butterflies.

  8. i hope your #1 choice opens up for you soon.

    these are a beautiful bunch, today. :)

  9. A lovely selection there Keith. Love the heron (of course!) and very envious of the Dark Green Fritillary which totally eludes me despite apparently going to the 'right' places, this abysmal weather doesn't help of course :-(

    So my suspicions a while ago weren't too wide of the mark then ;-) I hope things work out as you want eventually. I often think I would like to move but the thought of trying to get the house into a fit state to interest a buyer defeats me...

  10. Thanks Jan.
    The move thing is quite a dilemma at the moment.

  11. Another very nice mix Keith!
    Life is full of 'annoying' occurrences and pain in the rear end complications, but hopefully it all gets sorted in the end! :)
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  12. That heron in flight is amazing.

  13. IF I can give any advice, hold out for what YOU WANT..dont settle! Life is too short for that.
    Lovely photos as always...Brilliant color in the flowers and butterflies!!

  14. Thanks John.

    Thank you JoLynne.

    Thanks Sondra.
    Good advice.

  15. The heron shot is spectacular, and the bunting is a new one to me and so cute. The thistle shot is also gorgeous, well darn it they are all beautiful. I seem to be indecisive just about the pictures, hope your housing issues sort themselves out.

  16. Awesome series of photos - so sharp and colorful. Hope you find the right path. I picked up and relocated not so long ago - to where I wanted to be. There were certainly sacrifices (still are, for that matter). Just have to make it happen. Stuff, you say? Ha, I just left it behind:) ~karen

  17. Herons are among my favourite birds so it's a treat to see one here today. Lovely photos, one and all.

  18. Thanks Karen.
    Good to hear you made the right choice.

    Thank you Hilary. :-)

  19. That's a beautiful mix Keith and that Heron shot is wonderful!

  20. Thank you Chris.
    I need to sort some more pictures out soon.