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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


When the sun shines, it brings out the butterflies; and the butterfly hunters.

(That's Trevor getting the low down on one.)

We sometimes meet up, to see what we can find.
Here's a few, from recent visits.

Brown Argus

Chalkhill Blue


Green-veined White

Large White

Marbled White

Large Skipper

Small Skipper



and the last one for now, a small brown butterfly, that settles with its wings closed.

Small Heath

however, with perseverance, and a lot of luck, I managed to catch a shot as he landed, with his wings open.

Very pleased to catch that one.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and week.

See you at Birdfair on Friday.


  1. Wonderful shots....bet this lot passed ten hours on.

  2. A great set of 'flutter' images Keith, somewhat spoiled by the first one, I have to say!..lol...[;o)

  3. Thats a brilliant set of images Keith and of course a great shot of that handsome looking fellow who is obviously a professional.{:)

  4. A really lovely selection of beautiful butterflies Keith. I love them as much as birds and it has been such a pleasure to have a few sunny days to find them at last. I had never seen a Small Heath until last week, mine was only wings closed though!

  5. You're probably right Adrian. Such short lives for such beautiful creatures.

    Thanks Trevor. Couldn't resist that one lol

    Thanks Roy. Yea, he's pretty good with a camera. :-)

    Thank you Jan. These odd days of sun have certainly brought them out. Lovely to see them.
    I was very lucky to get that shot of the Small Heath.

  6. Lovely pictures! It's always great when you capture a shot of something that rarely keeps still!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  7. Thanks Duncan. Glad you enjoyed them.

  8. All of your butterflies are quite nice and an amazing assortment. Beautiful.

  9. Great captures! The brimstone's colors are very similar to the Luna moth here in the states. Do you get those over there as well?

  10. Very nice selection there Keith! The slightly better weather has certainly brought out a few flutters. Long may it continue!
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  11. Hi Keith...I bet Trevor does as much flitting about chasing those butterflies,as they do...lol!!
    Awesome group of summers beauties!
    Those bugger are hard to get open shots of, they don't stay still long enough, but you got that last one!!
    Just remember our reflexes aren't as quick as they used to be ; }!!
    Thanks so much for the comment on my post! : }

  12. Thanks Larry. Yea, we don't have that many in the UK,(about 60 if we're lucky), but what we do have, are beauties.

    Thank you Kat. No, we don't get the Luna Moth here. It looks a stunning moth though.

    Thanks John. Yea, those sunny days were excellent for the flutters and dragons.

    Thanks Grace. It's ok getting down to their level, but a bugger to get back up again lol

  13. A beautiful chase to catch some butterflies, my favourite is the Small Skipper, it is superb.

  14. Great captures, Keith. My favorites are the marbled white and the peacock.

  15. Thanks Bob. Yea, we had some good mornings in the sun chasing these beauties.

    Thank you Linda. I rather like the Marbled White too :-)

  16. Those are so beautiful--and so easy to miss. Good work!

  17. Thanks JoLynne, glad you enjoyed them.

  18. very pretty bunch. love the brown.

  19. A good variety of flutter there Keith. I've actually had a few visit the garden at last, but mostly whites looking for local cabbages!

  20. Thanks Theresa.
    I've been watching them all afternoon in the garden.

    John, the sun has brought a good variety here today.

  21. Keith, great series of shots! Very nice. Wish I could find that many butterflies around here! All we seem to get lately is the Whites. I think the urban/suburban development is taking away all their habitat. A shame!

  22. Keith, these are awesome captures, you've done a wonderful job. I am envies.

  23. Keith great selection of butterflies, I am sure this took a lot of time and effort, so well done good results.

  24. THESE shots are gorgeous!!What fun to go out with a friend and your camera! The peacock has some awesome color!!

  25. Thanks Robin. These have been a long time coming. Our recent continuous wet weather has had a terrible effect on our butterflies this year.

    Thank you Horst. It was great to see so many over the last few days.

    Thanks Bob. Amazing how some sunshine can bring these beauties out.

    Thank you Sondra. The Peacock butterfly seems to be turning up all over the place just recently. We saw quite a few one morning.

  26. Magnificent pictures, the one of the peacock is my favorite because of the contrast of the dreamy background.

  27. ...these are all lovely, but the Marbled White really caught my eye!!!

  28. Great pictures, Keith, the combination of a butterfly and flower is very appealing. To tell the truth I'm quite amazed at some names, such a gamekeeper or a skipper... :)

  29. Great images Keith...March and early April were my butterfly months this year..
    I may visit Birdfair but it will be Sat/Sun weather permitting..

  30. Thanks Petra. Some of them do have strange names don't they. :-)

    Thanks Andrew. They've had a tough time this year with the poor weather.
    Setting off soon to Rutland. :-)

  31. Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful!! Wish they'd pose nicely for me!! ~karen

  32. Thank you Karen. Sometimes they don't co-operate at all. lol

  33. All beautiful winged friends, Keith. Wonderful photography here.

  34. Thanks Hilary.
    It was great to capture these with the camera; they've had a tough time here this year with the wet weather.