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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day out

Had a good day out yesterday with Trevor, at Birdfair.

Joined a few clubs, signed a 'cruelty against animals' petition, entered some competitions, missed an amazing picture opportunity, (actually, didn't take many at all), blagged a couple of freebies, and spent loads of dosh.

We got there early, so had some refreshments, provided by hairy towers, a quick wander round a field, and then it was time to get in.

It's basically tons of stalls in marquees, on a big nature reserve.

The marquees house everything from wildlife charities, commercial birding products, (books, videos, scopes, binoculars, etc.), birding holiday tour operators, (I entered a competition to win a holiday in Texas; with the promise from 'Audury', that she'd get me a big hat if I win), photographers, flogging their wares, and everything else in-between.

Various 'birding' celebrities about; some selling, some mingling, and some doing talks .......... we watched some of Simon King's, who came across as a very genuine person. I liked the way he had all the kids down the front, so they wouldn't miss anything.
Yea, nice bloke.

The freebies were from a couple of 'birding' magazines. They usually have special offers at these places, if you subscribe to their magazine. Since I already subscribe to a couple, I said, 'what do I get?'
A book from one, and a pocket magnifier from another.

One of the people there, was the infamous twitcher, Lee Evans.
(not the comedian; but he did look funny)
Oh, how I wished I'd taken a picture.
Dressed in a dodgy looking striped jacket, and a pair of shades Elton John would have killed for, he looked every inch a ............ well, I thought twat.

Here's a picture someone put on twitter today.

Different jacket ........ same shades.
If I was married, I would hope my wife would say to me, ' Jeeez, you ain't going out like that, are you?!'

The big money went on another new toy.

I've always fancied a Trail Cam.
One of those things you set up, leave it, and it takes pictures or video, of what passes in front of it.
I had to try it out last night, to see what goes on in my garden, while I'm tucked up in bed. I knew I had a hedgehog visit; but what else?

A short video. First attempt, and I'm still fumbling with this piece of fairly expensive bit of kit. It won't let me download what it's captured, unless I go round the houses. A minor annoyance for now.

Here's last night.

It would seem the local cats are killing my small rodents.

So, a pretty good day. A three day event. Would I go again?
Yea, probably.
Would I go for the three days in the future?
Well, we saw everything in the time we were there. If there were 'talks' I was interested in, yea, probably. It is on a nature reserve, so I could always wander round there anyway.

All in all, it was an experience; with a few characters thrown in.


  1. Glad you had a great time, we would have gone had we not been skint after getting a Nexus 7 each, maybe next year. That trail can is ace, I think we would get similar footage here on cat cam!

  2. Cheers Paul.
    Nexus each? Nice one.
    A good day out, and as expensive as you want it to be really.
    The Trail Cam is a great toy. Wondering what I'll catch tonight.

  3. sneaky kitties - but obviously good mousers!

    wouldn't that be cool to win a birding trip to texas? hopefully southern texas where you'd get a lot of exotic types. :)

  4. Thanks Theresa.
    A shame they're killing all my rodents. :-(

    It would be be a great win the prize.
    Never been outside the UK before.

  5. A good time I think. And the cat, I hate them, killing everything.

  6. WELL I hope you win....you could go to the Aransas WLR where the Cranes I want to see are!! LOL I need to win a trip.
    WOW Love the night cam...my sis and I stayed in a wilderness cabin in Colorado a few yrs back it had one of these overlooking the meadow. THE fellow who owns it told us a MT. Lion came visiting the meadow when we were there. YIKES.
    The cats are def hunters in your back yard!

  7. It sounds like it was an event made for you and Trevor. Love the "cat" cam. :)

  8. Looks as if it was a good day out.
    I'll try and get next year.
    Like the new toy.
    You and John will be competing soon.

  9. Not my favourite animal either Bob.

    Sondra, it'd be a great prize, and one I'd love to win.

    Thanks Linda. There was a lot to see. We both had a good time.

    Adrian, the camera is a great toy. The problem is knowing where to aim it for the night.

    Thanks Horst. It has some great potential. I'd like to put it where my feeders are at my local lake for a couple of days.

  10. dougmcfarlane.blogspot.com19 August 2012 at 09:18

    Glad to see George Michael at Birdfair(MR.L.E)LOL

  11. Cat cam, lol :-D
    In that one moment she looked like an owl and had me go 'huh?'
    Glad you had some fun on the fair and could get this toy!
    Hope you figure out the download thingy!

  12. Cheers Doug. Yea, he certainly didn't try to look inconspicuous. lol

    Thanks Nicole.
    Yea, the download isn't very straightforward. Getting it sorted though. :-)

  13. What a great post Keith. Really entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can never quite work out how Lord L Evans managed to think himself a celebrity but that outfit shows he certainly does....and he had two different jackets???

    Glad you treated yourself to another new toy, I wouldn't have been able to resist either ;-) You will have fun with it...if you can bear seeing the killer cats going about their business that is...I've always been a dog person and that doesn't make me change my thinking!

    Thinking about it, my conclusion would be that it all looked and sounded great fun but that once might be enough for me and that I would go back...but to visit the reserve when the birdfair isn't there :-)

    I've never been abroad either, fingers crossed you win your holiday.

  14. Great cat cam even though they are scoffing your wee mices and ratties. Nice bit of interesting kit

  15. I didn't make it this year but went to the last two. It's a great event.
    I like the look of your new toy..

  16. We went to the bird fair today and had a fantastic time. I got new binoculars and so did my brother. The first time I set up my remote camera we got about 6 of the neighbours cats. From Findlay

  17. I'm pleased to hear that you had a lovely time time at the Bird Fair, I went yesterday and like yourself spent a fair bit of money. I deliberated about going because there wasn't really anything I needed but decided I 'needed' to go (it's that compelling), and spent money on things I maybe didn't really need. One thing I desperately want is a camera which you've bought and I cannot wait to see what else you get in your garden with yours. Which model did you get? Kind regards, Anna.

  18. Thanks Jan. Yea, it was a good day; and we certainly saw a few strange people lol

    Thanks Debs. Seems I have a few moggies visit during the night. Not much else yet though.

    Thank you Andrew. Maybe you'll be able to get to next years. They've announced the dates already. August, 16th, 17th, and 18th.

    Glad you enjoyed it Findlay. New bins too; good stuff. :-)

    Thanks Anna. Yea, it's an event worth visiting.
    The camera I got was the Bushnell, model no.11947. It does 1080p HD video, as well as stills. Apparently the newer models reverted back to 780p or something, so I was told, by the helpful assistant on the Wildlife Whisperer stand. The daytime footage is great colour quality.
    Still capturing cats in the garden at night with it though.

  19. Sorry for the late comment Keith, I've had a 'busy' weekend!!

    It was a great day out, I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the catering department, a good job well done.

    As for the Greater Striped Twat..some say it's a rarity but I've heard that you can find it in most places, spread over a wide area, on most days!!

    Cat cam seems to be working okay (once you get the downloading sorted!)

    Can't wait until the next instalment!...[;o)

  20. Cheers Trevor.
    That 'rarity' pops up all over the place. lol