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Monday, 24 September 2012

Bushnell Trophy Cam.

My review of  the Bushnell Trophy Camera, model number 119467; and supplier.

On Friday 17th August, I visited Birdfair with Trevor. During the day we visited the Wildlife Whisperer stand, and after speaking with a very helpful assistant I purchased a Bushnell Trophy Camera, model number 119467.
It came with a memory card, membership to WildlifeWhisperer, and a limited edition pin badge.

Once we got home, I loaded it up with a dozen batteries, set up the camera for stills and video, and to record video for 60 seconds at a time. It all worked perfectly, filming the birdlife activity in my garden during the day, and the visiting cats and a hedgehog during the evening. 
It can take HD video during the daytime, or black and white video at night, and stills, at up to 8MB during the day, and a lesser quality at night.
A great piece of kit.

At £275 it bloody well should be.

Fascinating to watch it all, once I'd managed to download it all onto the computer.

That was the first problem. I tried downloading directly from the trail cam, but it didn't seem to recognise any video; despite some being recorded. It told me there was no media files on the device.
I tried the memory card in another camera, but that had a similar problem. Eventually I managed to free the video from the card by going in to the 'Computer' option from the start menu of my pc, finding the trail cam, and right click, then choose 'open' from the options.
Success. A convoluted approach to getting the media files, but it worked. I was happy.

However, on the Wednesday evening of 8th September, I started to experience more problems.

It would record sound and vision for about 10 seconds, and then the screen would go black. No vision, but the sound continued to record. During the daytime, the camera worked perfectly; it was just in the evenings that the problems occurred.

Finally, on the evening of the 12th September, the pictures gave up altogether.
No moving images, but the sound continued to record when the units 'sensor' (?), has been triggered.
The still images during the day are perfect, and most of the time in the evening.

Now, whilst in Wales, I was looking forward to seeing what 'wildlife' was around at night where I'm staying. Definitely something is triggering the camera into half action, but unfortunately I can't see what it is.

On Friday 14th September I went on Simon Kings website, Wildlife Whisperer, and used the 'contact form' to ask for some help. It does say it is the quickest way to contact them, by using the 'form'.
I'd heard nothing by Monday, so I tried again, asking how long would some sort of response likely to take.

Still nothing so far.

On the Tuesday I left a question on the members Forum.
To date, it's had 18 views, and one response.

The response was from someone who tells me, 'I've had the same problem which only began last week. Contact Wildlife whisperer through the contact page here, they are being very helpful'

Well, unfortunately they're not very helpful for me.


So, to sum up; and this is just my opinion, gleaned from my own experience.

Simon King comes across as a nice man.
His website is very nice.
He sells some nice products on there.
The after sales service for faulty products isn't nice; it's shit.

Here's a typical night time video.

Next time I need any 'wildlife products', I'll be purchasing from a reputable dealer, and one that can offer an after sales service.


  1. wow! sure hope they can resolve your issue with a replacement or a full refund!

  2. Me too Theresa. The silence is deafening at the moment though.

  3. Keith, I suspect you need your money back. I use HARRISON CAMERAS and have never had anything but exemplary service. When you get your money back then they stock Dorr cameras. Ask for Simon. If you e-mail they will fix you up with advice and a camera by return. They don't do lapel pins as far as I know.
    Good luck...always a problem are markets as you should know.

  4. PS...Just had a look at his website. Someone has stumped up for that Canon gear.....you did your bit.
    He is an OBE....Other Buggers Effort it stands for.
    Once again Good Luck.

  5. A lesson learned Keith...'nice' people are not always the most genuine people...they seemed so pleasant and helpful...when they were taking your money!!

    Is there no phone number that you can use to shout at them?

    You definitely want a full refund and then go to someone who has a proven after sale service...{:-{

  6. Maybe a lot of other people are having the same problem as you and they're trying to work on a fix, but a simple ackowledgement of your query would go along way, no telephone number to ring?...

  7. Keep us informed on the outcome Keith. I am sure they will sort it out but it's a shame you have had problems in the first place.

  8. Cor, that's a bit of shit, take them to court.

  9. Keith. You can get your money back as the goods purchased are not fit for purpose.
    Mention the word 'Watchdog' in your next communication with the company.

  10. Very disappointing to hear Keith especially as I was just about to buy one of these for myself. I'd be very interested to see how this one pans out and hope you get a response soon.

  11. I feel cheated, too, Keith. I've been really looking forward to the pictures from your trail cam. Sure hope they eventually treat you right. Better late than never, you know.

  12. Cheers Adrian. I'll have a look at that site.
    Yea, nice bit of kit that Simon has on his web page.
    Like that acronym.

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, they were nice weren't they lol
    I found an e-mail contact address, so sent an e-mail off this morning. As soon as I hear, (that's assuming I do), I'll post an update.

    Thanks Doug. Like you say, an acknowledgement would be nice; even a standard automated one, to say they have received my query. There is a phone number, but I've tried a direct e-mail first.

    Thanks Andrew. It's not a very good start so far to it all.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, it might come to that.

    Cheers Roy. I'm trying the 'nice' approach first, but if that fails, then courts or the press will be my next move.

    Thanks Adam. When it was working it was great. I was looking forward to seeing some night results whilst I'm staying up this Welsh mountain; especially the Tawny Owl that calls from one of the trees. Sadly not to be at the moment.

    Thanks Linda. While it was working I got some footage of the local cats in my garden, but it was while I'm here that I was hoping for a lot more.

  13. Have you had a look through Ron Bury's blog Keith. He has been doing a lot of testing with Bushnell and Ltl Acorn cameras over the past few months. Might be worth contacting him as well.


  14. Thanks For that link John, had a quick look earlier; longer look later. An interesting blog.

    At the moment it seems the battery power, or lack of, is the culprit.

  15. Hi Keith,

    Please accept my sincere apologies for not getting in contact with you sooner. There are personal reasons, I won't bore you with the details as they are irrelevant, the most important thing is to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. I have tried to call you via telephone but unfortunately there was no answer and I was unable to leave a message. I will continue to try until I manage to speak to you in person.

    I can ensure you this is not indicative of the service we offer but unfortunately on this occasion we have let you down. I will ensure measures are put in place to make sure this does not happen again.

    With regard to the issue you are experiencing with your Bushnell trail camera, it does indeed sound like a problem we have been made aware of by Bushnell regarding the use of some types of batteries. They recommend using Energizer Lithium batteries which seems to resolve the issue. I note that you were going to try this to see if it works. How did you get on?

    Please let me know if you are still experiencing the problem and I will liaise directly with the service department at JJ Vickers ( the UK distributor for Bushnell) to find the quickest solution to get you up and running as soon as possible.

    Please feel free to email or call me directly (I have included full contact details in a couple of emails I have sent you) should you have any further questions.

    Kind Regards

  16. Hi Keith,

    It was good to speak to you on the phone just now.

    Sounds like it's definitely an issue with batteries.

    I'd be very interested to hear how you get on in Wales and would love to see anything interesting you may capture.

    Apologies once again for the delay.

  17. Thanks Jason. Seems the batteries are the problem. When I get back to MK I'll get some Energizers.
    Thanks for your help.