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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

From Wales

A quick post from up a mountain.

Mixed weather, the trail cam has died, (more on that in another post), but having a good time.
I will catch up with everyone soon. Here's a few pictures so far.

Just down the track, from where I'm staying. They do say that a Holly tree full of berries, is a sign of a bad winter to come. I wonder if it's the same for a Rowan tree. They are covered in berries here.

A visit to RSPB Conwy was the first outing, once I'd got sorted out. I love this place. A couple from there.

A Yellow-legged Gull, with a Wigeon for company.

In the distance, along with a flock of Dunlin, was a Curlew Sandpiper. He's the slightly bigger bird on the left, facing the right.

Standing under the bird feeders, was a handsome Feral Pigeon, catching the seed that fell.

Next up was a visit to Lake Vyrnwy; another favourite place. A large bird hide near the RSPB shop gives some amazing close-up views of the birds as they visit the feeders. While I was there some of the visitors included Nuthatch, Coal Tit, Chaffinch, and Siskin.

Up on some telephone wires, a Swallow was taking a quick break before his long journey.

Yesterday, a visit to Flint, and Point of Ayr. Still got lots of pictures to sort from there, (and the other places), but here's a couple.

My attempt at being arty. Flint castle is the background.

The lighthouse at Talacre, Point of Ayr. Not used any more, and I hear it is up for sale. Anyone fancy living in a lighthouse?

While I was there I walked along the beach towards Presthaven Sands. Quite a walk too. They have the last remaining breeding Little Tern colony in the whole of Wales. Needless to say they had all buggered off back to Africa when I got there; but there was a lot of Sandwich Terns out on the sands, as the tide rapidly began to come in. After taking a few pictures, I began my walk back along the beach. The sand was getting less and less, as the tide very quickly came in. In the end I had to scramble my way up the sand dunes, to continue back to Talacre. However, I did stop to take a few pictures. A fly past by a Razorbill, and lots of groups of literally hundreds of Oystercatchers. Far too many to count Trevor.

One of the many groups of Oystercatchers, along with a Cormorant for company.

And last shot for now, one of the many visitors to the garden here.

Billy Buzzard


At the moment there is a cull in England of Badgers, in the mistaken belief by the government, and DEFRA, (Death, and Eradication For Rural Animals), that they are the main cause of bovine TB. A senseless slaughter is not the solution. Far better to vaccinate.
If you agree, please sign the online petition here. Thanks.



  1. Good to hear that all is well in Wales.

  2. always fantastic your pics, great, I love that kind of nature ! big hugh Kathrin

  3. Keith, I love the gull! :) Sounds (and looks) like you've had plenty of interesting opportunities for taking photos. I'm looking forward to seeing the next ones.

    As for the rowan trees and their plentiful berries, we've had so many apples this year that many branches were broken by their weight. Quite an extraordinary yield.

  4. loved all of these. and you are plenty arty, i'd say! :) that berry tree IS loaded. beautiful!

    the badger kill is sad, but can understand the fear from farmers/ranchers to protect their stock.

  5. Thanks Adrian. It's perfect; in between the showers.

    Kathrin, thank you :-)

    Thanks Petra. It seems it has been a strange year in nature everywhere.

    Thanks Theresa.
    The cull of Badgers is terrible. Especially when there is a vaccine available. It's cheaper to slaughter them though.

  6. I don't know about those predictions of winter but they are pretty pictures nonetheless!

  7. Already signed the petition Keith, it's a crazy idea! Your name for DEFRA is about right!
    Love the Oystercatcher shot, very nice.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  8. Hi Keith, I can see you're having a wonderful time :-) Lovely photos as always. The Rowans do look loaded. I have noticed the same with Elderberries. Love the Buzzard!

    I'm glad it was only dunes you had to scramble up and not a cliff!! Still not easy with a camera and long lens though, it shows how easy it is to get stranded, not something you have to worry about at the lake :-)

    I have signed the petition. I was amazed and devastated when I heard the appeal had been dismissed, so many experts disagree with it including a lot of farmers. I love your interpretation of DEFRA, spot on!

  9. Keith, lovely series of shots! I think it would be interesting to live in a Lighthouse!

  10. Thanks Duncan. :-)

    Thanks John. I've never seen so many Oystercatchers. Hundreds flying over the sea.
    Glad you signed the petition.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, quite a moment as that tide came in.
    Glad you signed too.
    I don't think DEFRA would agree about the acronym lol

    Thanks Robin. :-)

  11. I've just signed up, bloody government. Great photos anyway.

  12. Great images looks like you're having a good time. Really like that Buzzard image. One question though, who/what is that standing at the top of the lighthouse it looks like a knight in armour?

  13. Thanks Bob. :-)

    Thanks Douglas. The figure is a seven foot sculpture, commissioned by the current owners of the lighthouse, and Flint council. If you've got £100,000, the place could be yours. lol

  14. Hi Keith. The answer is the Canon 5D mark II, I couldn't afford the mark III. But, it works quite well.

  15. Darn, I need a UK address, got one I can use? I will def sign if the form will let me.
    Lovely shots of Wales, beautiful swallow, and the siskin too.

  16. great photos...love the light house...my brother and SIL were in Hawaii recently and toured a cool light house...they brought me back a postcard of it...

  17. All your images are wonderful, Keith, but Billy Buzzard steals the show today. :)

  18. Looks like your having a good time Keith, lots of birdlife to catch up with?

    That Rowan tree looks fantastic (I'm sure that bad winter thing doesn't apply to Rowan trees...does it?...lol)

    You don't fancy adding a lighthouse to the portfolio then?...it would be great for sea watching!!

    Not keeping a count, is that allowed??...I reckon there's about 158 Oystercatchers in your pic plus maybe 3 to 4 probable's...possibly!!

    As for Billy...a real poser!...have fun...[;o)

  19. Sorry I forgot....age and stage, they call it, or maybe just age!!

    Bad news about the Badger cull, it's the government just taking the easy (cheaper) way of dealing with things by letting a few gung ho farmers let fly with their guns. Can't they see that for every Badger killed another one will move in from elsewhere, so it will never work...until, ALL the Badgers are dead!!...[:O{

    Petition signed.

  20. Your Wales photos always communicate light and air--I think you must like it there. These are all good but the one that really impressed me was the pigeon. I've seen so many but I forget how pretty they really are, especially when they're healthy like that one.

  21. A great series of pictures, love Billy Buzzard.

  22. It's great to hear your enjoying yourself Keith... lovely images.

  23. Thanks for that Bob. A cracking camera, and you're getting excellent results from it.

    Thanks Sondra.
    E-mailed you an address. :-)

    Thanks Deb. I think it would make a great home. :-)

    Thanks Linda. He's a lovely bird.

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, this government are such a bunch of tossers, they don't have a clue. They're hell bent on destroying our countryside and all its wildlife.
    Dam, I'm ranting lol

    Thanks JoLynne. Yea, it's such a great place; I love it.

    Thanks Gillian. :-)

    Thank you Andrew.

  24. Some great images already Keith and you have hardly started. I think the pigeon could well be a 'Racer' as it has a band on its right leg.

  25. SIGED It hope it helps...where will it ever end? On the news today some morons had killed 2 very large alligators here...they were not bothering anybody killed for sport..:0(

  26. Cheers Roy. I think you're right about the pigeon, but he seems to have retired himself. He was there again yesterday under the feeders. lol

    Thanks Sondra. The senseless cruelty by humans is sickening. Maybe the Mayans were right about this year; but just the animals will be left in peace.

  27. Great photos as always, sounds like all is good in Wales. Love the lighthouse,think of the view from the room at the top. I always love watching flocks of Oyster catchers and listening to their incessant gossiping.

  28. Thanks Cuby. I can imagine it would be excellent in that lighthouse. :-)

  29. All lovely shots but that rowan tree and the buzzard touch my heart.

  30. Thanks Hilary. The Buzzard is a regular visitor where I'm staying.

  31. I'm glad you're enjoying Wales - and you were in Flint which is just up the road from me, absolutely love that buzzard shot!

  32. Thanks Sharon. It's a beautiful coastline, and I always try to get at least one visit there when I visit.
    The Buzzard is a lovely visitor to have.