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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Greylags and an update

Thanks for the earlier comments on the previous post.

Still experiencing problems here with my net connection; or lack of it. I think Orange are clutching at straws now for a solution. At the moment my brand new router from them is plugged directly into the phone socket to test the line over a 24 hour period.
The new router didn't work when it arrived, and after a lengthy phone call to an Indian call center, and a bloke who's accent I could hardly understand, I'm still not convinced all is well. Everything works fine early mornings, but dies around the afternoon. Even my laptop is having problems connected to it all, so I think that eliminates my computer as the problem.
I'm pretty certain the fault lies at their end, but getting them to admit that is pretty hard.

All very frustrating and annoying.

I'm off to Wales again in a couple of days, and if it is not sorted by the time I come back, Orange will be an ex Orange, and I'll look for someone else.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, myself and Trevor had a day out on the Norfolk coast.
Titchwell first, where we saw 22 Spoonbills, amongst many other birds, and then we stopped off at Snettisham. What an amazing spectacle we witnessed as 1,000's of Greylag Geese came in to roost.

The following video doesn't really capture a fraction of the atmosphere. The sound of all those geese as they flew overhead to land at their roost site was incredible. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!

I'll catch up with everyone's blogs eventually; hopefully.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. A grand sight. Noisy buggers woke me before dawn this morning. Have a good time in Wales.

  2. Cheers Adrian. It certainly had me speechless.
    Net seems to be working still.

  3. That is an amazing sight Keith.
    I like visiting Titchwell in the Winter time and when leaving at dusk these are regular sights, which really have to be witnessed to appreciate them in full.

  4. Thanks Roy. It certainly is an amazing spectacle. Definitely be going for a return visit.

  5. Wonder how many were there, lol. Nice bit of video.

  6. really cool! love those streaming lines coming in. and the cacophony (love that word) is so overpowering!

  7. Bob, I think there were a few lol

    A great word Theresa. Sums it up well.

  8. I'll second what Roy said about Snett's winter time,full moon and high tide=great flock spectacle.
    Internet wise I'll have to say Orange suck. My router kept logging on then off, then back on etc. I thought it was just me who couldn't understand the guys at the call centre. Don't go with the post office they too were rubbish. My current provider is a certain Yorkshire based provider, you know the ones with the silly adverts, however a whole year with no slowing of speeds and very good customer service, I don't rate things 10 out of 10 but these guys I do.

  9. Cheers Doug.
    Snettisham is a certain return visit I reckon.
    As for the Yorkshire based provider with the silly advert; er, I ain't got a telly, so no idea who you mean. lol

  10. I dont think there can be a finer sight that a large flock of geese, it really can take your breath away.

  11. Couldn't agree with you more Dave.
    Something I'll always remember.

  12. Keith, what a thrill to see them all like that! The noise is so wonderful! Great video
    We get the Snow Geese like that here! It is indeed a sight to behold!
    Hope you have a nice trip to Wales!

  13. Silly me I forgot about no TV. Plus-net is the current provider I use. Very good

  14. Thanks Robin. Nature sure is amazing.

    Cheers Doug.

    My internet is slowly grinding to a halt now. Been good up till 8 p.m. though.

  15. Hi Keith,

    That must of sounded deafening, hope you had a hat on also with all those birds overhead lol. Sounds like you have a compatibility issue between your router and the exchange. Mine kept dropping out recently and after 5 days arguing with idiots who obviously read from a crib sheet they found a fault on the exchange. If you know someone else on Orange with a router borrow it and see if it works that way all your equipment will be eliminated and the buffoons will realise their equipment is duff.

  16. Hope you get your net probs sorted out I know its a PIA to deal with..
    WOW what a sight all those geese...Ive witnessed something similar with Double Crested Cormorants...WOW amazing sights!!

  17. Thanks Bob.
    I think you could be right about the net problem. It all worked fine yesterday until 8 p.m., and then died. I even tried my laptop, using the wireless single, and still nothing. This morning, it's all fine again.

    Thanks Sondra. Surprising how much we rely on the interenet these days.

  18. That was a wonderful experience Keith.

    To hear the sound of those Geese slowly building to a crescendo as they got closer and closer and finally flew overhead was just magical!

    A return visit is a MUST!!

    I think your orange is lacking it's pips!..time to bin it and get something new, maybe?

    Have a great time in Wales. Have you packed the waterproofs?...[;o)

  19. What an amazing sight and sound. I do love the sound of geese 'en masse' not that I've heard quite so many as that!!

    Sorry about your Internet problems, it was the same here so bought a new router and not much different now. I'm convinced it's the providers being unable to cope with all the traffic. As for the help lines...oh dear :-(

  20. It certainly was Trevor.
    We'll be back!

    Packing the last bits now; soon be off.

    Jan, thanks. A sight worth seeing if you get the chance.
    My internet seems to have settled a bit now. Hope it's ok when I get back.

  21. Greylag geese what a fantastic sight, gracious in flight inelegant on land, I love all types of wild geese.

  22. I adore Titchwell and Snettisham and your video captured the atmosphere there perfectly. Hope your internet gets sorted soon.

  23. You sure captured the wild activity well, great video.

  24. Fantasy film, bird in flights it is a real magic. I am greeting

  25. Wonderful natural spectacle, and some nifty camerawork by you. Never knew there were so many wild Greylags in the UK. Really must get over to Norfolk!

  26. Cuby poet, thanks. They certainly are a great sight.

    Thanks Adam. When I get back home, hopefully things will be sorted out.

    Thanks Gillian. :-)

    Zielona thank you :-)

    Thanks Jeremy. Norfolk is well worth a visit.