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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time for a proper post

First though, the Trail Cam.
New batteries last night, but it seems nothing triggered it into action. Probably too wet here for most of the creatures of the night.
Still raining here, and has been since Sunday evening. Just a bit wet, but hopefully it will stop soon.

First up is a Herring Gull, having a stretch.

I'm not very good with gull ID's, so I'm hoping I've got this next one correct.

I think a Common Gull. The legs look yellower than I remember when I took this.

Sanderling. Not the best shot I've taken of one, but I liked the low angle; and it took a lot of effort on my part to get down this low. How I hate getting old!!

Two of the same bird next. Not often I get to see so many of these together.

Sandwich Terns

Last one from beside the sea, and it's one I posted this morning over on the other blog; but I like it, so it's here again.

Little Egret

and I'll finish with a couple taken round the garden, where I'm staying.


Coal Tit


and last one for now; not a bird, but

a Bank Vole

Hope the weather is better where you are.


  1. I'll second that it's about time. Long past time more like!
    The Sanderling is wonderful. Getting up from a recumbent position is what takes the time. I try and find such things on a bank. Saves a lot of hassle.
    Test the camera inside with you moving about. be careful what you're doing mind!

  2. Cheers Adrian. Yea, all this bending takes it out of me.
    Hopefully the camera will pick something up tonight, even if I have to walk in front of it myself.

  3. There ought to be a law against old age, oh, there is one; it is, take their any money away and let them suffer.
    But your pictures are great, especially the Little Egret, Sanderling and Sandwich Tern, and the Bank Vole, superb.

  4. Great set of pictures - there was a time when the egret would have caused all kinds of interest - but it seems that times have changed.

    Interesting post about the night vision kit - not a good look for the product I have to say!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  5. Good collection Keith. I hope you will be rewarded tonight.

  6. the little vole made me smile. :)

    that coal tit is a GORGEOUS portrait! wow! perfection! love all the seabirds, too.

  7. Super set of (sunny!!) images Keith.

    Nice to see those Sandwich Terns all together in one group.

    And a cheeky Bank Vole to end with...[;o)

    Can't wait to see your debut appearance on screen tomorrow...good luck!...lol.

  8. Thanks Bob. I think you're right about the old age thing.

    Thanks Stewart. Yea, having some problems with the Trail Cam.
    The Little Egret seems to have settled in really well over here now.
    Hopefully the Great and Cattle Egrets will follow suit.

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, I hope so.

    Thanks Theresa. The Coal Tit is a lovely little bird, but doesn't stay still for long.

    Thanks Trevor. Yea, the Trail Cam could make me a star lol

  9. Cracking images Keith . Love the Egret one . I see one or two most days when walking the dogs . They always fly off when see us coming . I plan a session of sitting and waiting , see what turns up lol
    I have got back to blogging now after too long away !!

    Cheers Mark

  10. Love the gull stretching, what a great shot. Great shorebirds too but the siskin and the tit stole my heart today.

  11. Cheers Mark. Good to see you back posting too.
    Yea, patience is the key lol

    Thanks Gillian. Sometimes the birds co-operate :-)

  12. Keith, crackerjack shots! I like them all!
    We are have quite a nice September. No rain at all this month! It's getting cool at night, but the days have been sunny and 18-20 isn!

  13. Great pictures and I hope you got back up again. From Findlay

  14. Some cracking shots there Keith! It is indeed a Common Gull, you have got a couple with the Sandwich Terns as well. The Sanderling shot is my favourite, love the unusual angle.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  15. You made me laugh with your reference to those low-angle shots. If it weren't for the rotating LCD screen on my camera, there would never be a low-angle shot. Your images of the egret, the siskin, and the coal tit are beautiful. The capture of the vole is perfect.

  16. Keith, these are wonderful photos, I love them all. The Egret seems a bit funny standing there looking serious but with those yellow claws resembling slippers :)

    So sorry to hear about your problems with the new Trail Cam, it's awful when a new piece of equipment turns into a how-to-make-it-work thing. Good luck in solving the problem!

  17. Sorry to read of all the trouble you have been having with the Trailcam Keith, don't let it drop. Under consumer law, the goods must be fit for the purpose for which they were sold. And surely if it only performs properly with certain batteries, (a poor excuse, I thought) then it should be clearly stated.

    Anyway, you have some lovely photos here. I love the Herring Gull stretching and the Little Egret with feet which look like they don't belong to it even though they match its eyes :-) Lovely to see the Siskin too.

  18. Picture Perfect series .. The first photo is my favorite ..
    greetings Frank

  19. Thanks Robin. Got rain again here this morning lol

    Thanks Findlay. It was a struggle lol

    Thank you John. Yea, I was pretty sure it was a Common Gull.
    Maybe you could run your expert eye over this for me, if you get time.

    Thanks Roy.

    Thank you Andrew.

    Thanks Linda. There was a time that low angle shots came easy; not any more lol

    Thanks Petra. I think the Trail Cam's problem has been solved. It seems the batteries run out of power to work it at night too quickly.

    Christian, thank you.

    Thanks Jan. The battery problem with the Trail Cam is a bit disappointing. I'm going to retrieve it from the garden soon to see if it captured anything last night. Pouring with rain at the moment though.

    Frank, thank you; and thanks for stopping by.

  20. Great serie, love the pose on the first image and thise little creature on the last one ;) Great work

  21. Great photos Keith. Looks like you're having a great time in Wales still. Sorry about the weather!

  22. I enjoyed looking at your bird (and vole) photos. So far from here, yet such similar sights. Do you have sea stars (usually called starfish) over there? I recently found a spot where gulls were swallowing them whole...

  23. Wow - great series! That egret was stunning. Enjoyed them all!

  24. Beautiful photographs, I like to admire such unusual views. I am greeting

  25. The stretching gull is superb Keith but I've to say that the siskin and tit are wonderful too! Sorry to be so absent but got too much work these days!

  26. Great shots. Especially like the last one of the vole peeping out from the grass. Re: the low-angle Sanderling shot: I don't have any trouble getting down for the low shots; it's the getting up that's the problem!

  27. Thanks Dominic.

    Thanks Adam. Yea, getting used to the rain lol

    Thanks Glo. Yea, we get a few Starfish here. Gulls seem to eat anything.

    Thank you Shelley.

    Zielona, thank you.

    Thanks Chris. I've not had much time on the internet either. Got a lot of catching up to do when I get home.

    Thanks Jeremy. Same problem as me too lol