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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Update on Trail Cam

This morning I e-mailed the head office of Wildlife Whisperer, and was surprised to get a quick response from someone called Jason.

' Hi Keith,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay of this reply. From your description it sounds as though this is potentially an issue with the batteries you are using. We have seen this before and have discussed it at length with Bushnell/JJVickers. Bushnell explained that there is a design feature of the unit that prioritises the recording of video over the powering of the IR LEDs when the power of the batteries falls below a certain level. The hope is that there is sufficient ambient light on most occasions when this happens to illuminate the image. '

It then went on about various types of batteries, (it takes 12 AA type), and that they have found a huge variation in quality and performance of various brands.

' We (and Bushnell) recommend the Energizer Lithium range of batteries as we have found that they consistently outperform other brands including Duracell and should offer longer operation when used in your trail cam.'

There was other stuff about them contacting Bushnell's UK distributor, to see if they have anything else to add.

Now, so far so good; perhaps.
At least I got a response.

Now when I came up here, I did bring some spare batteries, (Duracell),  just in case the ones I had ran out. Despite the ones in the camera still having some power left, it would seem it's not enough to trigger the video at night.

I can't help thinking that some sort of 'warning' about batteries, and their recommended ones, should come with the camera somewhere. 
They do say on the packaging that the battery life is up to a year.

Probably is if you only use the camera a couple of times.

The set of Duracell have been installed, so a test will be made this evening, to see if anything appears around the hen house during the night.

At the moment the weather is so bad, that I can't get out to any shops to get the Energizer batteries that they recommend; hopefully that will be tomorrow, assuming things work this evening.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Be interesting to know what voltage it requires....Then you could get a big battery....motorcycle dry cell? They probably do a connector as that many AA's is expensive and far from 'GREEN'. Glad you are half sorted.

  2. Hopefully tonight will tell Adrian. But the way this weather is at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if all the animals are taking cover somewhere.
    It's certainly going to be expensive filling this thing with batteries. Cheapest I've seen these Energizers for are £4.50 for 4.

  3. Looks like you're part way to an answer Keith, at least someone got back to you this time!

    In one way it will be good to find out that it's only a battery problem and not something more serious.

    On the other hand, have you considered trading it in for a boat?..you may need one soon!!...lol

    Stay safe...[;o)

  4. Hopefully Trevor. I'll soon know in the morning; if anything is brave enough to venture out in this crap weather.
    As for the boat, you're not far from the truth. A few flood alerts around here. Thankfully I'm up a mountain, but I wanted to go out tomorrow lol

  5. Well, don't get your hopes too much, it could be, that you have bought one from "doesn't work shelve".

  6. Bob, you're as cynical as me lol

    Just set it up, so hopefully by the morning it will have captured something.

  7. Fingers crossed the problem is solved Keith.. did they not offer batteries when you bought the kit?

  8. No chance of batteries Andrew. lol

  9. A quick hello from Vietnam :), and to say i had same problem with a compact camera with batteries the i used energizer and all was ok since then ive always bought them .
    Hope you are well m8

  10. Cheers Scott. Yea, going to get some of these Energizer's when I get back to MK.
    Hope you're having a good time in Vietnam.