Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last one from Wales

.......for now.

I should be heading home soon, and I'll catch up with everyone's blogs then.
Not had the best of weather here, but had the best of the birds to make up for it; and met some great people too.

Ok, enough waffle, here's some pictures. Not all 'picture perfect', but it's the 'captured moment, that counts.'

Stonechat. Quite a few of these beauties turned up down the track a few days ago. Difficult to get close to though.

 The Nuthatch is a bit easier, when tempted with food.

 Siskin. Lovely to see so many of these here.

 On one of my many visits to RSPB Conwy, I finally managed to catch a shot of their resident Kingfisher. I posted this on their Flickr group, and had a few people recognise me as the 'author'.

 One of the ponies that roam freely at the reserve. (I think Theresa might like this one.)

Three Teal, a Black-tailed Godwit, and the smaller bird, a Long-billed Dowitcher.
Poor picture, but a nice rarity that turned up on my visit to RSPB Burton Mere. It only stayed the one day.

 A Ruff that turned up at the same reserve yesterday.

 The smaller bird, just left of center, is a Bar-tailed Godwit, with a group of Curlew.

And last one for now,

 a Toad, playing hide and seek.

Enjoy the rest of your day; and week.


  1. A great set.
    The horse is competition in the hair stakes. All you need is a quick hair dye job.
    The Kingfisher is perfect.

  2. A nice group of pictures Keith, looks like you are having a good time!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  3. hoping to take a vistit to RSPB Conwy soon - we see a few stonechats round here when out walking but never got close enough to get a decent photo. Love the siskin too! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Wales!

  4. Cheers Adrian. Quite happy with the Kingfisher, but still trying for a better shot.

    Thanks John. Yea, some fantastic birds to see here.

    Thanks Sharon. I always enjoy my visits here. Perhaps I should move. :-)

  5. Fantastic photo of that Kingfisher. Love the rest of the photos as well.

  6. A great set of images Keith. Looks like there's plenty of photo opportunities to be had, from the 'every day' to the rarities?

    Well done with that Kingfisher shot!...[;o)

  7. Fabulous pictures. When were you at Burton Mere? Findlay and I were there on Sunday.

  8. I like the group of curlews with their long hooked beaks and the pleasantly colourful portrait of the pony that looks somewhat wild and free spirited. :)

  9. Thanks Horst.

    Cheers Trevor. Lots of opportunities here.

    Hiya Heather. I was there yesterday, and Monday 1st October. A great place to visit, and friendly staff.

    Thanks Petra.

  10. You are a genius, you photographed the Black-tailed Godwits, Ruff, Long-billed Dowitcher, and Curlews, I have never seen so many all standing in lines, bloody great.

  11. Great set of waders, the Dowitcher must have been a nice "tick" bird, yet to see one. What was the species of toad, Common or Nutterjack (is that last one spelt right?)

  12. The Nuthatch photo is perfection! And the colors on the Kingfisher...amazing. Our Kingfishers are beautiful, but they can't compete with yours in color.

  13. i love the nuthatch portrait! just gorgeous! scrolling down, enjoying myself, saw the pony and went 'Oh!' then read your note. made me smile. :) he is GORGEOUS!

    i love the toad, too. so cute.

  14. Keith, what a wonderful series of shots! I am quite drawn to the shorebirds. These ones are great. There's such a variety.

  15. Great post Keith.
    The Siskin image is really special and you definitely got a nice shot of the KIngfisher as well.

  16. HI KEITH...looks like your trip has given you lots of great birds!! OMG that kingfisher is awesome...Im so happy you bagged that one! All great photos...
    Be safe on your return.

  17. Beautiful pictures, I think the kingfisher and the nuthatch are my favs. Thanks,

  18. I can see lovely picture and a fantastic blog!

    And Jim is with you al the time. Good dog :D

    Kingfisher should be a bit from me but I haven't seen them.

    Have a nice day!

  19. Wonderful images Keith... it's a lovely part of the UK.

  20. Finally back, and almost sorted.

    Thanks Bob. Appreciate your comment. :-)

    Cheers Douglas. The toad is a 'common'; and the spelling of the other is Natterjack

    Thank you Linda. The Nuthatch was very co-operative.

    Thanks Theresa. I hoped you'd like the pony :-)

    Thank you Robin. Always plenty to see here in Wales. Great place.

    Thanks Roy. The Kingfisher was a frantic moment. He dived for a fish, and then flew off with it in seconds.

    Thank you Sondra. The reserve were pleased when I posted the Kingfisher on their Flickr group. I don't think they have many pictures of it.

    Thanks Gillian. I was pleased with both of those.

    Mickan, thanks for stopping by, and commenting.
    Enjoy your day too. :-)

    Thanks Andrew; it certainly is.

  21. Great post Keith. Glad you've had an enjoyable time in Wales.