Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Some oldies

From the last few months. A selection that were gathering dust.


Great Crested Grebe

Silver-washed Fritillary

A more recent one; stag

Back to an older one; August, Grasshopper

Blackcap, female

A very tatty looking White Admiral

and I'll finish with a couple of more recent ones.

From my local lake Caldecotte, a couple of days ago; Grey Wagtail

and from a trip out with Trevor; Fly Agaric. Taken with the Canon G12

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and I hope the weather is kind to you.


  1. the oldies are the best especially chiffchaff he's sweet

  2. What a feast.....The grebe is a phenomenal shot. I have never noticed grasshoppers clinging on like that, you must have frightened it.

  3. Thanks Debs. :-)

    Cheers Adrian.
    He probably thought I was a woolly bear after him for dinner.

  4. Super selection of images Keith.

    Love that Grasshopper, I sometimes think that I'm clinging on like that..lol.

    And my favourite 'friendly' stag!!
    (it's a Fallow deer btw)

    Great series...[;o)

  5. I feel like that grasshopper at times too. lol
    Thanks for the stag ID.
    Bolshy buggers weren't they.

  6. A great review of some of your superb images Keith.

  7. Great images Keith, The grasshoper makes me laugh. Also the low angle on the mushroom, hope you didn't get to muddy for that one.

  8. Cheers Doug.
    It was quite dry for the mushroom

  9. the chiffchaff is spectacular. the red mushroom is gorgeous. but your grasshopper is the best photo of that insect i could ever hope to see. PRICELESS!

  10. The grasshopper made me laugh, too. It looks like it's holding on for dear life. The fallow deer sent me to the internet for more information. I've never seen one before, but Wikipedia says that they have been introduced to some parts of the United States. The wagtail photo really shows the bird's wonderful colors. Great post, as always, Keith.

  11. Beautiful pictures again. My favourite is the second.

  12. The grasshopper clutching the twig looks funny, as if either being afraid and waiting for a danger to pass or saying "don't take that away from me, PLEASE!!" :)

  13. They maybe old, but they are rather beautiful.

  14. Great to have these lurking in your archives - definitely worth giving them an airing. Somehow, I've never even seen a Fly Agaric.

  15. Fantastic images Keith I really like the last shot.

  16. Wow nice you took the dust out of them... These are wonderful shots, the great crested grebe is my favs mate, a wonderful one..

  17. (I'm glad you pulled those out of the closet, HM. They need to be shared. I also loved that stag photo. Beautiful!

  18. Thank you Theresa. I've a soft spot for that grasshopper too. :-)

    Thanks Linda. That deer was quite a character; very macho. lol

    Thanks Elizabeth. :-)

    Thank you Petra. :-)

    Bob, thank you.

    Thanks Jeremy. They could be missed. Apparently rain can wash the spots off.
    All the rain we've had recently, I guess there is a lot of red mushrooms out there somewhere.

    Thanks Andrew.

    Thank you Chris.

    Thank you JoLynne.

  19. Well I'm definitely glad you decided to blow the dust off these Keith, they definitely deserve a showing. They are all lovely. Like everyone else I think the Grasshopper is brilliant and like Jeremy I have never seen a Fly Agaric despite actively looking for the last few years.... that's a great photo of it!

  20. Thank you Jan.
    Perhaps I should get the duster out more often lol

  21. Oldies but still goodies. Great effort, Keith.