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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Woburn Deer Park

A lovely start to the day yesterday, light frost and sunshine, so I headed over to Woburn Deer Park.

The deer seemed to have finished their rutting, just a few odd bellows in the crisp morning air, but no fighting.

As I got to the edge of the park, a lone male was ambling towards me down the path.

He didn't seem bothered by my presence, but I gave him plenty of distance, and kept close to the entrance kiosk, just in case. He munched on a few fallen leaves for a while,

which gave me a few picture opportunities.

Close by is a stretch of water with a few Mallards and Coots. Today though, they were all joined by a group of Egyptian Geese, that have raised quite a few youngsters.

Eventually the big stag finished his snack,

and began a slow walk into the sunrise, to join the rest of the deer in the park.

Lots of Jackdaws coming and going overhead, calling loudly as they went. A few Jays, searching for acorns no doubt, and some big flocks of Fieldfare and Redwings, flying from the slowly warming sun, to the west.

I made my way along the footpath through the park, keeping an ever watchful eye for any deer that may have been close. Not so much to get pictures, but to give them plenty of room between me and them, so as they didn't see me as a threat. You have to respect these animals when you visit their territory.

A few large mushrooms growing in a group caught my eye.

One of the 'milk cap' fungi someone suggested; but I'm not sure which.

As I neared the end of the path, there were a few groups of deer, content to just enjoy the sun, and below occasionally. A large pond is close by, with a few ducks swimming around. Wigeon and Tufted Duck were in good numbers, along with the many Coots and Mallards.

As I thought about heading back, a Black Squirrel was running about with some chestnuts. An animal I've not managed to photograph very often because they seem more cautious than the grey's. He eventually stopped to eat his breakfast at the base of a tree, so I managed to get a couple of shots before we both decided to leave, and continue on our way.

A cold morning, but an enjoyable one.


  1. nice picture..
    keep it up..!!

  2. The last shot of the stag is a masterpiece.
    Did you give the fungus a sniff? If it smells of bran then it's The Miller.....It could also be a funnel cap but the ones I've seen are an orange colour.

  3. A cracking set of images Keith. What a difference the sun makes!!
    Very obliging that stag, he was probably worn out, poor thing!..lol

    It's a shame the others weren't 'performing' though.

    Great shots of the black Squirrel...Were those Egyptian Geese doing the sand dance?...[;o)

  4. Fantastic photos of the black squirrel

  5. You can't beat it, the Stag, Egyptian Geese and raising its head, was the Black Squirrel, fantastic shooting Keith.

  6. Jaj@n, thank you.

    Thanks Adrian. No, didn't try sniffing the fungus. Too far down

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, a big difference a bit of sunshine. Bloody cold though.

    Thanks Julie.

    Thank you Bob.

  7. gorgeous shots! gorgeous light! love the stag - especially the one looking off into the fog. the black squirrel is adorable. the egyptian geese are really neat looking birds. enjoyed this all very much!

  8. oh, forgot to say, you had me at the opening scene. those trees are MAGNIFICENT!!!

  9. Lovely photos again Keith, my favourite is the stag walking into the sunset. I would have been rather wary of him too, I'm never too sure about cows even! :-) Love the photo of the black Squirrel, I've never seen one.

  10. Nice set of images Keith, really like the back lit stag.

  11. Thanks Theresa, glad you enjoyed it.
    It makes such a difference to have a bit of sunlight.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, those stags look even bigger close up lol

    Thanks Bob. I had some good light that morning.

  12. Great images, the Black Squirrel is a worrying sight. The last image of the stag is brilliant, the lighting is stunning and conveys the "crispness" of day..keep warm :)

  13. Thanks Doug. The sunny weather didn't last long; dull here today.

  14. Hi Keith...That first shot is gorgeous, and I like the last one of the Stag..very majestic looking fella!
    I love that mushroom, looks like a Martini glass : )!

  15. I agree with Theresa regarding that opening shot. Those trees are massive, and the hazy sunlight sets everything off perfectly. The stag shots are amazing, and the mushroom (or whatever it is) is wonderful.

  16. Thanks Grace. The mushroom reminded me of a goblet lol

    Thanks Linda. There are some huge trees there. Really old; older than me some of them. :-)

  17. Lovely, lovely shots. That last stag shot is amazing. Around here, the black squirrels (of which we have many) are the same species as the grey. Both are Eastern Greys but some just happen to be black. There are very often litters with both.

  18. Thanks Hilary.
    I've read that about the squirrels, being related. I prefer them to the grey though lol

  19. cheers for sharing these Keith

    Curiously Trish mentioned about Black Squirrels at woburn on Saturday. I suspect next time she's up she'll want to go find them!

  20. That lone male in the sun is a fantastic capture Keith and I LOVE the black squirrel! A beauty.. Looks like the atmosphere was really enjoyable there, maybe a bit cold? ;-)

  21. The forth deer shot is just brilliant Keith.
    I have seen a couple of Black Squirrels, but it was years ago, there are supposed to be quite a few around now.

  22. Beautiful place, trees and wildlife. What a great walk, glad I dropped by.

  23. Late with these replies, sorry.

    Thanks Pete. Those Black Squirrels are quite easy to see, but not as bold as the grey ones.

    Thanks Chris. Yea, it was a bit on the cool side lol

    Thanks Roy. A few Black ones round Woburn area, but I hear they are gradually spreading.

    Thanks Gillian. Glad you enjoyed it.