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Saturday, 24 November 2012

A few

About time I made the effort and did something here. Managed a few days out to various places recently with Trevor, and a few wanderings around a flooded local lake. And in between all that a cloud of lethargy has hung over me. I think it's the time of year. My annual depressions set in round about now, and the 'world' news doesn't help.
I don't have a problem with mankind wanting to destroy each other; the human race has done that since we crawled out of the sea; but stop the cruelty to the animals we share the planet with.

Ok, moan over; on with the pictures.

A smiling Mallard

Grey Wagtail

One of the family of Mute Swans from my local lake


Here's one Jan might like; Grey Heron

Some strange looking Mallards from Frampton Marsh

Snipe, from one of my other local lakes; Willen

Black-tailed Godwit

Tufted Duck, having a shake

Cormorant preparing to dive

And I'll finish on a short video clip, of a Black-headed Gull stamping his feet, to simulate rain falling, so he can catch unsuspecting worms coming up to the surface. I remember doing one of these once before, but I always find them fascinating to watch.

Enjoy the days, keep warm, and keep dry.


  1. the gull jig is too cute! glad you explained it, too. :)

    sweet set of shots. love that beautiful teal!

  2. Thank you Theresa. I've seen a few different gulls doing that little dance. I guess it must work :-)

  3. HAHA..love that worm dance!
    Awesome sunny shots on your post today Keith...I love the smiling mallard, and the snipe is such a beauty too. Im with you I cant abide crueltry to animals, in any shape or form or for any reason.

  4. A superb shot of the Snipe Keith. Those 'Mallards' look a bit dodgy.{:))
    Yes the old Winter Blues is starting to set in.

  5. A lot of effort for a little snack but cute to watch.
    The onset of the season of lack of light is enough to bring on anyones depression . . . seek out bright light or sit inside under very strong light, it certainly helps.

  6. Great variety of birds here. A lot I haven't seen yet. Love that green winged teal.

  7. I had no idea that gulls did a rain dance ~ and I can see why you find it fascinating. Now I'll be keeping an eye out for such behaviour! Wonderful shots of the other birds as well.

  8. A good set....I often wonder where birds learn the rain dance. Blackbirds make it work.
    A bit less rain dancing wouldn't go amiss at the moment.

  9. A nice collection of images, Keith.

  10. Thanks Sondra. I read this morning that Dolphins are second in intelligence to man; and yet right now, there are hundreds being slaughtered in Japan. Murder in my book.

    Thanks Roy. The Mallards keep in a group together; strange bunch, and well dodgy. lol

    Thanks Arija. I'll be glad when summer arrives.

    Thanks Dina. We get a pretty good variety here. :-)

    Thanks Glo. There are a few other birds that do this too.

    Birds are pretty smart Adrian, but yea, wish they'd ease up on the dancing for a bit.

    Choy Wai, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

  11. Ha the gull step I've seen this a few times always raises a smile. Nice atmospheric swan scene too

  12. Fascinating watching the Gull's rain dance, not that there's much need for it these days!

  13. The marching mallard looks great and the gull stamping his feet to simulate rain falling is unbelievable... how inventive birds can be! :)

  14. I completely share your feelings about this depressing time of year Keith and about the cruelty too and I sometimes think I shouldn't read or look at the news!

    On a happier note, your photos are as lovely as always and thank you for the lovely Heron and the link, so nice of you :-)
    I loved the gull rain dancing, I had never seen it until you showed us last year. It looked like the 'strange looking' Mallards were doing their own dance :-)

  15. Thanks Debs. The gull stomp. I bet they know how to party at Christmas.

    John, I wish they'd stop that rain dance for a bit.

    Thanks Petra. I think some birds are smarter than some people I know lol

    Animal cruelty seems to be rising Jan. Heartbreaking to read some of the stories.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :-)

  16. Some fantastic light on them images Keith, really like the low angle of the swans, strangely when I was a lot younger I used to skateboard in them drainage ditches at Willen Lake and Caldecote Lake, until I lost my skateboard into the lake!
    Don't let the weather and man get you down ain't worth it mate :)

  17. Love the Grey Wagtail, it's special. Didn't think that video would be anyone, but I was wrong, dancing with Black-headed Gull is bloody hilarious. Cheers Keith.

  18. Love the rain dance, and the other pictures are great.

    I start feeling down at this time of year too and just posted a complaint about my blog on it today. On the other hand, I don't think animal cruelty has increased; but the reporting of it has increased, which is a good thing because it shows people are less accepting of it.

  19. Some cracking shots there Keith, love the Snipe, and the Cormorant preparing to dive in.... great stuff

  20. Cheers Doug. If I ever come across that skateboard........lol

    Thanks Bob. Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Thanks Linda. Yea, these wet miserable days really get me down.

    Thanks Gary. Taken on rare sunny days lol

  21. Great shots, Keith. Know what you mean about a cloud of lethargy!

  22. I think the angle on the swan family is great and the dancing BHG is good to see! I take it that you have seen enough rain for a while.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  23. Lovely pictures as usual Keith, keep up the good work, ill be back in 4 weeks so ill try to catch up with you then.

  24. Thanks Stewart. Yea, the rain has been terrible. Today we've had some much welcome sunshine.

    Cheers Scott. Look forward to seeing you when you get back.