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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 9 November 2012

Just a few

Just a few for the weekend. I really must start sorting out some of the pictures I've taken recently.

Autumn leaves

Long Tailed Tit


Black-headed Gulls

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Nice selection Keith, look forward to more, so good luck with the sorting hope you find some more great images

  2. Great set of images Keith. Well done with the Peregrine!...and good luck with the picture sorting!!...[;o)

  3. Thanks Adrian. I was having a nightmare time trying to get anything in focus most of the day. Almost felt like giving up.

    Thanks Bob. The trouble is I enjoy taking pictures most of the time, it's the sorting out later I hate.

    Cheers Trevor. The Peregrine was the best of a poor bunch.

  4. Hi Keith...Always glad to see your shot's, you are the bomb
    in my book ; )!!
    I love to take them, but ya the sorting...I dump far more then I keep!: )

  5. loved each one! the leaves against that bright blue are lovely. then the long-tailed is adorable! the peregrine is a wonderful sighting, but the 3 gulls in a row are too cute!

  6. You took a picture of a Peregrine Falcon, wow, isn't he lovely. I think that all your pictures are fantastic.

  7. Wow! Peregrine, that is pretty special Keith.

  8. I see some very good focus there Keith! I'm bummed out right now but hope my mood will improve soon! THESE lovely birds will help!

  9. Very nice, Keith. I especially liked the trio of gulls.

  10. A great eye you have for composition, Keith!

  11. Thanks Barbara. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

    Thanks Grace. Yea I find the processing and sorting so tedious. I've still got stuff going back to August to do yet. They'll probably never see the light of day now.

    Thank you Theresa. That was a rare bit of blue sky we had. lol

    Thank you Bob. The Peregrine was a lucky shot, but always worth trying.

    Jenny, thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

    Cheers Roy. There were two of them hunting that morning. A great sight.

    Thank you Sondra. Let's hope the mood changes soon. :-)

    Thank you Linda. The gulls were great posers. Probably because we were eating at the time lol

    Thank you Wilma. It doesn't always work though lol

  12. Love the long tailed tit you got him good there. Tedious sorting out them pics but better than work eh;-)

  13. Cheers Debs. Anything's better than work lol

  14. I love the gulls, Keith. I've seen many pictures presenting a row of similar objects, just one of them in focus, and this is a beautiful variation! :)

  15. Lovely to see the Long-tailed Tit, it seems ages since one stayed still long enough for me to get a photo. My favourite here though are the Black-headed Gulls, great photo.

  16. Thanks Petra. The gulls came out better than I thought.

    Thanks Jan. Those gulls were everywhere. After our lunch I think.

  17. sehr schöne Herbstfarben.. eine meiner lieblings Jahreszeiten.. da gibt es an jeder ecke neue Motive..
    Grüsse Frank
    beautiful autumn colors .. one of my favorite seasons .. there are new images on every corner ..
    greetings Frank

  18. Great pictures!Lovely birds!

  19. Thanks John. Seems to be a popular one :-)

    Thank you for stopping by Frank, and your comment.

    Thanks for stopping by Mimika, and your comment.

  20. Very nice serie, love that spêcial tit!

  21. I'll sign for a long tailed-tit.. We got a great one over here, so why not a long-tailed ;-) Great shots Keith... Hope you are doing fine!

  22. A lovely 'few' photos, lovely colours in the Autumn leaves, and the LTT is so cute!!

  23. Thanks Chris. Wouldn't it be good if we actually could swap some of our birds for a while. lol

    Thanks Gary. Those Long tails certainly are.

  24. You found some great splashes of colour, BHG a really great pic.

  25. Apologies for late reply.

    Thanks Gillian

    Ladyfi, thank you.

  26. Love the colours in that first shot Keith.

  27. Thanks Adam. A day with some sunshine; makes all the difference.

    I'll endevour to do some catching up soon, and even a new post.