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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well, it's the month of that time of the year when most of the country get all excited, spend loads of money they ain't got, eat too much, drink too much and generally go mad. Just another day here then.

Here's a bird that sums up the time of year, sans snow.

That'll be my references to the time of year done; now back to usual.


Mute Swan cygnet. I don't usually mess about with pictures like this, but I couldn't help myself.

Tufted Duck

Different angle on a Tufted Duck

Common Gull, with a Black-headed Gull sneaking in, and another Tufty.

and last one is a pair of gulls, that I wasn't sure of the ID; but I've been told by a few people they are

1st winter Herring Gulls, arguing over food.

Enjoy your week, whatever you're doing.


  1. All lovely, as your photos always are but the first and last are particularly so.

  2. Thank you Hilary. Have a good week.

  3. Another fine set Keith, and some artistic flair added for good measure!

    Good to see you're getting into the spirit of the season!!

    Great action in the Herring Gull shot, well captured...[;o)

  4. Nice to see the cygnet is carrying a little star for Christmas.
    Glad you got the Robin in early...I can see me being heartily sick of Reindeer and Robins before the month is out.
    Like the shallow DOF.

  5. I'm a wee bit jealous of the waxwing in the last post - but that newly minted Pochard is a real "duck of the winter" as far as I recall - we have a very similar duck called a Hardhead!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Very nice Keith! I have to agree on the gull I.D., nice shot too!
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  7. True statement... Nice photos

  8. Cheers Trevor. Yea, I love this time of year lol

    Adrian, I'm sick of the whole 'C' thing already. Maybe I'm just a grumpy ol' git.

    Thanks Stewart. Yea, Pochard are the herald of winter for me, along with Wigeon. Not heard of the Hardhead; have to look him up.

    Thanks John. I'm not very good with gulls, so thanks for that.

    Thank you Deb. This'll be a 'C' free zone :-)

  9. The robin shot is just wonderful, Keith. Funny, though...here, robins are associated with spring, not winter.

    I, too, tire of all the hooplah at this time of year, but I never tire of the One Who came on that first Christmas for the sole purpose of dying so that those who would trust Him could live forever with Him.

  10. Great images Keith, almost didn't spot the "tweak" on the swan. I like the Herring gulls fighting for food, most don't even point a camera in their direction, sadly.
    I get the impression you're not looking forward to the "crazy" season aka Xmas

  11. that tiny, sweet robin makes me want to hold it in my hand for just a moment. that is your christmas gift to me - thank you! i enjoy all of your shots - that is your gift all year long. :)

    and i agree about the craziness, the overspending, the greed, the grab, the noise, the stress. i just wish for peace and love and family time.

  12. Thanks Linda. I much prefer to believe in myself; but everyone should have a belief. Whatever makes one happy. :-)

    Cheers Doug. Nah, the whole 'C' thing leaves me cold; but good on the people who enjoy it all.

  13. Thanks Theresa. Yea, peace would be a great thing. Sadly too many humans can't manage that; even this time of year.

  14. I would quite like to sleep through it, wake up and find it's all over, too much commercialism and hypocrisy I think.

    A lovely selection of photos, I never tire of seeing Robins at any time of the year. The grinning Tufty made me grin too :-)

  15. Keith, nice shots! The Robin is so quintessentially Christmas and British!

  16. Totally agree Jan. Maybe if the Mayans are right we'll all escape the madness.

    Thank you Robin. He was voted Britain's favourite bird back in the '60's I believe.

  17. A really lovely post, but my favourite has to be that Robin.

  18. Well done on these Keith a different approach varying the depth of field a viewing angle has bagged you some nice images

  19. The robin is so gorgeous and I love the shot of the swan.
    The Christmas hype is building here, I'll be wanting a time out soon!

  20. Thank you Bob.

    Thanks Heather. :-)

    Cheers Bob. Yea, good to experiment.

    Thank you Gillian.

  21. Great serie, love the robin...it such a nice bird! Great images ;)

  22. I agree, I try every yr to not let it get the best of me, the silly season I mean.
    FINALLY my life has settled down a bit so I could come by and SAY HI, and see your birds! I love that starlight you added its very cool! What a great bar fight you caught too at the end too!!

  23. Thanks Dominic :-)

    Thanks Sondra. Glad things have settled for you. :-)

  24. What a great sunny set :) Love the cygnet but like particularly the low (different) angle of the Tufted Duck ! Great DOF !

  25. Thank you Pescalune.
    Enjoy your weekend :-)