Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's a weekend

Happy weekend to everyone.

Here's a few.





Pied Wagtail

Common Gull

Have a good weekend


  1. Everyone's got Waxwings....sigh!!! Lovely photos throughout Keith and who could resist that lovely, intelligent faced Crow :-)

  2. beautiful set!

    so funny - someone from the UK just commented on my blue jay post today, saying their jays were more pink. i had tried to remember if i saw those and then voila! here you go!

  3. Super set Keith, I really like the Dunnock, an lbj that is beautifully patterned when looked at closely.
    The Common Gull in flight is also a cracking shot...[;o)

  4. Don't kill me Mr beardie... that's what little old pied wagtail is thinking;-). You make the crow look ever so regal

  5. Great series, Keith. That waxwing would look good on a post card.

  6. Nice images Keith, like the Waxwing, have a great weekend too

  7. Ya gotta love that crow shot. He's looking down his nose like he owns the planet. Good capture of that waxwing beauty, too.

  8. Good selection to start the weekend Keith hope you get more great shots when your out and about

  9. Lovely winged friends. I like that blue effect on the crow.

  10. Hi Keith...Your last post was a great one with the water birds...love those Snipes, and the smiling Mallard!!
    The video was so comical!! Made me think...now if we all did that stomping of our feet when we ate we wouldn't have to worry about gaining weight : }
    Okay nice set for the weekend, and I do hope the winter blues stay away ..I know the feeling!!

  11. These are just marvelous. I love birds too but just recently started back with my camera. I need to take some days and get some good shots.

    Thank you for also providing the names. I live in southern Oklahoma in the U.S. and I am pretty sure I had a couple of Dunnoks here a few weeks ago. Is that possible? Do they migrate?

    They were lovely birds and I don't recall ever seeing them here before.

    Happy weekend!

  12. You have been on the Waxwing trail, nice shooting Keith.

  13. a wonderful series of photos Keith...the jay has a lovely pink cast on it...and I reallllly love that Gull shot!! Hope your weekend is going well.

  14. A grand and varied start to my Sunday. Many thanks.

  15. I was so lucky to see a Jay in a winter wood flying and at rest you cn rrad the poem where it features on my blog. The gull in flight makes this ugly bird who stamps on my roof every morning look almost beautiful. Good photos.

  16. Nice selection Keith! See you have got your Waxwings at last! I am seeing more and more Jays just latley too, had one in the garden for a split second, maybe he will come back and pose for me....
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  17. Thanks Jan. I'm sure you'll get some Waxwings soon. It's another great year for them.

    Thank you Theresa. Ours are very pink; but I do like your BlueJays.

    Cheers Trevor. I think the Dunnock is a very underrated bird.

    Thanks Debs. I think the Crows are lovely birds. Great characters.

    Thank you JoLynne. :-)

    Thanks Doug. It's been pretty good :-)

    Thank you Linda. They're great birds, I love them :-)

    Thanks Bob. Been a pretty good weekend.

    Thanks Hilary. The light shows them at their best. :-)

    Thank you Grace. Yea, exercise while we eat; great idea. :-)

    Thank you Jackie. I don't think our Dunnocks migrate; maybe you have something similar?

    Thanks Roy. Yea, they finally turned up. I had a feeling this was going to be another good year for them.

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, been a pretty good weekend :-)

    Thank you Adrian, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you cuby, glad you enjoyed them. Crows are great birds. :-)

    Thanks John. Yea, great to catch up with the Waxwings again. Beautiful birds, and always cause some excitement.

  18. The colour, gleam and expression of the crow is wonderful, Keith, that's my No.1! :)

  19. Thank you Petra. They are lovely birds. I never tire of taking their pictures.

  20. You really did a good job with the Gull in flight shot. Well done, Keith.