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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Well, if the Mayan's are right, yes.

If not, I'll be back after Friday.

So, some pictures.

I hope I don't duplicate any of these from my other blog. The first one I know I've posted before on my local lake blog, but I was so pleased to get this close to my nemesis bird.

 Kingfisher. One I'm really happy with.

I went looking for some Waxwings that were near to where I live one day. I did get a few pictures, but here's one of a different bird, that I like just as much.

A handsome male Bullfinch.

A sunrise that was quite impressive a few days ago ......

and a rainbow, the same day, at the local lake.

Since I mentioned Waxwings, I suppose I'd better include a couple of my efforts.

 I love the punk hairstyles these birds have.

Nearly done.


 Great Tit

Black-headed Gull

And a couple from today, to finish on.


See ya ..........



  1. A beautiful set of images Keith, great shots of the Goldcrest.

    I guess you're now working you way through all that 'shopping' before Friday?...lol

    And whatever the outcome on Friday I guess I'll see you on the other side!!!...[;o)

  2. Cheers Trevor. Yea, there's gotta be more to it than all this. :-)

  3. Wonderful fotos again Keith. I like especially the kingfisher.

  4. HI Keith....Well I'm beginning to wonder about this old world,especially after last weeks tragedy here in one of my neighbor states ! Anything is a possibility, so I say it has been good to know you,and a major hug just encase the Mayans are right LOL ; )
    Your photos are wonderful as always..especially like the Bullfinch, and that lovely rainbow!!
    I think your Punk Waxwing is saying "what's that you say" Mayans??
    Hugs my friend

  5. Keith, lovely set of images! I'm always drawn to the Robin! I wonder why!

  6. Great photos, see ya when you get back.

  7. Oh, I forgot, great pictures of the Goldcrest Keith.

  8. Great shots. If the world ends, you left on a good note.

  9. Hope Friday isn't the last day, I had plans for Saturday...great images, really like the Golldcrest, well done

  10. Thanks Elizabeth. My favourite too.

    Thank you Grace. Terrible news from your country this week. Very sad.
    Let's hope next year is so much better.

    Robin, I can't think why either lol

    Thanks Horst. Yea, I think I'll still be around. :-)

    Cheers Bob. See ya. lol

    Thanks JoLynne. Out with a bang. :-)

    I hope not too Doug. I've got a freezer full of food!

  11. Oh, my, those are some beautiful bird. Beautiful.

  12. Good varied selection Keith, look forward to more after Friday, lol

  13. Great post Keith. That sunrise is stunning and well done for catching up with some Waxwings. I hope the world doesn't end as I've got a Christmas do on Friday .....

  14. ME TOO, the only good thing would be I wouldnt have to keep going to work..uggg
    WOW eye popping photos on your blog post today Keith....Love that Goldcrest and the Kingfisher too..really a great capture!!
    HOPE to see a blog post from you on Saturday!

  15. A lovely set of images Keith and you trapped the Goldcrest as well.

  16. hahaha....hopefully, yes!

    These are such beautiful and happy photos. The Goldcrests, the Robin, the Kingfisher...so nice all of them.

  17. Great shots Keith, i still havent seen a King fisher ill shall put it on my must list for next yea... Also i bloody hope its not the end Friday as ill be on a plane flying home see you soon mate :)

  18. LOVE that tree!!! all beautiful!

  19. Last? I hope not, Keith. Great set of images and I will be expecting more to come...

  20. Thanks Bob. I hope so lol

    Cheers Adam. Hope you enjoy your Christmas do :-)

    Thanks Sondra. I'll sort out some pictures just in case lol

    Thanks Roy. Tricky little things aren't they.

    Thanks Kelly. Let's hope they're wrong. :-)

    Thanks Scott. Look forward to meeting up when you get back.

    Thank you Theresa. :-)

    Choy Wai, thank you. :-)

  21. Beautiful photos Keith! I'm glad you showed that lovely Kingfiher again as I forgot to say how much I liked it last time, I don't even see them any more and have never managed even one photo. So envious of the Waxwings, I even dream about them!!! Gorgeous little Robin and the rainbow photo is lovely too.....Hope to see you posting next week and next year also :-)

  22. How could I forget that absolutely gorgeous, colourful Bullfinch!!

  23. Another great set of photos Keith

  24. Thank you Jan. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong ;-)

    Cheers Gary. :-)

  25. Hi Keith,
    Love the Bullfinch, I have hearing the 'squeaky gate' call of these a lot lately.
    Hopefully we will all be back after Friday, but if not, it's been fun!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  26. Thanks John. Let's hope they were wrong. If not, yea, it's been great! :-)

  27. Great set Keith. You are right to be proud of the Kingfisher.

  28. Thanks Adrian.
    Got that picture as my wallpaper on the phone now.

  29. Your bird photos are always lovely and these are no exception. But I especially love that tree.. it popped my eyes wide open!

  30. It would seem we have survived the end of the world!

    Great set of pictures.

    The set of images of the fox on the ice are splendid.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  31. Thank you Hilary. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

    Cheers Stewart. I'm so glad; I've a freezer full of food, would have been a terrible waste. lol
    I was really pleased with those fox pictures. :-)

  32. Keith, only a few hours are left to the end of the day so hopefully we've made it! :)

    I like the Robin portrait, it's very clear.

  33. I'm sure we have made it Petra. I heard from someone in Australia today, so it looks good. lol

  34. So enjoy all those lovelies! And the Kingfisher which is so hard to get.

  35. Thanks Reena. The Kingfisher is my personal favourite.