Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Random round up

A bunch of pictures from the last few days.

We've had rain, snow and sun here; and a visit from a gentleman called Adrian.

Pied Wagtail in a snowy garden

The Robin from my local lake, who is now taking seed from my hand.

A beautiful female Goosander from my local lake.

During the bad weather, I had this handsome Fieldfare take up residence in the garden for a few days.

The eight Greater Scaup that have been at the local lake for the last few days.

On a recent trip out to Pitsford Reservoir with Trevor, we came across a few of these.

Goldeneye male displaying to ......... no-one. The females were some distance away unfortunately  and didn't see his efforts.

And to finish with, when Adrian came down a couple of days ago, the campsite had some rather exotic ducks and birds in a collection. Here's a couple. They were rather special though, so I'll probably do a separate post just on them.

Fulvous Whistling Duck

Reeves Pheasant. His name was ASBO, because he was a bit naughty. He was on his best behaviour with us though.

And last one, from today's trip out to Summer Leys.

A beautiful male Bullfinch.

Sorry about the mass of pictures. Still got loads to sort through yet. Enjoy the rest of the week, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another anniversary.


Some people euphemistically call this particular 'thing', an 'event'.
They did when I was in hospital, and when I came out. I couldn't understand it.

I refer, of course, to the heart attack I had 3 years ago to the day.

Scared the crap out of me, mainly after the paramedic had told me what had happened. It had happened in the middle of the night, and I thought it was just a bad case of feeling unwell. Very unwell. It didn't occur to me it was anything that serious, so I didn't ring the doctor until the morning.
I did a post about the events here, after I came back from hospital.

Now, time is a great thing. At first you're scared to do pretty much anything, or eat anything, but after a while you get to thinking, 'what the hell'.
Well I did, anyway.
My complete outlook on life has changed though.
I'd raced my way through the '60's, and surprisingly got this far. I wasn't going to let a cheese sandwich scare me.
I'm still off the cigarettes, but most of the other foods I'm enjoying again. And a drink. They say everything in moderation. Fine, if you're an oven.

I'm older, in the last 3 years. Not wiser, but I take the days as they come. I got made redundant a few months after the heart attack, and thinking about it, being made redundant was the best thing to happen. I don't work now; some days it's hard enough walking a rough terrain, or going uphill, after losing 40% of the heart.
But I get up when I want, and do what I want. Perfect. It's just I can't do some of the things as quickly as I used to, and some of the things I can't do at all.

I don't take all my tablets like I should do, even after having a bit of a scare walking up a hill in Wales a few months ago.
And I've got very cynical. Some would say a miserable old sod. A grumpy old man.
Yea, I'm happy with that description.
I prefer the company of animals. Birds especially. I've a few friends that I've met whilst swanning round the countries nature reserves, and on the internet; good friends. But I'm not one for big gatherings and social occasions.

I'm in a couple of local bird groups, and I can honestly say, I've yet to come across a more pompous, ignorant bunch of tossers. A few exceptions, but on the whole, nah.
But that's a whole new post.

The point of all this, is not to draw sympathy. Yea, there are a lot more people who are worse off than me. Like I said, I'm enjoying it all, (mostly), at the moment. There has been some real lows. I lost my cat one year, then I lost Jim last year. It gets lonely, sometimes, but for the most part, I'm having a great time.
And why not.
You never know if when you go to bed, you're gonna wake up again.

Right, some pictures. All the garden one's were taken through the back door glass.

The birds are having a real hard time at the moment, with all the snow and cold weather we're having. If you can put some food out for them where you are, please do. And water. Fresh, unfrozen water is as important as food. If you don't have a garden, put some food out in the street. They'll find it. And if you get strange looks from other folk, tell 'em to 'sod off.' Works for me.

Blackcap, male

Blackcap, female

Pied Wagtail. Only visits my garden when there is snow.


A couple more of them

 Doing Waxwing impressions with some rose hips


Mistle Thrush

 Pied Wagtail, again

Blackcap, female, again

And the last one, although by no means a perfect picture, it was one I was pleased to get. I'd planted some Teasel in the garden, specifically for Goldfinches.

 So good to see ones efforts work.

I hope all these wake up again in the morning; and yourselves.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


It's the blogs birthday today ............. 4 years.

I feel I should do something momentous for the occasion, but to be honest, I've only just realised.

So, a few recent pictures from round the lake, and elsewhere, before the snow kicked in.

I'll start with a great visitor to the garden. The female has been here, but a little shy, (not like Doris), but the male has allowed me to get some pictures whilst he's been feeding.


A few days ago there was a small flock of Waxwings just down the road.

One from a recent day out with Trevor, at Titchwell.


Back to the local for a Dunnock

I did some video the other day, of some of the birds visiting the garden. Unfortunately the last clip of the Blackcap eating an apple wouldn't focus properly. I left it in anyway.

But before that, last picture for now. A Robin with bags of attitude.

and the video.

Enjoy your weekend. Whatever you do, keep safe, and keep warm. 
I'm going to have a celebration drink.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Had a good few days out with Trevor recently. He writes it up better than me, so check out his blog.

Here's a few recent pictures from our visits, and some from around my local.

House Sparrow

Marsh Tit

Water Pipit not good, but pleased to see one.

Pintail a stunning male

Turnstone A couple of them because they posed so well. Plus, I had to lay down for these, and that ain't easy these days!!


Shoveler. A handsome male

Reed Bunting. A beautiful female

Goldcrest, from today.

And last one for now.

I walked up the local shop for some bread, and just had to turn back for my camera.
Seven of these beauties up in the trees.


Yea, I forgot the bread.

Enjoy the rest of the week, whatever you're doing.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Looking back

Today the weather has been a bit iffy. Snow flurries this morning, and quite cold; although the snow didn't amount to much. I spent most of the day sorting out some pictures from last year. Still got a few to process yet, (actually a lot. I'm crap at this lark),  a job I don't like much, but here's a few I've done so far.

Small Copper

Meadow Brown

Red Admiral

Silver-washed Fritilary

and the wonderfully named, Bloody-nosed Beetle

Hopefully next time some more recent ones.

Have a good weekend, what's left of it.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


I've been very lucky the last few days. The end of last year has seen some good numbers of these birds near me, and I've managed to catch up with them a couple of times.

I got a call from Trevor yesterday. 'Do ya fancy going to see some Waxwings in the town center?'

We drove over there, parked up in one of the extortionately priced car parks, and straight away found a large group of at least 50 or 60 birds, trilling away, and guzzling berries, as the shoppers completely unaware of this spectacle of nature, went about their business of spending money they haven't got, on stuff they probably don't need.

I hate Milton Keynes at times.

But times like this, I enjoy it ........ a bit.