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Saturday, 19 January 2013


It's the blogs birthday today ............. 4 years.

I feel I should do something momentous for the occasion, but to be honest, I've only just realised.

So, a few recent pictures from round the lake, and elsewhere, before the snow kicked in.

I'll start with a great visitor to the garden. The female has been here, but a little shy, (not like Doris), but the male has allowed me to get some pictures whilst he's been feeding.


A few days ago there was a small flock of Waxwings just down the road.

One from a recent day out with Trevor, at Titchwell.


Back to the local for a Dunnock

I did some video the other day, of some of the birds visiting the garden. Unfortunately the last clip of the Blackcap eating an apple wouldn't focus properly. I left it in anyway.

But before that, last picture for now. A Robin with bags of attitude.

and the video.

Enjoy your weekend. Whatever you do, keep safe, and keep warm. 
I'm going to have a celebration drink.


  1. Happy 4th. Birthday holdingmoments, long may it continue.

    A great set to celebrate with Keith, love that feisty Robin.

    Enjoy the drink!!...coffee I hope?...[;o)

  2. Wow four years well done Keith and Happy Birthday to your blog and all it's posts, keep them coming I always enjoy reading them. The Blackcap seems to be enjoying itself. I love the Waxwing and Turnstone but my favourite has to be the Robin with the fanned tail...brilliant.

  3. A lovely mixture of birds that visit your garden Keith! Love the Dunnock photo, very nice. I wonder what the snow will bring in?
    Happy Birthday to your blog!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  4. Cheers Trevor.
    I'm trying to resist the Bells, but they are too loud. lol

    Thanks Doug. Yea, I love that picture of the Robin too.

    Thanks John. A few Waxwings would be nice! lol

  5. Hey Happy Blogbirthday :)
    Thank you Keith for all your beautiful photos during this past 4 years - and looking forward for many many more !!

  6. Happy Birthday Blog.
    Good to see the Blackcap.
    Robins acting macho are always good value.

  7. A very nice selection Keith. Love the Robin 'with attitude' :-) Well done on the Blackcaps, not spotted them here yet but they do visit in the Winter.

    Congrats on 4 years!! I usually forget mine too but you have reminded me it will be my 4th in February. If I get a wobbly typed reply I will know you have partied too much!! ;-)

  8. Keep meaning to say I love your DEFRA comment on the sidebar!

  9. Nice work - the beautiful description.
    Greetings Eko
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

  10. Happy Birthday! You have been through a lot and done a lot in these four years. Keep it going ...

  11. Thank you Pescalune. Let's hope so :-)

    Thank you Adrian. Yea, a nice surprise to see the Blackcap visiting.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, the Bells are ringing lol
    The DEFRA thing got a good response on Twitter a while ago. lol

    Eko, thank you for your comment. :-)

  12. It has been a brilliant blog to visit Keith. Thanks.

  13. Your a lucky man, Blackcaps in your garden.

  14. Many happy returns to your blog Keith and great shots as always. I've not seen any Blackcap's in our garden yet but we did have a Goldcrest for the first time today.

  15. happy 4th blogiversary!!! awesome! enjoyed the video. love your goldfinches and your blackbirds, too. that dunnock portrait is stunning!!!

  16. Keith, momentous indeed! My birthday too!
    These are great shots! Love the Robin with attitude! Reminds me of someone!

  17. What a great selection of birds. From Findlay

  18. Do love your bird photos and the waxwing is just the best, they are beautiful birds. I always watch your videos they're just great. Happy anniversary on your 4th year of your blog.

  19. Happy blog birthday Keith, keep up the good work great reading and images.

  20. Keith, I have always enjoy Holdingmoments. So, thank you and Happy Blog Birthday!

  21. Happy Anniversary! You have some great feeding stations in your yard! I love the Blackcap with the apple..and that Dunnock is stunning! A robin with attitude..lol cute.

  22. Happy Birthday.

    Such a joy to visit and to share the stunning moments you capture.

    Thank you :)

  23. Congratulations to the 4 birthday I've always fun and joy when I enter your website .. So please do keep it up ...
    greetings Frank

  24. Happy bloggy birthday!

    Wow. Those photos are AMAZING.

    Those robins can be ornery, huh?

  25. Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Roy, thank you. Glad you enjoy your visits. There have been times I've though of packing it all in, but it's a great community to be part of.

    Thank you Bob. In the past they have been fleeting visitors, but they seem to have settled in with the rest of visitors.

    Thank you Adam. It's always a treat when a new bird turns up in the garden. Nice one with the Goldcrest.

    Theresa, thank you for all your comments and visits. Glad you enjoyed today's post.

    Robin, thanks; and birthday wishes to you too.
    Yea, I love that Robin capture too lol

    Findlay, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Pete, thanks. How time flies!

    Thank you Horst, and thanks for all your visits. There are times it seems I've been doing this forever. I suppose if you count the Microsoft blogging, then I probably have lol

    Bob, thank you. I'm itching to get out in this snow, but the light is terrible at the moment. Dull and dark. Maybe later.

    Choy Wai, thank you. Very good of you to say.

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, the bird feeders and the food and water on the grass, seems to have taken over the garden. It will never win prizes for a 'tidy' garden. Still, the birds love it.

    Gemel, thank you for stopping by. Hope you're keeping well.

    Thanks Duncan, glad you enjoyed them.

    Frank, thank you. Good to know you enjoy your visits.

    Janie, thank you; and thanks for being a new follower.
    Hope to see you again.

  26. Nice set of pictures - not that long ago an over-wintering Blackcap would have been a talking point, but I think its much more common these days.

    The parrot was a sad kind - made more so by the calling of another in the tree around the house - it was hard not to make the assumption that the two were connected.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  27. Thanks Stewart. Yea, it seems these Blackcaps are from Germany. Our summer birds migrate as usual, and in the winter we are getting more come each year from Germany. Great to see them.

    Very sad to hear that another parrot was calling. I guess they were a pair.

  28. Belated congratulations on the blog birthday Keith.Your bird photos set the standard that I aspire to. Love the picture of the dunnock - one of my favourite birds at this time of year, when they sit on hedge tops and let rip with their song.

  29. Thank you Phil, and thanks for those kind words.
    I've a Dunnock that sits on my fence, singing everyday. Lovely to hear.

  30. Happy birfday for yesterday . Love the image of the dunnock :-)

  31. I love that fiesty robin! All of those photos are strong, beautiful shots. Happy blog birthday!

  32. Cheers Mark. Hope you're well.

    JoLynne, thank you. :-)

  33. Happy blog birthday, Keith! Is it already 4 years??? I can't believe that...

    I love the Waxwing with the red berries. I definitely must plant some berry bushes in our garden to attract birds during winter.

    And I liked the feeders in your video, how often do you fill them?

  34. Thanks Petra. The time certainly has gone quick.
    The feeders can usually last a few days, but during the winter I top them up every day. Along with everything else, it can get a bit expensive; but worth it for the pleasure of seeing all the birds.