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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Had a good few days out with Trevor recently. He writes it up better than me, so check out his blog.

Here's a few recent pictures from our visits, and some from around my local.

House Sparrow

Marsh Tit

Water Pipit not good, but pleased to see one.

Pintail a stunning male

Turnstone A couple of them because they posed so well. Plus, I had to lay down for these, and that ain't easy these days!!


Shoveler. A handsome male

Reed Bunting. A beautiful female

Goldcrest, from today.

And last one for now.

I walked up the local shop for some bread, and just had to turn back for my camera.
Seven of these beauties up in the trees.


Yea, I forgot the bread.

Enjoy the rest of the week, whatever you're doing.


  1. A great set Keith.
    Forgot the bread? Man cannot live on Bells alone.

  2. what a great bunch! the pintail is SO handsome. the marsh tit made me laugh at its spunk! the snipe - i'm totally jealous of your shots. had one here for a few days and it was so shy.

  3. Great set of images, just went and had a look at Mr.M's blog sounds like you had a great day out, the Barn Owl must've been the highlight, though the Pintail is rather nice and the Goldcrest is a cracker too, well done.

  4. A beautiful selection Keith. We've had some good days out and seen some stunning birds...and its only two weeks into the year!! That Pintail sure was a stunner, and he posed well too..lol
    And Waxwings almost on your doorstep, can't be bad...[;o)

  5. Forgot to say thanks for the plug!...[;o)

  6. Beautiful birds Keith. My favourite is the goldcrest, but all pictures are nice.

  7. Keith, a great series of birds! I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite, but do like the Snipe with the flowers in the background!
    Know what you mean about getting down on the ground!

  8. Some really nice crisp shots there. The winner has to be the Waxwing. Such a beauty of a bird.

  9. The goldcrest is unbelievably good you even got the colour in his beak too. This must be one of your favs Keith.

  10. Finding the Waxwings would be enough to make anyone forget the bread :)
    Love the way little birds, like the Marsh Tit, can cling on to a vertical stem.

  11. Cheers Adrian. Yea, breadless; but the Bells help to forget. :-)

    Thank you Theresa. Yea, those Snipe are pretty secretive.

    Thanks Doug. Yea, we had a great time, and lots of birds in the sun. The Barn Owl was amazing to see in the daytime like that; but it must have been very hungry.

    Trevor, this has the makings of a great year.

    Thanks Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed them.

    Robin, it gets harder every time to get back up again lol

    Thanks Shaun. It was great to find the Waxwings so close to home.

    Thanks Debs. Yea, that little bird is a favourite. Doesn't keep still for long though.

    Thank you John. I couldn't believe it when I found those Waxwings; practically on my doorstep, and same place as a couple of years ago.

  12. Beautiful images, but, love the Turnstones, superb.

  13. Great varied selection Keith, like the Goldcrest best off all

  14. Im very envious of these awesome bird sightings and photos!! Especially the pintail!! AND that shot of the little goldcrest is precious! Everything is harder for me or so it seems! I was pulling a renegade wild grapevine out of an oak tree over the weekend and gave myself a whiplash! OUCH.

  15. I really love the duck images. Ducks are very poorly represented here in Malaysia.

  16. Hi Keith...Some real cuties and beauties...very nice set photos!!
    I always love the Snipes, and that little Goldcrest is a honey!!
    Aw those Waxwings aren't they nice!!

  17. Thank you Bob. I enjoyed taking those. :-)

    Thanks Bob. Yea, the Goldcrest is a favourite of mine too.

    Thanks Sondra.
    Sounds painful. Get better soon.

    Thaks Choy. We're lucky here to have so many. Especially this time of the year.

    Thanks Grace. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  18. A really lovely collection Keith. You and Trevor had a great day out! I lparticularly like the Marsh Tit and the Pintail and of course the Goldcrest from the lake.

  19. You did a great job finding that Snipe Keith.

  20. Thanks Jan. We've had some great days out recently. The snow has stopped it for a while though. :-(

    Thanks Roy. Yea, I seem to have a knack finding them. I said to Trevor, I reckon I must have been a Snipe in a past life.

  21. I love the Marsh Tit, Keith, and can't understand how it is possible that he doesn't fall from the branch! :)

  22. Thanks Petra. They certainly have a better sense of balance than me lol

  23. lovely set. pintails are so handsome

  24. Very nice and divesified serie! The Marsh tit is pretty cool...she seem's to be about to fall. I also love the Pintail...what a nice duck!

  25. Thank you Gillian :-)

    Cheers Pete, they are a beautiful duck.

    Thank you Dominic. The Pintail is a handsome duck.

  26. I don't know how you manage to see all these birds; great pictures. From Findlay

  27. Thanks Findlay. I wonder myself at times. My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, but somehow I can still pick out the birds in the bushes. lol

  28. Love the Goldcrest photo! We have a similar bird that winters here in Pennsylvania, but we call it a Golden-crowned Kinglet!

  29. Thanks Squirrel. Yea, they do look very similar.