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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Random round up

A bunch of pictures from the last few days.

We've had rain, snow and sun here; and a visit from a gentleman called Adrian.

Pied Wagtail in a snowy garden

The Robin from my local lake, who is now taking seed from my hand.

A beautiful female Goosander from my local lake.

During the bad weather, I had this handsome Fieldfare take up residence in the garden for a few days.

The eight Greater Scaup that have been at the local lake for the last few days.

On a recent trip out to Pitsford Reservoir with Trevor, we came across a few of these.

Goldeneye male displaying to ......... no-one. The females were some distance away unfortunately  and didn't see his efforts.

And to finish with, when Adrian came down a couple of days ago, the campsite had some rather exotic ducks and birds in a collection. Here's a couple. They were rather special though, so I'll probably do a separate post just on them.

Fulvous Whistling Duck

Reeves Pheasant. His name was ASBO, because he was a bit naughty. He was on his best behaviour with us though.

And last one, from today's trip out to Summer Leys.

A beautiful male Bullfinch.

Sorry about the mass of pictures. Still got loads to sort through yet. Enjoy the rest of the week, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing.


  1. wow, that bullfinch just kind of steals the show, doesn't he? grand gent.

    but i LOVE the fulvous whistling duck!! neat to see the various whistling ducks around the world. :)

  2. Thanks Theresa. That Bullfinch looked stunning in the sunlight today.
    Those Whistling Ducks are beauties too.

  3. A great group of shots Keith! Amazing to have 8 Scaup on your patch, I would be pleased with just 1 on my mine!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  4. Wszystkie ptaki mają śliczne zdjęcia i jest wśród nich mój ulubiony rudzik. Pozdrawiam.
    All birds are beautiful pictures and they are among my favorite Robin. Yours.

  5. Great Keith two yards apart and we both picked the same shot of mister Bullfinch.
    What am I doing up? Just in from a walk with Alf. Stinking dog he is.

  6. As usual you produced a very fine collection but I'm very jealous of the excellent Goosander shots. I hunted high and low for a single Scaup the other day and you get EIGHT!

    BTW congrats on the blog anniversary. They say time is a great healer so keep doing your thing and enjoy what every new day brings.

  7. Great images Keith you alrady know how I feel about that Pheasnat and whistling duck, we had W.Duck turn up at Summer Leys and thought it was an Oystercatcher, it had me in stitches for ages. I think Adrian described Summer Leys quite well, "plenty of stuff but to far away"

  8. A lovely set Keith.
    Especially like the Goldeneye and the Bullfinch.

  9. That pheasant is a beautiful bird...I love the way each of his breast feathers are outlined in black....like an artist painted it..and the Goldeneye I love that shot!!!!

  10. I agree with Theresa ... he is so beautiful! But I'm liking that Goosander as well!

  11. The photos of the birds are absolutely beautiful. The one I like best is the Robin that is feeding from your hand, he is a real beauty.

  12. great photos and you are such a tease! looking forward to more...

  13. Great photos! Some of these species are new to me, some we have here in the states:-)

  14. Hi Keith..Grrr I am having a miserable time leaving comments on some blogs and I guess your one of them, it just ate my comment!!
    Love the Goldeneyes backward pose pretty agile it is !!
    The Bullfinch is a grand looking bird, nice colors!!
    Most of all that little buddy of your who eats from your hand is precious...what a thrill!! I tried with the Bluebirds,but not there yet : )
    Yeah made it!!

  15. Thanks John. We occasionally get one Scaup here, but 8 seems to be a county record at the moment. I guess we're just greedy lol

    Giga, thank you. The Robin is a lovely little bird. A real favourite here.

    Cheers Adrian. Had a great time. Hope Alf is feeling better now, and you've arrived safely. The lake is flooded again; but the sun is shining.

    Thanks Frank. We get a lot of Goosander here in the winter, and the 8 Scaup were a real treat. I'll send a couple down. lol

    Thanks Doug. Yea, we had a great visit to Summer Leys. A shame everything was so far, and having a couple of boats out on the water doing some sort of 'aquatic science' didn't help much either. At least the sun shone though.

    Thanks Roy. The Bullfinch looked stunning with the sun on him, and the Goldeneye was a real show off. A shame his efforts went unnoticed.

    Sondra, that Pheasant was a stunner. Such a long tail too. A golden beauty.

    Thank you Reena. The Goosander is a beautiful bird to see. I was lucky enough to be able to get close to this one.

    Thank you Horst. That little Robin is quite a star.

    Thanks Wilma. I've so many pictures to sort through. I've had some excellent days out in the last few days.

    Thanks Squirrel. Some of the birds in the 'collection' that we visited, do come from America. Such beautiful birds, and probably the only chance I'd get to see these birds.

    Grace, glad you finally managed it! lol
    Those Goldeneye males have a great courtship routine, throwing their heads back like that. Keep at it with the Bluebirds. It's a magical feeling when the birds take food from your hand.

  16. A lovely selection Keith! Interesting to see the exotics but the stunner for me is that handsome, colourful Bullfinch, really beautiful!

  17. Thanks Jan. That Bullfinch was a real beauty.

  18. that must be a greatfeeling having a bird feed from your hand and a lovely shot of a Bullfinch.


  19. Thanks Peter, it certainly is a great feeling.
    The Bullfinch really did look his best in the sun.

  20. An excellent set of images. You have quite a variety visiting your garden. Lucky you, Keith.

  21. Another superb collection Keith.
    I must try hand feeding the female blackbirds which come really close when I am topping up the feeders.

  22. Looks like you had another good day out Keith with a great selection of images again. Wish we had some snow down Cornwall, lol

  23. Thanks Choy. The snow we had for a few days brought some new visitors to the garden in search of food.

    John, that's worth a try.

    Bob, the snow has gone. Back to rain now. :-(

  24. I loved the mass of photos. I find it interesting to see all the different birds you have there.

  25. Thanks dAwN. We do get a good selection. Not as many as some places, but at least it is a bit easier to remember their names lol

  26. Great selection of pictures.

  27. I do like the robin and the bullfinch - great colour for the winter.

    Stewart M

  28. Thanks Stewart. Yea, the ol' Robin is very much associated with winter.

  29. Wow! Lovely photos! Your birds have personality!

  30. Great serie of very interesting birds! The Bullfinch is so nice..

  31. Keith, the Robin looks so well prepared for winter :), I admire the structure of its belly feathers. And when I mention admiration, what about the female Goosander's haircut?? :)

  32. Thank you Linda.

    Thanks Dominic.

    Thanks Petra. Yea, quite a hairstyle from the Goosander :-)