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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A few birds

from the last couple of months ....


Reed Bunting male

 Black-headed Gull

Lesser Redpoll .... or it could be a Mealy Redpoll


Great Spotted Woodpecker



and finally, a little bird that was sheltering in a bird hide from the freezing cold a couple of days ago.


He flew off quite happily later.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I really can't choose between them either for quality or composure. they are great but the Wren has got to be my favourite.
    Thanks for the Turnstones.

  2. These are perfect...the Wren has to be my favourite.

  3. A good selection of images Keith...I hope that little Wren was okay in the end?...[;o)

  4. A beautiful collection of birds Keith.

  5. i love how you put the name beneath each photo - it allows me the chance to test myself on how well i know your UK birds by now. i got them all except for the brambling. dang it! :)

  6. A lovely set of photos again Keith. The Redpoll really is a pretty little bird, a nightmare to distinguish between the different types though...well it is for me!

  7. Hi Keith...Love those Redpolls, and is that Magpie standing on one leg?? It looks like he might be stretching the other???
    The little Wren...poor little fella!!

  8. Wonderful shots! Love that little wren!!

  9. These are all brilliant pictures and fabulous little birds. From Findlay

  10. I found your blog via Roy's Nature Notebook.
    I'm glad the Wren flew off and was ok. It looks a bit zonked sat there!
    I'll look forward to coming back again.

  11. Śliczne ptaki i cudowne zdjęcia, a szczególnie szczygła pijacego wodę. Pozdrawiam.
    Cute birds and wonderful pictures, especially the goldfinch drinking water. Yours.

  12. Lovely shots Keith! The Redpoll does look a bit Mealy, pretty pale. I would have ticked it as a Mealy! ;)
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. Good varied selection Keith, like the Goldfinch at the water's edge, a nice shot of the birds behaviour

  14. Late with replies, blogger was being a pain for me yesterday.

    Thanks Adrian. The Wren was very approachable, if somewhat dopey at the time.
    I'm sure he's OK now.

    I'm sure he was Trevor.

    Thanks Bob.

    Thank you Theresa. You'll be better than me at ID's soon then.
    The Brambling isn't one I get to see very often, so you did really well getting the others.

    Thanks Jan. Bird ID's were much easier when I was a kid; we didn't have all these species splits lol

    Thanks Grace. I think the Magpie was just resting the other leg. :-)

    Thank you Barbara. :-)

    Thanks Findlay. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks for your visit Jenny. Yea, come back anytime. :-)

    Thanks Robin.

    Giga, thank you :-)

    Cheers John. Had a feeling it could be a Mealy. There were 3 or 4 there that day.

    Thank you Bob. A good little spot that. Quite a few birds come down for a drink and bathe.

  15. Great collection of images Keith, that wren looks how I felt recently. I love that Goldfinch having a drink too, brilliant.

  16. Great to catch up with your blog Keith, and to see what I've been missing! :-) Lovely pics matey.

  17. Thanks Doug. Yea, that Wren did look pretty sorry for itself. It soon perked up and flew off though.

    Cheers Nick. Thank you.

  18. OHHH I just want to put that little wren in my pocket and warm him up so sweet and cute!
    SUPER photos in this post Keith!!! Im looking forward to those Siskin shots.

  19. That Wren looked so vulnerable Sondra. Siskin post coming soon. :-)

  20. Great set of images Keith,love the Wren.Have a great weekend!


  21. I particularly like the low level BH Gull shot Keith.

  22. Beautiful images one and all but I especially love that black headed gull.

  23. Thanks Hilary. Glad you like that one; I struggled getting back up lol