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Monday, 18 February 2013

A Wilde day out

On Sunday, myself and Trevor headed north, to see a remarkable young man called Findlay.

Findlay is light years ahead for his age; as is his eight year old brother Harley.
Findlay enjoys all things birds, and football, amongst other things, and his brother is learning the guitar. Two young people that are a credit to their very supportive parents, Nigel and Heather.

A few days earlier, it was Findlay's 11th birthday, and for a surprise, his amazing parents had arranged a surprise for him on Sunday. A group of people, (like minded fellow bloggers, and Tweeters), were to descend upon the Wilde household, and go on a guided tour of Findlay's local patch, led by the birthday boy himself.

After intros, a tea/coffee, and chat; it was time to set off.

The assembled throng outside.

Trevor, Chris

 Kane, Heather, Harley

We were soon down by the river, and spotting soaring Buzzards, swimming Coots, and calling Herons.

A few Cormorants about too.

As we all strolled  along the river, enjoying the warm sunshine and company, someone cried out, 'Kingfisher!'

There amongst the trees alongside the river, perched a very accommodating bird.
I've never seen a Kingfisher still for so long. A perfect poser. We all managed to get plenty of pictures; even me.

Eventually he flew off, and we all carried on our way.

Of course we stopped again to have the group shots, before heading back.

Left to right: Nigel, Kane, Chris, Trevor, Andrew, Sharon, Gary, Heather, Phil, and at the front, Harley, and Findlay.

On the way back, a few more birds to spot, some more chat, and some more random pictures.

 Findlay explaining the finer points of bird ID to Trevor





Eventually we arrived back at the house, after a fantastic walk.

A tasty stew made by Nigel, was next, and very enjoyable. Yum!!!

More chatting, and then time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday man.

 Gary, Findlay, Nigel, Phil

Time to blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

Heather, Harley, Findlay, Chris

And to finish an enjoyable day, some music from Harley.

Thank you for a wonderful day. It was a privilege to be part of a great occasion.  


  1. your title is perfect. :) saw this on findlay's blog and on andrew's. thought it was SO nice of you all to join that young man in celebration! he is an ornithologist in the making, for sure!

    and your kingfisher snaps are wonderful!

  2. Thank you Theresa. He is an exceptional young man, with very supportive parents. We all had a great day.
    I was honored to be a part of his life.

  3. that is a great post Keith - hadn't realised you were taking all those random shots! A great account of the day and I agree it was an honour to be there!

  4. What a great day you all had. I saw Findlay's post and he clearly enjoyed it. It must have been a lovely surprise when you all turned up. He certainly is a remarkable young man with a very bright future ahead I'm sure...it sounds like his brother has too (the predictive text on this iPad is a nightmare, on checking I found it said 'his brother is ghastly too'!!).

    What a treat to get such good views and photos of the Kingfisher. I think it turned up especially for the special day :-)

  5. A good time was had by all.
    Perfect Kingfisher shots Keith, very well done.

  6. So glad you were able to share they day with us keith, it meant so much to Findlay, and you have a new fan in Harley too. BBQ in the summer next I'm thinking.........x

  7. A wonderful post Keith... it really was a nice afternoon and great to meet you at last.

  8. it looks as if you made findlays day, by turning up . All credit to you all.


  9. Well done Keith and all concerned looked like a great birthday walk! Nice shots of the Kingfisher.

  10. WHAT fun!! AND WOWZER to the Kingfisher shots!!!! I love Finlays enthusiam and his red hair, he and his brother are cute as can be, and the rest of y'all looked pretty dang good too!

  11. I enjoyed this. Those portraits of the boys are wonderful. (The grownups look great, too.)

  12. He's starting really young. He's got a whole "birding" life ahead of him. Good for him.

  13. Thanks Sharon. It was a great to meet everyone. The power of the internet used to its best.

    Thanks Jan. We all had a great time, and I think Findlay will remember this birthday surprise for a long time.

    Cheers Roy. I think the Kingfisher performed specially for Findlay. We all got some good shots of it.

    Heather, thanks for inviting us along. It was so good to meet so many good people, and be a part of Findlay's day. I'm glad he enjoyed it. Harley is a great young man too. Tell him to keep going with the guitar. With a talent for music, he'll never be poor.
    BBQ sounds good to me. I'll sort out my shorts lol

    Thanks Andrew. We all had a great time, and perfect weather too.
    Yea, good to meet up with you.

    Thanks Peter. I think we all made his day a bit 'special'. Great to have been a part of it.

    Thank you Bob. The Kingfishers performance was a real highlight for us all. It gave us some superb views.

    Sondra, thank you. Findlay certainly has bags of enthusiasm; I hope he keeps it as he grows. I'm sure he'll have a great future.

    Thank you JoLynne. They really are two great young men. I enjoyed taking the pictures of everyone. Not a subject I'm usually comfortable with lol

    Choy, thanks. I just wish I had his enthusiasm when I was his age. He's going to be a name to remember for the future.

  14. Looks and sounds like it was a fantastic day, what's brilliant idea :-)

  15. It must have been a great bird celebration Keith.

  16. It looks as if it was well worth the trip.
    Great Kingfisher. Had you popped super glue on the branch?

  17. Hi Keith, was great to meet you and the others at Findlays, was a lovely afternoon and great to look back over your photos, that as Sharon said didn't realise you were snapping. We'll hopefully bump into you when you are up in Gods own country!!

  18. A brilliant 'different' day out Keith. I bet you wish your Kingfishers would perform for the camera ;)

  19. This is such a great way for this budding bird watcher to celebrate his 11th birthday with the appearance of this beautiful kingfisher captured stunningly by you. What a treat for Findlay. Two great young men.

  20. Thanks Paul. Yea, it was a very enjoyable day.

    Bob, we all had a great time; especially seeing the Kingfisher.

    Adrian, I couldn't believe how co-operative the Kingfisher was.

    Cheers Gary. A very good day wasn't it. I'm hoping to be back in Wales soon. Yea, it would be good to meet again. I'm not going up mountains though lol

    Thanks John. Yea, my Kingfishers here don't co-operate very much lol

  21. Thanks cuby. It was a real treat for us all. A great way to spend a day.

  22. Looks like ou had a great day out and managed to get some great images from the day. I was gutted when Findlay's mum emailed me about the surprise as the timing wasn't brilliant for me, hopefully I'll get a re-invite for the summer BBQ

  23. It was a great day Doug. A shame you couldn't make it. Let's hope the BBQ goes ahead. Be good to all meet up again.

  24. What a great time! It is inspiring to see young people take such an interest in the natural world. I popped over from Andrew's blog.

  25. Ken, it was a fantastic get together.
    We all had a great time. And I agree, it is so good to see young people taking such an interest in our natural world.

  26. Great photos of a very creative birthday. The kingfisher is beautiful!

  27. HI Keith...Thanks for your comment on my post, and sorry I am just getting to comment on your..getting a lot of grief with blogger!!
    I loved this story ...what a passionate, redheaded spitfire he is!!
    His enthusiastic love for birding is infectious : )!!
    So glad you where a part of his day,...that's good for the old ticker ; } !!
    Your shot of the Kingfisher is great...how long have you been waiting to get a good shot of
    one : )!!!

  28. Seem's like a wonderfull day! Love the kingfisher's shot ;)

  29. Great bird shots and it's fun to see the people. There's something so engaging about portraits, even (or especially) informal ones.

  30. Thanks Mick. Yea, it was a day we'll all remember.

    Thanks Grace. Findlay and Harley are two great kids; a credit to their parents. The Kingfisher was the icing on the cake. :-)

    Thank you Dominic. An excellent day.

    Thanks Linda. Portraits are something a bit different for me, but I was pleased with some of these. :-)

  31. Keith, what a lovely way to celebrate Findlay's b'day...if someone would have done that for me I would have loved it...infact that's a great idea:)Everyone enjoyed it too...I love the kingfisher shots and the other day we too spotted the common kingfisher here though it is not all that common:)but it was a very restless one so we hardly got any good shots...yours are amazing.
    How is your health?It's been a while since I was in bloggerland:)So long take care...
    Have a great weekend!


  32. Thanks Shantana. I think we all had a great time.
    I'm doing quite well, thanks. Hope you and your family are all well.