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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Good neighbours

Well, not here in north Wales where I'm staying.

Since the night of the 21st, it has been snowing non stop here; as in much of the country. It eased off a bit Sunday, a few flurries Monday, some more Tuesday, and it's snowing heavy now, as I do this.
It looks pretty.

The trouble with 'pretty' though, is it has its drawbacks.
When the snow is deep, with deeper drifting, sometimes your only way out is blocked.

This is the track down to the lane, on Friday.

and this is it yesterday.

Food is running out; both ours, the animals, and birds. My mobile died for 2 days, the internet keeps going off, the coal has run out, the metered electric should last about 10 days, and I'm getting too old for adventures like this.

Some lambs were born the other day; god knows what they think of all this.

Where I'm staying, is up high. Around us are half a dozen farms. One of them, a couple of fields away, is quite a wealthy man. He was considering buying Lake Vyrnwy last year. (don't know if he was successful).

Yes, they're all suffering from the same snow that has us trapped here; but have any of them come to see if we are OK, or need some help? These 4X4 owners? Some with tractors?
Course not.

Here's one of the bird visitors we've had.


Here's a short video I took this morning.

This might be my last post for a while.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm just a bit pissed off with it all at the moment.

Hope you're all OK where you are.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Another from Wales

Had a lot of snow whilst I've been here, but I've still managed to get out a few days, although at the moment, I'm snowed in again, with lots more to come. And my mobile service has died.

The scenery is excellent from where I'm staying,

and the birds around the cottage are as good as ever.

Great Spotted Woodpecker



Coal Tit


Blue Tit

The odd days I've managed to get out, have been rewarding too.

A very windy day at Llanfairfechan, on the north coast.




 Juvenile Herring Gull

and last one for now;

a handsome male Red Breasted Merganser

An amazing place to stay. Apologies for picture overload.

Enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Yes, I'm back in north Wales, and loving it.

Talacre is a village in Flintshire on the north coast of Wales with large holiday caravan parks adjacent. It is near Point of Ayr on the west side of the river Dee estuary and has a sandy beach with dunes.
On the beach, it's most famous landmark is probably the old lighthouse.

Point of Ayr Lighthouse is a Grade 11 listed property, constructed of brick and oak piled foundations. It is approximately 60 ft high and 18ft in diameter.
Originally built in 1777 by a trust of the mayor, recorder and Alderman of Chester, it served as a warning to shipping of the sandy entrance to the Dee and |Mersey. In the early 1820's it was taken over by Trinity House who partially rebuilt it. It shone its light from then until 1883, when it was superseded by the Dee Light-Ship.

Along with the lighthouse, there are numerous holiday caravans, and a few shops and cafes.
It gets busy, with lots of tourists; but despite this, it gets busy with birds too.

Lots of waders out on the sand at low tide, amongst them, Shelduck, Little Egret, Curlew, and as the sea comes in, they move onto the dunes and saltmarsh.
In the past, amongst the dunes and saltmarsh, I've found Wheatear, Linnet and Skylark; along with various gulls and terns.
A favourite place to visit when I'm in Wales.

On my last visit, I wasurprised and delighted to see this beautiful bird.

A Snow Bunting. A first for me; and he wasn't shy either.

A great place to visit; but it can get a bit windy at times.

Just added this video. I forgot.

Friday, 1 March 2013


The RSPB website describes the Siskin as: 'a small lively finch, which is smaller than a Greenfinch. The male has a streaky yellow-green body and a black crown and bib.
Mainly a resident breeder, from southern England to northern Scotland; but is most numerous in Scotland and Wales.
Many breeding birds are residents; in winter birds arrive here also from Europe.'

And this year, they certainly have arrived.

The BTO reports that: ' Siskins break 15 year record. This month, (February), has seen the highest reporting rate of Siskins in gardens since 1998.'
The reason is given as; 'Scarce natural seed availability in the countryside appears to be driving the influx.'

Usually, I'm lucky if I see 2 or 3 birds a year in my garden. Such beautiful and vocal little birds, I get excited when I see one visit.

This year, on some days I've had up to 50 birds in my small suburban garden, (probably 50' by 14'), and as many in the trees either side of it. At the moment, as I do this post, I'm watching 34 birds in the garden; on the feeders, and on the ground.

The green trays are under the feeders, to try and catch the fallen seed. Along with Goldfinches, they are messy eaters!

The sight and sound is amazing.

A few days ago, I tried to capture some of the spectacle on video.

Have a great weekend wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.