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Friday, 22 March 2013

Another from Wales

Had a lot of snow whilst I've been here, but I've still managed to get out a few days, although at the moment, I'm snowed in again, with lots more to come. And my mobile service has died.

The scenery is excellent from where I'm staying,

and the birds around the cottage are as good as ever.

Great Spotted Woodpecker



Coal Tit


Blue Tit

The odd days I've managed to get out, have been rewarding too.

A very windy day at Llanfairfechan, on the north coast.




 Juvenile Herring Gull

and last one for now;

a handsome male Red Breasted Merganser

An amazing place to stay. Apologies for picture overload.

Enjoy your weekend


  1. You have some cracking birds there.
    This winter is dragging on a bit now.
    The roads round here seem to be clear.
    I suspect we will get a thaw Sunday.

  2. no apologies necessary! enjoyed every last one of them! your birds are always so beautiful!

  3. Hi Keith...Amazing place with some wonderful scenery and birds galore!!
    Love the Treecreeper very nice, but they are all nice, I expect no less from you ; )
    The waves on the shore are gorgeous, but cold looking!!
    What's with the snow..are you in Maine weather!! We had 12 inches on Tuesday night!!
    Hope things improve!
    Hugs to keep warm

  4. PS. Keith have you been to look at the old lead mines. They are somewhere near you and the disused slate quarries just to the north of Llanberis are worth a look on a sunny day.

  5. I quite enjoyed my last holiday when my phone died I found it bliss. I can't pick a favourite image I enjoyed the "overload", though the Red Breasted Merganser is special for me, never got an image of one myself.

  6. Lovely set of images Keith, which are only to be expected when you go hunting in Wales.
    Brilliant Yellowhammer and RB Merganser.

  7. U nas też okropna pogoda. Morze jest wzburzone, ale i tak je uwielbiam. Ślicznym ptakom zrobiłeś wspaniałe zdjęcia. Redshank mnie zauroczył kolorem dzioba i nóg. Pozdrawiam.
    We also terrible weather. The sea is rough, but I love them anyway. Lovely birds did great pictures. I fell in love with the color Redshank beak and legs. Yours.

  8. No picture overload here Keith, just a cracking set of images...excellent!...[;o)

  9. Keith...these shots are just wonderful!! The view there is to die for...YOU are a lucky guy to have such a place at your disposal...Enjoy every moment!!

  10. Keith, Wow, excellent shots! Hope your weather improves!

  11. Never apologize for picture overload. Yours are always a delight. Beauties, one and all. I like the idea of a half coconut shell for suet.. if only we liked coconut to begin with. ;)

  12. A brilliant set of photos as always Keith.

  13. A brilliant set Keith! The RBM is particularly nice! The windy shot of the waves crashing on the shore sums up my mood as the snow continues to fall!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  14. Thanks Adrian. Since posting this we've had non stop snow. Lots of roads blocked, and the track down from the cottage to the lane, is a foot deep. I might be here a while yet.
    If I can get out soon, I'll have a look at those mines.

    Thank you Theresa, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Grace. A lot of snow here, and still falling.

    Cheers Doug. That Merganser is a favourite of mine too.

    Thanks Roy. I'm spoilt for so many great birds here.

    Thank you Giga. Glad you enjoyed them. The Redshank beak and legs were very colourful.

    Cheers Trevor. I may have an extended stay lol

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, I love visiting here. :-)

    Thanks Robin. The weather seems to be getting worse at the moment. :-(

    Hilary, thanks. Very kind of you.

    Thanks John :-)

  15. John J thanks. Yea, this snow is getting a bit too much now lol

  16. Oh yes, you got some birds, different sorts and colourful. Take for instance, the Redshank, that is a winner in my books. Cheers Keith.

  17. Thanks Bob. A great selection to see here. :-)

  18. No amount of your lovely photos could be 'overload'. A superb collection again. I thought about you when they said on the news that it was bad there. We have it too but not as bad as you. I hope you still have power! At least you have plenty to watch from the window :-)

  19. Nice selection Keith, Redshank is my favourite of these. As for "picture overload" the more pictures the better, lol

  20. Thanks Jan. It's pretty bad here, and had a bit more snow today. Electric is OK at the moment, but I'm told the water sometimes goes off when it gets like this; and we're out of coal, with no way down the track. Bit of an adventure.

    Cheers Bob. Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  21. Wonderful images Keith... all of them.

  22. Apologies not accepted, it's something to see! :)

    My two favourites are the Turnstone, I've never heard of such a bird and love both its name and look, and the charming Redshank. :)

    I just wonder, the Siskin in your picture is less yellow than the one I've just seen at Roy's post. Is it a difference between a male and female?

  23. Lots more snow here, and internet playing up, so maybe last post for a while.

    Andrew, thanks. Hope it's OK where you are.

    Thanks Petra. Glad you enjoyed them.
    The Siskin in my post is a female. They're not as brightly coloured as the males.

  24. What a wonderful collection of birds.

  25. Thank you Arija, glad you enjoyed them. :-)