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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Good neighbours

Well, not here in north Wales where I'm staying.

Since the night of the 21st, it has been snowing non stop here; as in much of the country. It eased off a bit Sunday, a few flurries Monday, some more Tuesday, and it's snowing heavy now, as I do this.
It looks pretty.

The trouble with 'pretty' though, is it has its drawbacks.
When the snow is deep, with deeper drifting, sometimes your only way out is blocked.

This is the track down to the lane, on Friday.

and this is it yesterday.

Food is running out; both ours, the animals, and birds. My mobile died for 2 days, the internet keeps going off, the coal has run out, the metered electric should last about 10 days, and I'm getting too old for adventures like this.

Some lambs were born the other day; god knows what they think of all this.

Where I'm staying, is up high. Around us are half a dozen farms. One of them, a couple of fields away, is quite a wealthy man. He was considering buying Lake Vyrnwy last year. (don't know if he was successful).

Yes, they're all suffering from the same snow that has us trapped here; but have any of them come to see if we are OK, or need some help? These 4X4 owners? Some with tractors?
Course not.

Here's one of the bird visitors we've had.


Here's a short video I took this morning.

This might be my last post for a while.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm just a bit pissed off with it all at the moment.

Hope you're all OK where you are.


  1. Its another Country Keith and from my previous unpleasant experience of a 12 month stay many, many years ago, not a very neighbourly one, especially if your English.

  2. Fine here Keith. I hope someone digs you out soon.
    Give the police a ring...they'll send somebody out.
    Good luck.

  3. Oh my! It sounds and looks like its gone beyond an adventure now and I suspect it's not the weather you were really expecting when you arranged to go! The tv news yesterday was full of harrowing reports and puctures of farmers in Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales trying, sometimes in vain, to dig out their completely buried livestock, thousands of them!! I do hope it eases up for you soon Keith, stay safe and try to keep warm....and don't take any risks!

  4. I forgot to say I liked the Jay photo, I haven't seen one for ages and never managed a photo at all.

  5. Wow incredible, you got more snow than us and except when we got this big storm that blocked us at work, we got nothing like this. I hope you will be fine and sorry, but that's reality, altruism does not exist anymore in our modern society...

  6. oh, dear! i hope you will be okay! the heat and power would be worrisome enough, but food supplies, too...

  7. I hope the snow stops soon. Beautiful views but scary being isolated, and the lamb does look a bit baffled by the weather.

  8. I feel for you Keith, its cold everywhere, but to be snowed in is something else.


  9. It's no good Keith, you'll have to get that shovel out!
    Great images of the sheep, they look like they're enjoying it almost as much as you!!

    Look on the bright side, you'll have no end of images for this year's Christmas cards!!

    On a serious note, have you thought of giving the local police a call? if you tell them you're snowed in and running out of supplies they might organise someone to clear the track for you!

    Good luck and stay safe...[;o)

  10. HI Keith...Didn't I tell you move to Maine after your job
    finished ; )lol!!
    Here we are equipped to take care of those types of conditions LOL!
    To bad there are those who only think of themselves ! Hope things improve soon for you all soon that includes those poor animals to!!
    Nice to see the sheep and that cute little lamb!!

  11. Sounds grim Keith, doesn't help when people forget to help those around them, I didn't fancy shovelling the snow off my street the other day but a group us did, why? for a pat on the back? No because it's what I was taught by my parents to help each other out etc. I can't help thinking maybe the farmer wasn't succesful and hence the reason he's feeling no wish to help. Stay safe and warm mate.

  12. Keith, That's quite a dump of snow!
    Hope it gets better soon.
    It's been a weird Spring all over.
    We are finally getting some Spring weather and a bit of sunshine, which is a real treat!

  13. Thanks Roy. It does seem a lot of the Welsh do hold a grudge against the English; having said that though, most of the fellow birders have been very friendly and helpful.

    Cheers Adrian. The police might be an idea the way things are going.

    Thank you Jan. I've seen a few of those reports, and it's heartbreaking to see. Local reports here are saying this could last well into April. I could be spending my birthday here at this rate.

    Thanks Chris. Yea, we've had an exceptional amount this spring; worst in over 30 years.

    Thanks Theresa. It seems everything we have is slowly dwindling. Not good.

    Thank you Gillian. I feel so sorry for these lambs. Last year at this time, they were born into sunshine.

    Thanks Peter. Yea, the temperatures really plummet at night.

    Trevor, I broke the shovel this morning, and almost killed myself digging lol
    Got a few pictures of Robins in the snow, so sorted. :-)
    Seems the police might be an option.

    Thank you Grace. This extreme weather is not something I'm used to, although here in Wales it's not unusual. The unusual thing is having it at this time of year though.

    Thanks Doug. Yea, like Chris mentioned earlier, sadly we live in a very selfish society these days.

  14. It's hard to believe I am only just over an hour away and have no snow that has stayed for very long.
    I hope the drinks cabinet is well stocked.

  15. Dang..thats no fun...I hope you are able to get into town soon for supplies. I dont understand the way it works there but here its everyman for himself we have to clear our own way...BUT Once you make it to the MAIN roads they clear those off for us. Great shots of the lambs, the snow, and the Jay is a beauty!!

  16. Hi Keith some nice winter images from the start of our Spring season. Hopefully your snow will clear soon and things will return to normality for you and the wildlife!

  17. Don't get me wrong but this sounds great to me! No bothers, no ringing phone, ho doorbell...
    Hope it all works out for you soon though. Can I trade places for a day or so? ;)

  18. I hope it's okay now, HM. If I could I'd lend you my neighbors. They'd have been by with a tractor fitted with a plow blade by now.

  19. Sounds pretty bleak. We had a blizzard 20 years ago that knocked out power for a week (yes, in South Alabama, USA) and neighbors we're very helpful. I hope the snow soon melts and allows things to get back to normal.

  20. It does look a bit on the bleak side there Keith. Hope you have had some relief.

    In France they turned out the army to help people out but our rich posh boys wouldn't give a seconds thought about us plebs.

  21. How's it going now Keith? I do hope things have improved and that you are not still imprisoned. It's still bitterly cold here! I hope you are able to enjoy a Happy Easter.

  22. sorry you are upset, but enjoy the journey. Happy Easter Keith!

  23. Hope you are fine Keith and that the snow has stopped now. Cheers.

  24. Sorry for long delay in replying; had a few problems.

    Andrew, thanks. Sadly the drinks cabinet did briefly run dry. Fixed now.

    Thanks Sondra. Sounds a bit like it is here for help.
    All sorted now though.

    Cheers Bob. The snow is slowly thawing now. Just hope we don't get floods next.

    Thanks Dale. Yea, it's pretty quiet here.

    Thanks JoLynne. Almost back to normal now; thanks.

    Thank you Laura. We got some help eventually.

    John, you're dead right. I see this lot have refused help to the farmers that have lost stock, yet they still send aid to other countries. Scandalous!

    Thanks Jan. OK now.

    Thank you Doreen. At least the sun shone here over Easter.

    Thanks Chris. No snow, but still quite cold.

  25. So sorry to read about all the troubles caused by the unexpected snowfall, Keith. The sheep and the lamb look lovely in both of the shots, it's a beautiful detail.

  26. Thanks Petra. It was a surprise to have so much snow fall at this time of year.

  27. I have been looking at your snow photos and videos. Must have been awful for you. I was on the I.O.W. and we didn't get any snow although back home in Northern Ireland, some parts were the worst hit in the UK and many farmers lost hundreds of livestock. During that week on the I.O.W. my daughter adn I had a picnic albeit, not for very long.

  28. Thanks Margaret. It certainly was a shock to get so much at this time of year.