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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Yes, I'm back in north Wales, and loving it.

Talacre is a village in Flintshire on the north coast of Wales with large holiday caravan parks adjacent. It is near Point of Ayr on the west side of the river Dee estuary and has a sandy beach with dunes.
On the beach, it's most famous landmark is probably the old lighthouse.

Point of Ayr Lighthouse is a Grade 11 listed property, constructed of brick and oak piled foundations. It is approximately 60 ft high and 18ft in diameter.
Originally built in 1777 by a trust of the mayor, recorder and Alderman of Chester, it served as a warning to shipping of the sandy entrance to the Dee and |Mersey. In the early 1820's it was taken over by Trinity House who partially rebuilt it. It shone its light from then until 1883, when it was superseded by the Dee Light-Ship.

Along with the lighthouse, there are numerous holiday caravans, and a few shops and cafes.
It gets busy, with lots of tourists; but despite this, it gets busy with birds too.

Lots of waders out on the sand at low tide, amongst them, Shelduck, Little Egret, Curlew, and as the sea comes in, they move onto the dunes and saltmarsh.
In the past, amongst the dunes and saltmarsh, I've found Wheatear, Linnet and Skylark; along with various gulls and terns.
A favourite place to visit when I'm in Wales.

On my last visit, I wasurprised and delighted to see this beautiful bird.

A Snow Bunting. A first for me; and he wasn't shy either.

A great place to visit; but it can get a bit windy at times.

Just added this video. I forgot.


  1. your text is whited out, but i was able to read it in google reader (or by highlighting it here on your post).

    love the snow bunting! so pretty. and glad you are enjoying wales again!

  2. Thanks Theresa.
    For some reason, blogger was being a pain when I did this post. Hopefully I've sorted it now.
    I looked at the date, and it's the 13th lol

  3. No probs with the blog for me Keith so you must have sorted it. I thought you'd gone quiet ;-) and then Trevor mentioned where you were...I should have guessed. As always I'm very envious.

    The Snow Bunting photos are lovely, it really is an attractive bird. They appear at Draycote from time to time but I have missed them each time...or I suppose I should say dipped, like the 'grown ups' ;-)

  4. Love the pictures of your Snow Bunting Keith, they have been seen at Chesil Beach, Dorset.

  5. That Snow Bunting is so nice. From Findlay

  6. Thanks Jan. Sorted the post earlier, and now added a bit of video. The old memory is going lol
    I've always missed them locally, so I was very pleased to find this one.

    Thanks Linda. They're smashing birds aren't they.

  7. Thanks Findlay. It was first for me too.

  8. I think you've 'fallen' in a big way for Wales Keith!! glad you're enjoying your stay.

    Excellent images of the Snow Bunting, a stunning little bird!

    Take care!!...[;o)

  9. Nice piece of video too Keith, busy little birds aren't they :-)

    Uuugggh that wind sounded awful!

  10. Cheers Trev. I checked out the hole again ... I think I was lucky, despite the date lol

    Thanks Jan. It always seems windy here lol

  11. I hope you are having a fun time. The Snow Bunting, special sighting.

  12. History as well as fantastic shots! You are branching out Keith! ;)
    Lovely Snow Bunting shots, very lucky of you to have such a co-operative little bird.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. Talacre is a scousers paradise in their caravans for most of the year but it really is a great place to watch the birds...

  14. I like the lighthouse and the snow bunting. They seem perfect for an early spring day.

  15. Wow! super shots of the Snow Bunting Keith.
    Yet another bird I have yet to see.

  16. I can read it now...bloody blogger.
    The snow bunting is a superb little bird,
    Bet that made your week. A really great find.

  17. Hi Keith...I am very envious of you right now ; )!!
    It look wonderful there, and to be that close to a bunting!! I have seen them in flocks in the air,and at a distance to far for any photo!!
    Had no problem with the text guess you got it!!

  18. Cracking shots Keith, adds dimension when you make the effort to get the look angle of view, good stuff.

  19. NO i have never seen a snow bunting, but im glad you did and showed it to us.

  20. Thanks Bob. It's cold, but enjoying it.

    Thanks John. Yea, made an effort lol
    Great little bird.

    Thanks Andrew. Yea, apart from all the holiday makers, it's a great place. I usually get there early in the morning.

    Thank you JoLynne. I believe the lighthouse was up for sale a while ago. Rather fancy it myself. :-)

    Thanks Roy. I was very happy with these.

    Cheers Adrian. It's always good when you find a 'special' bird yourself.

    Thanks Grace. Blogger was being a pain for a while, but sorted now.

    Cheers Bob. A low angle really makes the pictures.

    Thanks Pete. My first, but I hope not my last.

  21. that bird is very pretty. glad you shared with us. I am amazed all the wonderful bird shots you have.

  22. I bet you were covered in sand after laying down for them images, well worth it. I personally also like the Snowbunting, brilliant images Keith

  23. Thanks Doreen. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Doug. Getting down low ain't as easy as it used to be lol

  24. Lovely shots of a very pretty bird Keith. Looks like they have to work hard to find enough food.

  25. I loved the photos of this lovely bird with the video clip which was delightful.

  26. Oh, what lovely shots. Love that lighthouse.

  27. Wow congrat on the snow bunting. They are quite hard to approach here !

  28. HI Keith, what a great place to be!! Love the old lighthouse and the Snow Bunting!!

  29. Internet is slow tonight, so apologies for late replies.

    Thanks John. I was very pleased to see these. cracking birds.

    Cuby, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    ladyfi, thank you. It certainly is a lovely lighthouse.

    Thanks Chris. I was really lucky with this one.

    Thank you Sondra. This place is always good to visit.

  30. Sweet little bunting!! The best pictures of one I've seen!!

  31. Lighthouses have always held a great fascination for me.