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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Another bunch

A little mixture from this month:


Herring Gulls




Silver estuary at Conwy

Meadow Pipit

Common Crane, nesting at WWT Slimbridge. These are wild birds.

Bewicks Swan. Wild too. They hadn't flown home then.

and finally

Primrose, growing wild.

Enjoy your day


  1. gorgeous photos each and every one!

  2. A fine selection Keith. Nice to see the Jay enjoying the brief snowy spell that we had!...[;o)

  3. The jay looks good against the snow.

    The estuary is dramatic a panorama would have been better.

    I get to thinking that I should do some serious birding. I am envious of your stonechat.

  4. Great images Keith, I love the Jay, it is special.

  5. A lovely set of images Keith, apart from the snow.{:))

  6. lovely! love all your shots. the stonechat, i think, is my favorite. so cute sitting on the barbed wire fence.

  7. Normally I can pick a favourite, wether it be a favourite species, but this time I like the whole bunch...though the Common Crane has me looking in lust and envy.

  8. Thanks Sharon. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, he was a regular during the bad weather.

    Thank you Adrian. I don't have the patience for doing panorama shots. :-)

    Thank you Bob. It was good to get a close shot of one.

    Thanks Roy. Yea, could have done without the snow.

    Thanks Theresa. They are lovely little birds.

    Thanks Doug. It was worth the trip to Slimbridge to see these birds.

  9. Keith, very nice series of shots!

  10. Lovely images Keith... so glad to see the back of the snow though.

  11. Once again your photos are great and I also envy the Crane as we don't have those here.

  12. Thanks Margaret. These cranes are from a project in the south of England I believe, and these have decided to nest here. Hopefully they will be successful.

  13. Thanks Robin.

    Thank you Andrew; me too :-)

  14. There's nothing common about that crane.. it's a beauty.. as is the jay. Well, they all are but those two were my favourites in this fine collection.

  15. Another brilliant selection Keith. The Jay stands out well in the snow.
    Love the purposeful Redshank.

  16. Thank you Hilary. I was very happy to see the Cranes. :-)

    Thanks John. I bet the Jay is glad the snow has finally gone. :-)

  17. Love them all Keith! Great to see the Common Crane and wonderful that they are nesting, I do hope they will be successful. Cracking photo of my favourite wildflower, how long did it take to stand up after taking it? ;-)

  18. Thanks Jan. The Cranes were great to see. I hope they are successful at breeding.
    As for the Primrose, let's just say I'm glad no-one else was around at the time. lol

  19. Great selection of photos Keith. Congratulations on seeing the Crane as well. I'll have to get myself over to Slimbridge again in the near future.

  20. Thanks Adam. It's worth the trip to Slimbridge. Beautiful birds.