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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back to some sort of normality.

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on the last post, and got in touch too. Sorry it's been so long, but it has been quite an experience; and a start to spring like I've never seen before.

After a heavy snow fall that caught out most people, we found ourselves trapped for a week, in a winter wonderland.

All very pretty, but not good when the supplies are already low.

It was a case of it can go wrong; it will.

The boiler packed up, so the heating oil was no use. The coal was almost gone, we had to cut logs to help make it go further, which meant the chimney got clogged with soot, my mobile signal/service died for a few days, which meant I had an expensive timepiece, and not much else, (thank you Vodaphone, I'm sure you'll still charge me the same for the month), food was getting low, and so was morale.

Finally, after a week, we got a message to a farmer who grazes sheep up here.
He sent someone with a JCB, and eventually, after just over an hour, we were dug out.
Fifty quid lighter in the pocket, but we could get out for supplies.

Unfortunately, unknown to us at the time, he'd severed the phone cable.
No phone or internet.
As it was the Easter weekend, it meant no repairs for a week.

Thankfully that's all behind us now, something to tell the grandchildren; if I knew where they were.

So, some pictures.



Snow, slowly thawing

 Blue Tit

 Great Spotted Woodpecker


and I'll finish with this one.

Great Tit, who like me, was wondering WTF was going on.

Right, I'm off now to give Dove some carrots, and chase the sheep out of the garden.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll try and catch up with everyone as soon as I can.


  1. Hi Keith it's good to see and read that all is well.

  2. What a worry to have in those fairy tale surroundings. At least you seem to have had enough birdseed to go around.
    Your heating problems bring to mind the saying of an old American woodsman to a young chap who complained of the cold. He pointed to the axe and said "there's a lot of warmth in that that axe handle".
    Hope all is hunky dory now and soon you'll be living in clover.
    PS chasing sheep out of the garden is what keeps me fit if it doesn't kill me.

  3. Hi Keith, it certainly sounds like you've had an eventful time! Glad you got 'rescued' albeit very expensively!! Glad too that apart from the weather it sounds like you're enjoying Wales. Beautiful photos, were the Yellowhammers in the garden?

  4. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong Keith.
    Hope things are improving now anyway. Maybe you will have Spring to look forward to on your return.

  5. Blimey, what an ordeal! Snow looks very picturesque, but can be so dangerous! At least you are now able to go about with some sort of normality! Maybe you should write a book! ;)
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  6. loved all of the photos - and laughed at the WTF pose, too. so glad you were finally able to get dug out! yikes!

  7. Glad to hear you're ok(ish) now Keith sounds a real nightmare, but you managed to get some stunning images etc, love the Yellowhammers...so many.

  8. Keith, sounds like you had quite an ordeal!
    Glad everything worked out!
    Great series of shots!

  9. Glad you are all safe, that's the main thing. Maybe you should stock up on some flares for next Winter/Spring (and I'm not taking trousers). Beautiful pictures, so there was a positive side to it all xx

  10. Keith, after reading the last two posts I'm glad to hear about the happy ending. It must have been difficult. As you say, in some time when your annoyance will be definitely gone this experience will become a good story to tell about an unforgettable Easter in north Wales. :) I love the shot with the "Snow, slowly thawing" and the woodpecker!

  11. ye gods that looks cold! still some nice pics.... you just need to defrost

  12. Oh my, you had quite the time and the snow. In the last 2 weeks we've had about 3 feet of snow here as well. Thank God it's not to cold here. You have a great week and hope the snow melts for you real soon.

  13. oh my word you poor things - good to know you're now ok - as you say something to look back on and maybe even laugh about! Beautiful photos!

  14. Hi Keith...That sure is a fine mess you got yourself into for getting away for awhile, might have been a good time to have stayed home ; )
    It sure is a great tail to tell, and someday you will laugh like I did about it hahaha sorry I couldn't help it.. I wish you knew where your grandkids are
    too: (!
    Photo's are fabulous as usual though, and the last on ; )

  15. Good selection of winter images, bet your glad your winters ordeal is now over? Anyhow welcome back.

  16. all of your bird shots are fantastic as always Keith, but I love the shot of the little lane? snow covered with the trees and shadows.

  17. Hey Keith,
    So glad that you are fine and everything is ok now...what an experience it must have been!!Great captures as usual and that last shot of the Great Tit is really cute:)So long have a great day!


  18. Excellent set of images from your enforced exile Keith, glad you're now back with us again!!...[;o)

  19. Hello - Lovely photographs; I can see how deep (and problematic) your snow was from them. I love the yellowhammers; it's one of the little birds that I've noticed have really declined around here. No snow here now but
    our boiler has currently packed up, too (as of the weekend), so we're relying on logs.

  20. Thanks Adrian. It's going to take a while to catch up with everything.

    Thanks Arija. Chasing sheep from the garden seems a full time job at the moment lol

    Thank you Jan. Yea, I'm having a great time here; so many great places to visit.
    The Yellowhammers were in the garden. It attracts a great variety of birds, including a Pheasant, Chaffinch, Reed Bunting, Nuthatch, all the usual Tits and lots more.
    I'm in heaven! lol

    Cheers Roy. Yea, things are getting back to normal now. It's even been sunny; but still cold.

    John, the book idea did cross my mind lol

    Theresa, thank you. It's been quite a visit so far :-)

    Cheers Doug. Some excellent birds here. The garden plays host to at least a dozen Yellowhammers every day. Great to see so many.

    Thank you Robin. It's been very memorable. lol

    Thanks Heather. All safe now, and stocked up. Flares? Hmmm, that takes me back lol

    Thank you Petra. There were times there didn't seem to be a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. All OK now though.

    Pete, it was bloody freezing! lol

    Thanks Horst. The amount of snow we had was a real surprise. We're just not used to it here.

    Thanks Sharon. Yea, certainly a visit I'll not forget lol

    Thanks Grace. Yea, it seemed one disaster after the other. lol

    Thank you Bob. It's been 'interesting'. lol

    Thanks Doreen. The weather has certainly given me some great picture opportunities.

    Thank you Shantana. Certainly an experience; and one I won't forget.

    Cheers Trevor. If nothing else, I've got some pictures from it all lol

    Thank you Wendy. Let's hope the weather improves now, and you won't need so many logs. Most of the snow has gone from here now, and all the roads are open.

  21. You have had your fair share of this winter, but a great set of photos you have shown.


  22. At least you got some superb images!

  23. Thanks Peter. Hopefully that's the last of it for now.

    Thank you Linda. It does give some good photo opportunities. :-)

  24. Sweet goodness, I won't complain about dust storms for a while.
    Glad you got 'help' to get out for supplies.
    Greedy fucks though :/
    Hope Spring is around the corner for you and your feathered Beauties there!

  25. Thanks Nicole; good to see you back.