Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthday post

I've had 3 attempts at this, and none have showed on peoples blog lists, so if this don't work, then it will be my last post.

I've a mountain of pictures to post from my recent 'break', so I'll do just a few  for now.

Water Rail




Well, it's not perfect, but I liked the 'moment'.  Oystercatchers


The all singing Nuthatch

and finally


Have a good one


  1. Your lapwings are so different from ours. Love the four oystercatchers doing the dance of the four little swans in Swan Lake. The black and white stripes remind me of Mimika's partridge in the Wild Bird Wednesday meme.
    Love your little singing nuthatch framed in the lichen covered branches.

  2. This one worked....The Oystercatchers are brilliant.

    You got a good selection of birds for this post.

  3. Many happy Returns....have a good day.

  4. Fantastic images as ever Keith, have a great Birthday :-)

  5. That was a lovely moment....more pictures to come then

  6. Btw I got your post 3 times for goodluck

  7. Keith, I certainly see this post. Great images and I like the Oystercatchers shot as well. Happy Birthday!

  8. This one definitely worked Keith.
    Many happy returns. Best wishes for many more to come.
    Love the line of Oystercatchers.

  9. Lovely pictures, especially the Oyster Catchers. Hope you have a lovely Birthday.

  10. They are pretty special images Keith.
    Many happy returns of the day.

  11. It showed up on my sidebar Keith so that's one disaster averted ;-) Great photos. The Water Rail and the Snipe were excellent finds. Good to see your favourite bird featuring too, I assume it still is your favourite? My favourite photo though is the Oystercatchers, a brilliant capture! Synchronised searching ;-) They reminded me of a line of police or forensic scientists.

  12. I've just remembered your post title!!! How could I have forgotten to say VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Don't go too mad with the birthday tipples ;-)

  13. beautiful! yes, i had two prior 'attempts' of this post show up in my reader, but the post was pulled. glad this one came through! gorgeous ones!

    is it YOUR birthday today? if so, happy, happy, happy one!

  14. Birthday? Yours? Wishing you a wonderful day, Keith.

    All little beauties your bird images.

    All three of the posts are showing on my reader.

  15. Thanks for all the birthday greetings. Had a great day out with Trevor, watching Cuckoos and Nightingales.

    Arija, thank you. I'm not sure which species you have where you are, but yes, the 5 that I know of are quite different.

    Cheers Adrian. The Oystercatchers could have been sharper, but the pose was priceless.

    Paul, thank you. It's been a great day so far.

    Debs, thank you. It seems the posts did work on a few blogs; but not the ones I checked. Oh well lol

    Megan, thank you. I guess me and blogger were on a different wavelength earlier lol

    Thanks John. The Oystercatchers were one of those great moments to see.

    Thank you Heather. Yea, it's been pretty good so far. :-)

    Cheers Roy, and thank you.

    Thanks Jan. Yea, I'm glad it worked in the end; I was getting a bit fed up with it all.
    I've managed to see so many great birds recently, it's a job to know what to post, and what not to. I think I might do the Oystercatchers as a canvas print. :-)

    Theresa, thank you. Yea, another year older, but still no wiser lol

    Hilary, thank you. Had a great day so far, and seen some great birds.

  16. Many happy returns Keith, you have caught some great birds, lucky you. But that Goldfinch is fantastic, i never seem to get close to them to capture a good image.

    your blog has not flagged up on my screen till today.Bloody internet.


  17. Thank you Peter.
    Yea, I've had a few problems with blogger and this post.

  18. You goldfinch is beautiful. Nothing like our American goldfinch. Lovely colors

  19. HI Keith...Yes I got the hint ..you had a birthday and I got the message three times ; )..just kidding with with ya!!lol
    Well by now your Birthday has just about gone by so I will wish you a close to being a belated
    birthday!! haha!!
    I got a kick out of those Oyster catchers, and those Snipes are one of my favorites, them always make me smile!!
    Lovely shot's!
    Birthday Hug's
    ♥ Grace

  20. Keith, what a wonderful array of birds!
    Great captures!

  21. Super set of images Keith. Love those can-can dancing Oystercatchers, well captured.

    Looking forward to seeing the next installment.

    Glad you enjoyed your day out!...[;o)

  22. Happy birthday Keith, and another one. The Water Rail, Snipe are the greatest, good for you.

  23. I loved the oystercatchers! Actually I like all of the photos, and as usual I'm loving the way you handle your backgrounds. Looks like it was a productive break.

  24. Wonderful images Keith and I hope you have had a great birthday... you are not alone with your problems.

  25. Happy birthday Keith, all three of your posts have appeared on my timeline! Some cracking images there. Oyster Catchers and Nuthatch are superb.

  26. WELL Im glad you kept trying, these are fantastic, and I wouldnt want to miss out!! YOU Had a Birthday? HOPE it was great one!!!! I've been so busy I havent been around much what else did I miss?

  27. Thank you Laura, it certainly is a lovely bird.

    Thanks Grace. I seemed to be having a few problems doing this post; hopefully all sorted now.

    Thanks Robin, glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, excellent day wasn't it, with Cuckoo and Nightingale.

    Thanks Bob. These birthdays come round too quickly lol

    JoLynne, thank you. Seems the Oystercatchers were popular. :-)

    Thanks Andrew. Yea, had a great day ....... after a frustrating start lol

    Cheers Bob. Seems blogger gets these glitches at times.

    Sondra, I had a great birthday; and I've recently got back from Wales. Some excellent birds seen too. :-)

  28. Just looove the one of Oystercatchers eating in unison!!

  29. That was a very productive break! Those are great shot's!

  30. Thanks Dominic. I always seem to get a few pictures worth keeping when I visit Wales :-)