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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Still in Wales

I'm no landscape photographer; but I try.

And round here the views are just unbelievable. A lot of the time though, I find the camera doesn't do it justice.

Or maybe it's me, just crap.
But here's a few I've taken while I've been here. Sorry for the overload of snow scenes, but we've had rather a lot recently.

 Silver estuary

Into the sun at RSPB Conwy. A great place to see birds; and I've met some great people here too.

 Just down the road from where I'm staying. The snow has gone now, and soon the spring birds will be here; Redstarts and Pied Wagtails.

 A view from the cottage.
Taken on the last day of March, and still some snow clings to the mountains.

 Kinmel Bay.

Most of the north coast beaches are like this; beautiful sand.
It also has some excellent birds.

 One of my favorite places; Talacre. Point of Ayr.

A very busy seaside place, with lots of caravans and holiday makers; but get there early, and it's great for birds. Where I saw my first Snow Bunting.

The next batch were taken on a drive to the north coast. I passed through a place called Capel Curig, and the pictures don't do the place justice. It took my breath away.

The place I was heading to, is a well known 'bird place', called the Spinnies.

 One of the best places to see Kingfishers; apparently. I didn't see one though.

 The Tram line, on the Great Orme.

 The old copper mine, on the Great Orme.

Another great place for bird watching, including, amongst others, Chough. 
I failed on those when I visited, but I did see my first Wheatears of the year here.

Since I haven't had a bird picture yet, I'll finish with one from the garden where I'm staying.


A lot of pictures ............... sorry.

Have a great weekend.


  1. You may not classify yourself as a landscape photographer but you certainly are a photographer.
    Each photo special in it's own way but for me those gnarled, old trees in the snow sing like no other.

  2. Thanks Arija. Appreciate your comments. Think I'll stick with birds though lol

  3. beautiful snow-covered mountains! loved the gnarled trees in the snow, too! you did just great as a landscape photog! :)

  4. Beautiful scenery and a cracking set of images Keith, worth being snowed in for!!...lol...[;o)

  5. A great lot of snow scenes in particular Keith and that Nuthatch is brilliant.

  6. It's like a whole new world. I'm loving that first photo especially!!! Excellent capture!

  7. I have to agree with Arija.. don't sell yourself short as a landscape photographer. Lovely shots, one and all. The area could be western Canada in many instances.

  8. great photos! I love the shot of Kimmel Bay. fabulous!

  9. You are in a beautiful area Keith, NO wonder you love it there so much. Thats a really sweet looking nuthatch!!

  10. Hi Keith...Beautiful country, thanks for posting these photo's I like seeing what things look like in different places!!
    I really like the mountain photos especially the one from the cabin!!
    Maybe you don't like the snow,but sure makes for some gorgeous
    shot's ; )
    Nuthatch is a cutie : )
    Never to many photos ; )

  11. This was a grand look round. It is an area that has a lot to offer.

    I enjoyed these pictures.

  12. Your doing pretty well for someone who pretend's not to be a landscape photographer. It's very nice serie of image, in my taste!

  13. You cant have too many pictures when they are as interesting as these, it looks a fantastic place,pity you did not get to see the Kingfisher or the Chough.

  14. No need to apologies, these are truly astounding Keith. Bring it all on.

  15. Hi Keith :-) You have no need to worry about these photos! They are all really beautiful. It is some time since I went to Wales and can't remember whether I came across Capel Curig but it looks absolutely stunning! With views like that who needs to got to places such as Austria and Switzerland?!! Love that Nuthatch too :-)

  16. Thank you Elizabeth. :-)

    Thanks Theresa, glad you enjoyed them.

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, glad I can get out now. lol

    Thanks Roy. We've had a few sunny days for a change. Makes a big difference.

    Rohrerbot, thank you. It's a very photogenic place.

    Thanks Hilary, appreciate your comments.

    Thank you Doreen. It's a lovely sandy beach.

    Sondra, thank you. Yea, I have to admit, I've fallen in love with this place.

    Grace, thank you. There's certainly plenty to see here.

    Thanks Adrian. I'm never sure about my landscape attempts. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Dominic. I rarely get landscapes looking like they were when I saw them. Appreciate your comments.

    Thanks Peter. Hopefully still time to catch up with those two. :-)

    Cheers Bob. Back to birds next lol

    Thanks Jan. Yea, there are certainly some stunning areas here, that can equal anything anywhere else in the world.

  17. Keith, wonderful landscapes! Looks to be quite the rugged country although very picturesque!

  18. Looks a very scenic area Keith. Only a few hills here in Lincolnshire. Love the second photo of the bare trees in the snow.

  19. I love the landscapes! It looks like an inspiring place.

  20. Thanks Robin. Yea, the area has some stunning scenery.

    Thanks John. Yea, a beautiful place.

    Thanks JoLynne, it certainly is.

  21. Fantastic images Keith it really is a beautiful part of the world.

  22. "HoldingMoments" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.


  23. Your landscapes are good Keith. However, I know just what you mean about not capturing the picture you want. Pete and I were in Wales last year and the scenery was breathtaking... what the camera can't capture is the atmosphere and the pure joy of the moment.

    Sometimes I wished I could just bottle it and open it up afterwards.. just to re-enjoy!

    Now when they bring out a 3-D camera..... ;)

  24. WOW!! the Capel Curig views are awesome!!!I would love to be there someday:)Keith, amazing captures as usual and you landscape shots are fantastic too! Have a great day!


  25. Some cracking scenes, with the snow adding to the drama. You've definitely got potential as a landscaper!

  26. I tend to overlook landscapes in my quest for birds but this is a very good collection. Well done.

  27. Beautiful shots Keith!
    My dad was from Wales and I was lucky enough to make one visit and it is gorgeous there!

  28. Beautiful scenery, and snow is great in pictures! Love the nuthatch.

  29. Great images! I live not far from where you were and it is good to know that some of my favourite places (Talacre for example) were on your itinerary. Come back soon!

  30. Thanks Tricia. Yea, I always find landscapes a challenge. Such a beautiful place though.

    Shantana, thank you. Those snow capped mountains took my breath away when I saw them.

    Thanks Jeremy. I try lol

    Choy Wai, thank you. I'm like you; birds first :-)

    Thanks Dave. I can't keep away from the place. lol

    Thank you Gillian. Yea, I had to put a bird in there :-)

    Elizabeth, thank you. Yea, I'll definitely be back; and soon. :-)

  31. Lovely pictures; I know Capel Curig but I've never seen it in snow like that, so I loved those photographs. And the little Nuthatch is wonderful.

  32. Thank you Wendy. The snow made a lot of places look more stunning than usual. It was cold though lol